These 10 Behr Paint Colors Inspire a Family Room Update

Go bold, neutral, or traditional with these easy wall color ideas

Dar Blue Color Interior with Sofa
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The family room or den is a welcoming, comfortable space in the house where everyone gathers. In some homes, the family room is used more often than a living room. Paint colors for the walls can go in several directions: warm and comforting with olive green or orange hues, breezy and calming with blues, or neutral, so the room's accessories set the mood. Behr is a popular paint brand sold exclusively at Home Depot.

When choosing the family room paint color, think about how you will use the space and when you will use it. If the family room is used primarily in the evening, choose a color that looks best using lamps and light fixtures. With artificial lighting, bolder colors show up better than muted colors; lighter colors will look subdued. If your family room is in use day and night, consider adding an accent wall to give it more visual variety. For inspiration, always go back to the color wheel for help choosing accents.

  • Color Family: Varies; can go neutral or breezy with lighter, muted colors or bold with deep blue and orange
  • Complementary Colors: Varies; neutrals go with just about anything; blues play well with orange and gold shades
  • Pairs Well With: Each of these colors work well with white, cream-colored, or wooden trim
  • Mood: Depends on the color you choose; the deeper tones give the room more drama; the neutrals and light colors brighten and can add a sense of calm
  • Where to Use: Interior rooms, family room, den, living room, accent walls

Here are the best Behr paint color ideas for family rooms and dens.

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    Aged Beige

    Behr Aged Beige


    A family room works well using neutral colors, especially if you want a more traditional style or formal family room. Suppose your family room doubles as a living room, a pale neutral like Behr Aged Beige is a perfect choice. When using neutral beige on the walls, you have the flexibility to add colorful accents, furniture, or accessories that can change as the family grows. 

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    Bermuda Grass

    Behr Bermuda grass


    A green like Behr Bermuda Grass can give you that cozy style for a lodge or cabin-style family room. A warm green like Bermuda Grass highlights stonework and other natural accents. Pair deep green colors with gray, creamy white, and dark brown for a relaxing space. This olive green hue is the perfect backdrop for deep leather furniture and heavy wood accent tables.

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    Rumba Orange

    Behr Rumba Orange


    If you're craving something bolder for your family room, consider a warm color like Behr Rumba Orange. The right orange can be surprisingly versatile for a family room. The secret to choosing a bold color like orange or red is to find one that is more muted than you think you want. Striking colors like orange are usually more vibrant when they cover the walls, so tone down your choice before sampling.

    When you're thinking of getting a bold wall color, get a sample paint can or large-scale stick-on paint swatch and try it in your room before buying it. Stick-on swatches are more versatile, you can try them on all walls, and they remove in a pinch.

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    Stone Creek

    Behr Stone Creek


    A rich greige like Behr Stone Creek is the perfect choice for a casual family room. This hue is a very livable neutral color that works well with warm or cool colors already in the room. No need to change your decor when you choose a laid-back neutral like Stone Creek. You may want to add or subtract color accents once you've repainted, but most colors look great with a simple greige color like this one.

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    Dark Navy

    Behr Dark Navy


    If you have the perfect space for a dark hue—think larger rooms or brightly lit rooms—then Behr Dark Navy is a fantastic family room paint color. Dark navy blue looks stunning with white trim and molding. Accents of black and white give a navy blue room crisp style. You can pair Behr's Dark Navy with various metal finishes, but keep them brushed or muted so they don't clash with the rich wall color.

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    Offshore Mist

    Behr Offshore Mist


    For the beach-inspired family room, Behr Offshore Mist is a perfect choice. Offshore Mist is a relaxed blue with a hint of gray undertone. A muted blue or green is an excellent choice for a family room that needs a calm and relaxing vibe. Pair Offshore Mist with weathered gray wood accents and burnished metal fixtures for a total beach vacation style.

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    Red Pepper

    Behr's Red Pepper emanates warmth. It's a dark, bold shade that blends well with creams, whites, even shades of pink blush. Bringing this color into your family room or living room makes an impact and feels inviting while remaining sophisticated. It pairs well with natural wood flooring, a bohemian chic style, or soft metal accents like gold and bronze.

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    Urban Nature

    Urban Nature is a refreshing green that brings the brightness of nature indoors. Green-infused grays like this color feel like a breath of fresh air swept through the family room. This hue runs on the cool side, but it has enough warm red tones that balance out this color. Pair this color with maroon, natural wood trim, or white to bring new life to your space.

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    If you're ready to go bold with your family room and you have the wall height and natural room lighting to stand up to a darker wall color, then Behr's Kindling is your hue. This dark taupe had a reddish undertone giving this color its warmth, making the room feel inviting and comfortable.

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    Final Straw

    This warm neutral reads like a buttercream; it has red and green undertones that give this wall color a comforting vibe. Next to bright white, the gentle yellow tones come out to play without overwhelming the room. Beautiful colorful accents that pair nicely with this color are teal, cornflower blue, and muted sage.