Exploring the Decision to Adopt a Child

Mother hugging child
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As you consider whether adopting is right, consider these five common questions which will help you decide whether adoption is right for you and your family.

Are You Ready to Adopt?

The decision to adopt a baby is very much a journey. To people unacquainted with adoption, the trek can be overwhelming. Before determining whether you're ready to adopt, take these important steps:

What Needs Can You Meet?

When most of us start the adoption journey, we don't think about the details; we're too excited about the thought of being parents. It is important to stop and consider:

Do You Know How Much Adopting a Child Costs?

The cost of adoption will vary by the type of adoption being considered and the fees attached.

Know that:

    Should You Choose Domestic Adoption or International Adoption?

    There are many different reasons why people choose to adopt domestically or internationally and each reason is personal and based largely on opinion. Learn more about your adoption options to make your decision.

    Are You Ready to Start the Adoption Process?

    When starting out on an adoption journey, the one thing that may throw you a bit is all of the adoption lingo.