Cool Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

Cool colors are wonderful for cooling down a warm space. Many rooms can benefit from the softness of a cool color on the walls. Harsh lighting, extensive windows, and woodwork can make a room feel overlit and uncomfortable. The ever peaceful cool paint colors can come to the rescue of even the warmest spaces. 

Cool colors are more than just blues and grays, though they are often the stars of the cool color palette. Consider green, lavender, and greige, when you're searching for a cool color. Using cool and warm colors in harmony can create a perfectly balanced color palette for a relaxing home.

Here are seven of Benjamin Moore's freshest and most sophisticated cool paint colors.

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    Benjamin Moore Templeton Gray HC-161

    Front Entry painted in Templeton Gray

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Templeton Gray is a gorgeous gray with the slightest hint of green. The surprise of a green undertone gives this color more presence than an ordinary gray. The unusual undertone also makes this a great match for many blue and green colors, as well as other cool grays. You'll want to pair this color with cool white trim and detail, as it can appear cold against a warm white paint color.

    Templeton Gray from Benjamin Moore

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    Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

    Revere Pewter swatch

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter could be their most popular neutral. This is the ideal greige for so many different spaces. While Revere Pewter is part of Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection, it is right at home with the contemporary and transitional decor. 

    Revere Pewter has almost a chameleon quality, taking on different personalities of any room it graces. Be sure to sample this color in any room you're considering it, as it's been known to appear darker than expected in some spaces. 

    Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore

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    Benjamin Moore Harbor Fog 2062-70

    Harbor Fog swatch

    Benjamin Moore

    If you're looking for an ethereal and beachy blue, Harbor Fog may be a perfect choice. More complex than a simple baby blue, Harbor Fog has just the right touch of muted color to keep it from being too precious. Paired with white and pale greige, this makes an outstanding beach-inspired palette. For a more contemporary look, try pairing Harbor Fog with navy blue and white, with stainless steel accents. 

    Harbor Fog from Benjamin Moore

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    Benjamin Moore Ocean Spray 2047-60

    Ocean spray swatch

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Ocean Spray is a vibrant aqua that is perfect for a sunny kitchen, or eating area. Green, with a hint of blue, this color would be adorable with white beadboard cabinets, black countertops, and vintage lighting, for a retro-style kitchen. 

    Ocean Spray can work outside, as well. For a fun look, use this fresh color on a front porch, or even a front door for a color lift to your exterior curb appeal. 

    Ocean Spray from Benjamin Moore

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    Benjamin Moore Pale Smoke 1584

    Pale Smoke swatch

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Pale Smoke is a moody pale gray with a hint of blue/green. Pale Smoke is a very zen and relaxing color, for any room needing a calm wall color. Pair with silvery gray accents, and creamy white, for the ultimate in ethereal spaces.

    Pale Smoke from Benjamin Moore

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    Benjamin Moore Blue Viola 1424

    Blue Viola swatch

    Benjamin Moore

    Don't forget violet when you're thinking about cool paint colors. Benjamin Moore's Blue Viola is sentimental and yet modern. This pretty pop of color would be an unexpected and sweet accent wall for a guest bedroom or powder room.

    Blue Viola from Benjamin Moore

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    Benjamin Moore Midnight Navy 2067-10

    Midnight Navy swatch

    Benjamin Moore

    Midnight Navy could be the prettiest navy blue you ever saw. If you love navy blue, but worry that the color is just a bit too formal or stuffy, then Midnight Navy could be your new favorite. With a hint of violet undertone, this never-stuffy blue could be dramatic in a dining room, or as an accent wall.

    Midnight Navy from Benjamin Moore