10 Best Cool Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

Make your space feel crisp and relaxing

Best Warm Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore
Best Warm Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore ©Benjamin Moore

Cool paint colors are wonderful for adding a sense of calm and crispness to a space. In general, cool colors are anything with a blue undertone. But there's a wide range of them from greens and blues to purples and grays. They work well to freshen up walls of living spaces and kitchens. Moreover, they can turn bathrooms into a spa-like retreat and bedrooms into a relaxing oasis. Some cool colors are bolder than others and might be better suited to accent walls or furniture, depending on your design preferences. Plus, you don't have to stick to a strict cool color palette. Mixing some warm accents with cool wall colors can help to create balance in a space.

  • Color Family: Greens, blues, purples
  • Complementary Colors: Reds, oranges, yellows
  • Pairs Well With: Neutrals, black, white
  • Mood: Clean, crisp, fresh, calming, serene
  • Where to Use: Living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, accent walls,

Here are some of Benjamin Moore's best cool paint colors.

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    Templeton Gray HC-161

    Templeton Gray HC-161 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Templeton Gray is a gorgeous gray with the slightest hint of green. The surprise of a green undertone gives this color more presence than a simple gray. The unusual undertone also makes this a great match for many blue and green colors, as well as other cool grays. The color pairs well with cool white trim and accents; however, it can appear cold against a warm white.

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    Revere Pewter HC-172

    Revere Pewter HC-172 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter is the ideal neutral greige color for any room. And while Revere Pewter is part of Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection, it is right at home with more modern decor styles as well. It almost has a chameleon quality, blending well with various other neutrals and wood tones. But be sure to sample it before painting your entire space, as it can appear darker than expected depending on the room's lighting.


    To avoid regretting a color choice, paint a sample on your walls and let it sit for at least a few days. Observe it at various times of the day in different lighting to make sure it suits your space.

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    Harbor Fog 2062-70

    Harbor Fog 2062-70 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    If you're looking for an ethereal and beachy blue, Harbor Fog might be a perfect choice. More complex than a simple baby blue, Harbor Fog has just the right touch of muted color to keep it from being too precious. Pair it with white and pale greige for an outstanding beach-inspired palette. And for a more contemporary look, try pairing Harbor Fog with navy blue and white, along with stainless steel accents. 

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    Ocean Spray 2047-60

    Ocean Spray 2047-60 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Ocean Spray is a vibrant aqua that is perfect for a sunny kitchen or eating area, as well as for a bathroom. Green with a hint of blue, this color would be adorable with white beadboard cabinets, black countertops, and vintage lighting for a retro-style space. Ocean Spray can work outside, as well. For a fun look, use this fresh color on a front porch or even a front door to lift your home's curb appeal. 

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    Pale Smoke 1584

    Pale Smoke 1584 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Pale Smoke is a moody pale green with a hint of blue, giving it an overall gray tone. Pale Smoke is a very zen and relaxing color perfect for a bedroom or bathroom oasis. It pairs beautifully with silvery gray accents and crisp white for the ultimate ethereal space.

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    Blue Viola 1424

    Blue Viola 1424 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Don't forget violet when you're thinking about cool paint colors. Benjamin Moore's Blue Viola is a homey, comforting color that also can lean modern. This pretty pop of color would be perfect for a powder room. And it could make a lovely accent wall in a bedroom behind a bed with crisp white linens.

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    Midnight Navy 2067-10

    Midnight Navy 2067-10 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Midnight Navy is a beautiful, understated navy blue shade. The hint of violet in it prevents the color from feeling too formal or stuffy. And it adds a level of drama without being overwhelming. This color could be perfect in a dining room offset by bright white trim. And it could help a large bedroom feel more intimate and comfortable.


    When going from light to dark wall colors, applying a tinted primer first is recommended. That way, you won’t need to use as much paint to achieve a uniform color.

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    Blue Note 2129-30

    Blue Note 2129-30 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore’s Blue Note is a dramatic, deep color that lands somewhere between a navy blue and a dark gray. It can work with both modern and traditional styles, depending on your decor. And it’s excellent to make detailed white trim and built-ins pop. Use it in a bedroom with crisp white linens for a clean and comfortable vibe.

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    Ocean Floor 1630

    Ocean Floor 1630 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    While Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Spray keeps things fun and bright, Ocean Floor takes you down into the dark depths of the sea. This cool, rich charcoal gray would be striking in a formal dining space or a large bedroom with white accents. Just make sure the space has good lighting, so the gray doesn’t create a gloomy cast.

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    Kensington Green 710

    Kensington Green 710 paint swatch from Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore’s Kensington Green is a fun medium green with blue undertones. It would be great for a living room, giving off a friendly and comfortable vibe. And it could be a pleasant pop of color in a bathroom or kitchen, as well. It also could be an interesting front door color paired with complementary neutrals on your home's exterior.