Benjamin Moore Wants You to Explore Your Aura Through Paint

Benjamin Moore's AURA premium paint line

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Benjamin Moore

When it comes to expressing yourself through your home decor, nothing says quite as much as the paint colors you choose. And sometimes, colors can be a reflection of something deeper.

Benjamin Moore has teamed up with celebrity aura reader, Mystic Michaela, on a curated selection of colors that allow people to explore and express their energy through paint. The partnership is in addition to the re-launch of their aptly named AURA line of pants, now with a new formula.

"Choosing paint colors can be a difficult task, but for those looking to reflect a bit of themselves in their spaces, starting with inspiration from their personal auras is a great way to start," said Alyssa Scagnelli Figiel, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Benjamin Moore. "With the help of Mystic Michaela and AURA Interior paint, consumers and designers can have their personal energy be a true reflection throughout the home."

Benjamin Moore's AURA premium paints in a living room

Benjamin Moore

Colors to Reflect Your Personal Energy

Whether you know your aura colors or not, the curated collection can help you choose the right paint color for you and help you to communicate the feeling you want in your home.

"Tapping into the main aura colors I see on people, the Benjamin Moore Color Marketing & Development team selected a variety of colors that lend themselves to each color family," said Mystic Michaela. "An aura is not always one sided and can have multiple layers, so we wanted to give consumers and designers a selection of colors to decide which best reflects their personal energy throughout the home."

The colors in the curated selection range from a pretty pale coral pink to a rich blue, with reds, yellows, greens, and purples in between. From brighter options to more muted tones, there are colors in the collection that work with every style and feel. Mystic Michaela notes that because colors carry energy, the colors we surround ourselves with are important.

"We all have unique energies that we’re born with, but sometimes we need to borrow energies to collaborate with our existing auric projections," said Mystic Michaela. "For example, someone who is naturally empathetic and sensitive may choose blue paint to reflect their aura but may add in red accents to bolster assertiveness to bring more of that energy into the space."

Benjamin Moore's AURA interior paint in a bathroom

Benjamin Moore

New Ultra-Premium Paint Formula

Benjamin Moore's AURA line of paints is their ultra-premium, high performance interior paint line, and the re-launch this month marks a new and improved formula.

"Re-engineered to be more beautiful, more durable and longer-lasting than ever, AURA Interior is the only paint on the market that combines a new, proprietary acrylic resin with Color Lock® Technology and Gennex® Color Technology—bringing the coating to new heights of beauty and performance," said Figiel. "Additional enhancements result in a low VOC coating that resists scuffs, stains and color rub-off."

The AURA line of paints can be used with any of their over 3,500 paint colors (including the curated Mystic Michaela collection), and is available in Matte, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-Gloss finishes. It's ideal for use in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, foyers, and hallways, Figiel said.

Benjamin Moore's AURA interior paints are available in the US and Canada at Benjamin Moore retailers, and international distributors.