Behr's Paint Color Trends

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    Behr's 2017 Color Trends

    Black and White Kitchen Ideas - Behr 2017 Colors
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends - Behr Jade Dragon. ©Behr

    The 2017 Behr color trends offer three paint color palettes that are very easy to incorporate into your home. Behr created three simple palettes with colors that can be mixed and matched between palettes, which makes decorating with them super easy. Behr calls this innovative color idea a "Remix." The 2017 Remix idea allows you to choose colors from any palette, to use in any decorating style.

    Each color palette of the 2017 Color Currents collection includes soothing neutral colors that support the soft pastels and pretty brights of each color palette. The blue and aqua paint colors are dusky and natural, and the bright colors are saturated and easy to use. 

    Why Paint Color is so Important for Your Home

    Behr's 2017 Color Trend palettes are meant to inspire the beauty and ease of coming home. According to Erika  Woelfel, Behr's Vice President of Color and Creative Services, "“Paint is more than just a color; it is a method of communication. Color conveys emotion and allows people the freedom to express themselves and be who they really are,” said Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr. “In today’s busy world, home is a safe haven, a retreat for living in the moment or welcoming guests for a weekend visit. That’s why our 2017 colors are time-honored and heart-warming, just like any homecoming should be."


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    The Complete Behr 2017 Color Currents Palette

    Behr 2017 Color Trend Palette
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Behr

    Behr has created a mixable collection of twenty stunning paint colors for 2017, divided into Comfortable, Composed, and Confident palettes. Each palette is anchored by neutral colors that can be used as your palette's main color, or as an accent color. The neutral colors in the 2017 Behr trends are more than simple beige or gray. You'll find soft greige, charcoal gray, and soft peach, used as neutrals in the palettes. The entire collection was designed to "Remix" with any color, so you have you'll have total flexibility to create the perfect look for your home. 

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    Behr's Comfortable Palette | Peek-a-Blue

    Living Room in Behr 2017 paint colors
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends | Peek-a-Blue. ©Behr

    The right blue paint color can be elusive. Unless you're painting a nursery, you'll want to steer clear of "baby blue" colors that can totally ruin a laid-back color scheme. The perfect pale blue for any space has just a hint of green or gray. A small touch of undertone is all it takes to transform a blue paint color into something you can decorate with easily.

    Behr's Peek-a-Blue has just a touch of complexity that gives it interest. You can easily mix and match other colors from the Comfortable palette with Peek-a-Blue for a relaxing color scheme. If you'd like to try a look that is has a little more drama, try mixing Peek-a-Blue with the saturate hues of the Confident palette. If you love the blue paint color but want to tone it down, mix and match Peek-a-Blue with any hue from the Composed palette. 

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    Behr's Comfortable Palette | Everything's Rosy

    Living Room in Behr 2017 Paint Colors
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends - Everything's Rosy. ©Behr

    Everything's Rosy is a relaxed pink hue with a subtle peach undertone. The warmth and softness of this pretty paint color means that you can pair it with colors that you may not have considered before. Muted pastels like Behr's Everything's Rosy look beautiful with neutral colors like taupe and beige. Try a warm greige or charcoal gray neutral for a classic look, especially when you add brushed metal accents.  Don't be afraid to mix up a soft pink or peach with pale aqua or green, as they can add a fresh twist to your color scheme.

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    Behr's Comfortable Palette | Close Knit

    Neutral Living Room Paint Color - Behr 2017
    Behr 2017 Color Trends | Close Knit. ©Behr

    The Comfortable color palette works well for small spaces and can brighten up rooms that don't get enough light. The matte neutrals of the Comfortable palette are the perfect match for gray and other soft neutrals like Behr's Close Knit. A muted gray like Close Knit can easily be your main wall color as a backdrop for pretty pastel accents. Pale gray is a great alternative to beige or taupe if your space feels overwhelmed with warm color or too much natural light. 

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    Behr's Comfortable Palette | Sepia Filter

    Neutral Home Office in Behr's 2017 Sepia Filter
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends.

    The search for the perfect neutral paint color usually leads to beige, but Behr's Sepia Filter may be the better choice if you want to add saturated accents. Sepia Filter is a robust beige with a strong gold undertone. The richness of this warm neutral is strong enough to complement bold colors like fuschia and even teal. 

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    Behr's Composed Palette - Polished Aqua

    Cool Paint Color Ideas from Behr's 2017 Polished Aqua
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends | Polished Aqua. ©Behr

    Aqua paint colors show no sign of slowing down their extreme popularity. The coolness of aqua is the perfect marriage of green and blue that has captured the hearts of decorators and homeowners alike. What's not to love about aqua?

    The perfect aqua paint color has the coolness of blue with the warmth and vibrance of green. Behr's Polished Aqua is a fresh color with a muted quality that makes it easy to decorate and live with. Aqua wall color can be accented with both blue and green for a relaxing color palette. Add pops of yellow and white to keep things interesting in your space.

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    Behr's Composed Palette - Shades On

    Gray Bedroom Ideas from Behr Shades On 2017 Color
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Behr

    Whether you love the idea of an accent wall in your bedroom or a dramatic dining room, Behr's Shades On could your answer. Dark paint colors like black and navy blue have been getting more popular every year. Charcoal gray works just like black or navy blue but offers a softer look that is restful for a bedroom. Shades On in a dining room can be dramatic, but very welcoming. 

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    Behr's Confident Palette | Jade Dragon

    Green Bathroom Ideas - Behr 2017 Jade Dragon
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Behr

    Blue and green wall colors are so popular for decorating a bathroom. There's something about the freshness of colors that remind us of water and lush gardens, that is so appealing in a bathroom. Behr's Jade Dragon takes that fresh feeling a step further with a saturated green paint color that doesn't fade into the background. 

    Pair a vibrant green or aqua bathroom wall color with black or dark gray cabinetry, and simple white sinks and subway tile, for a crisp and clean look. Jade Dragon is also gorgeous in a kitchen with white or black cabinets and glass tile backsplash. 

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    Behr's Confident Palette - Midnight Show

    Dark Blue Bedroom Paint Color - Behr 2017 Colors
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends | Midnight Show. ©Behr

    Creating deep-hued accent walls is a big color trend that works beautifully with a color like Behr's Midnight Show. A dramatic accent wall is perfect for a bedroom to highlight a headboard, or to create architectural interest in a plain room.  If you love Behr's Midnight Show and want to paint it on every wall of your space, once you've sampled it on your walls, you'll want to evaluate your lighting after your paint and furniture in place. Midnight Show is a dark, but muted, blue that can be balanced by gold, off-white, and light wood accents. 

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    Behr's Confident Palette - That's My Lime

    Bright Foyer Paint Color - Behr 2017 Color Trends
    Behr's 2017 Paint Color Trends - That's My Lime. ©Behr

    You would think that a vibrant yellow-green like That's My Lime would be hard to include into an interior paint color palette. This bold and summery color works best as an accent color when you keep your palette simple and uncluttered. Behr's That's My Lime is balanced by colors like charcoal gray, navy blue, and soft white. Sampling your paint color is so essential, especially when choosing a bold color like this one.