5 Ways a Nursery Humidifier Can Benefit Your Baby

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    A Must Have Nursery Gadget

    A mother holding her child by a Babymoov humidifier

    Humidifiers often top the list of must-have nursery gadgets and with good reason. These moist-air-making machines offer a bevy of baby-friendly benefits, including healthier skin, happier noses and even better, deeper sleep. Live in a cold climate? A good humidifier goes a long way toward reversing the harsh, drying effects of furnace use and could even save you money on your energy bill. Humidifiers also work wonders for sick babies, making them a good investment all year round.  

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    Keep Little Noses Happy

    A finger poking the nose of a baby
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    Dry air aggravates little noses, drying out the sinuses and causing that uncomfortable, stuffed-up feeling. Easily susceptible to congestion, those teeny, tiny nasal passages fill up quickly, making it very difficult for baby to breath comfortably. What’s more, without an appropriate level of moisture, the inside of your baby’s nose can become sore, causing the skin to crack and even bleed. Adding moisture to the air creates optimal breathing conditions, ensuring your little one’s comfort and making sure that sweet, little honker stays just as cute as a button. 

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    Ease Cold Symptoms

    A man wiping the nose of a baby
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    Few things are more frustrating than watching a baby suffer from a nasty cold. As former cold victims, parents know how miserable their little patient must be, but since both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics advise against giving cold medication to children younger than 2, it seems there’s little they can do to help. However, a humidifier can go a long way toward alleviating the baby’s suffering.

    Much like your favorite over-the-counter sinus savior, the warm, moist air produced by a humidifier helps thin out nasal secretions, keeping your baby’s nasal passages clear. With your pediatrician’s okay, you can even add a few drops of symptom-soothing inhalant, such as Vick’s VapoSteam, menthol or natural eucalyptus oil, which can aid in opening the nasal passages and suppressing coughs.

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    Prevent Dry Skin

    A pair of hands massaging baby feet
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    A baby’s sensitive skin can become parched and irritated it a dry climate, resulting in itchy, uncomfortable dry patches and sore, chapped lips. Dry air can also aggravate chronic skin conditions such as eczema. Adding moisture to the air allows the skin to retain its natural moistness, reducing eczema flare-ups and keeping your baby’s body, well, baby soft.

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    Make for a Better Night’s Sleep

    A woman stroking the chin of a sleeping child
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    Stuffy noses and troublesome coughs can make sleeping comfortably close to impossible, and rough nights for baby means tough mornings for Mom and Dad. Humidifiers make it easier for your congested baby to breath, and better breathing leads to better sleep for all.

    That said, your little one doesn’t have to be sick to enjoy the sleep benefits of nightly humidifier use. The comforting hum of a humidifier can serve as a white noise machine, drowning out the household noise and mimicking the raucous chorus of whooshing and gurgling that your tiny dreamer experienced in the womb. 

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    Reduce Heating Costs

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    If you’ve ever visited a humid climate, you already know that all that warm, moist air can make the weather feel considerably warmer than the thermometer would have you believe. Using a warm-mist humidifier in your home has the same effect, creating warmth without the negative effects of artificial heating. Chilly night? Crank on that humidifier, turn the heat down, and enjoy the benefit of a smaller utility bill next month!

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    Buying the Right Humidifier for Your Nursery

    A Duux Mushroom Humidifier on a counter top

    Interested in buying a nursery humidifier for your baby? Don't forget to do your homework! Learn the benefits and drawbacks of cool-mist vs. warm-mist models.