The 6 Best Behr Paints for Family Rooms

There is a certain joy in decorating and choosing paint color for your family room. The family room is a unique space in the house where everyone gathers, but it's specifically designed for guests. The family room is welcoming to all, but can be decorated without a thought to the outside world -- this is your space. 

Choosing a family room paint color should be about how you use the space, and even when you use it. When I work with a client who is having a hard time choosing the right color,...MORE I ask what time of the day they typically use the space. If the family room is mostly used in the evening, the color that looks best under lamps and light fixtures should be given more consideration. If your family room is used day and night, consider adding an accent wall to give it more visual variety.

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    Behr Aged Beige

    The Best Family Room Paint Colors
    Behr Aged Beige | Neutral Family Room. @behr

    It's okay to decorate your family room in neutral colors. There is often an impulse to choose bright and kid-friendly paint colors for the rooms where the whole family gathers, but sometimes neutral colors work best. For a more traditional or formal family room that doubles as a living room, pale neutrals like Behr Aged Beige gives you are perfect. Light neutral beige paint colors also give you the option to add colorful accents that can change as the family grows. 

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    Behr Bermuda Grass

    Best Family Room Colors
    Best Behr Paints Family Room Colors. ©Behr

    For a lodge or cabin style family room, a rich green like Behr Bermuda Grass can give you that cozy style. A warm green like Bermuda Grass highlights stonework and other natural accents. Pair deep green colors with gray, creamy white, and dark brown for a rich and comforting space. Behr Bermuda Grass is the perfect backdrop for deep leather furniture and heavy wood accent tables.

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    Behr Rumba Orange

    Best Behr Paints Family Room Colors
    Best Family Room Colors. ©Behr

    Craving something bolder for your family room? Consider a warm color like Behr Rumba Orange. The right orange can be surprisingly versatile for a family room. The secret to choosing a bold color like orange or red is to find one that is more muted than you think you want. Vibrant colors like orange are usually more vibrant when they cover the walls, so always tone down your choice before sampling. All paint colors need to be sampled, but this is even more important for bold colors. Here's...MORE why sampling paint color is essential.

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    Behr Stone Creek

    Best Family Room Paint Colors
    Best Behr Paints Family Room Colors. ©Behr

    A rich greige like Behr Stone Creek is the perfect choice for a casual family room. This is a very livable neutral color that works well with warm or cool colors already in the room. No need to change your decor when you choose a laid back neutral like Stone Creek. You may want to add or subtract color accents once you've repainted, but most colors look great with a simple greige color like this.

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    Behr Dark Navy

    Best Family Room Paint Colors
    Best Behr Paints Family Room Colors. ©Behr

    If you have the perfect space for dark hue, Behr Dark Navy is an amazing family room paint color. Dark navy blue looks stunning with white trim and molding. Accents of black and white give a navy blue room crisp style. You can pair Behr's Dark Navy with a variety of metal finishes, but keep them brushed or muted so they don't stand out too much against the rich wall color.

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    Behr Offshore Mist

    Best Family Room Paint Colors
    Best Behr Paints Family Room Colors. ©Behr

    For the beach-inspired family room, Behr Offshore Mist is a perfect choice. Offshore Mist is a relaxed blue with a hint of gray undertone. A muted blue or green is an excellent choice for a family room that needs a calm and relaxing vibe. Pair Offshore Mist with weathered gray wood accents, and burnished metal fixtures for a total beach vacation style.

How to Choose Family Room Colors

Your family room is the center of your home. Get tips and tricks for choosing the perfect paint color for your family room.