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Ben Radding The Spruce

Ben Radding is a part-time writer and full-time creative, having worked in the magazine industry, and has used that experience to write for Verywell, Fatherly, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Esquire, and much more.


  • Ben has extensive experience with family, being on staff at Men’s Fitness, and a regular contributor to Fatherly.
  • A creative by day, Ben has experience at top brands—plus Equinox fitness clubs.
  • He has written for The Spruce since March 2021.


As a writer on family issues, and technology, Ben’s expertise spans industries and platforms. Having worked in both the magazine and advertising industries, he’s your go-to when you need advice on a good piece of copy or the next trend in health and fitness.


Ben received his Bachelor’s from New York University in 2012.

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