Benton County Bargain Highway Yard Sale in West Tennessee

Benton County Bargain Highway Tips and Information

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Each Labor Day weekend, yard sale shoppers pour over bargains at the Benton County Bargain Highway, aka the 30 Mile Yard Sale. Started in 1998, the yard sale event now spans 30 miles across Benton County in West Tennessee. What began as just a few locals selling their spare items has grown to a huge event. The Benton County Bargain Highway typically has 150 to 200 participating yard sales. Last year over three thousand people attended the yard sale.

Locals love the fact that there are "no rules" as to what you can sell which means treasure hunters are likely to find some memorable pieces. If you love yard sales and road trips this combination makes for a great vacation. Just make sure you leave room in your trunk for all the goodies you'll find!

The Route

  • Benton County in West Tennessee
  • 30-mile route runs through Big Sandy, Camden, and Holladay, Tennessee
  • Sale route runs along US 641 at I 40, Tennessee 192, and Tennessee 69A

Dates and Times

  • Held annually on Labor Day weekend
  • Friday and Saturday
  • Sale days and times vary by seller
  • 2017 Dates: September 1 and 2 
  • 2018 Dates: August 31 and September 1
  • 2019 Dates: August 30 and 31

Along the Way

  • Keep an eye out for food and drink vendors along the route. When you're treasure hunting, you don't have time to sit in a restaurant. 
  • It's not uncommon to see children selling lemonade and other homemade goodies at the yard sale.  
  • Watch for yard sale signs pointing the way to off-highway sales, especially as you travel through cities and towns along the route.
  • There are often many craft fairs held around this time. Craft fairs can be more expensive than yard sales because they usually sport finer handmade goods. 

Benton County Bargain Highway Yard Sale Tips

  • Though the official event days are Friday and Saturday, some sellers start on Thursday and stay open on Monday.
  • Look for clustered yard sales in open fields and parking lots.
  • Wear comfortable lightweight clothing and take lots of sunscreen to protect your skin. Tennessee in late summer means super-hot temperatures.
  • Feel free to haggle for lower prices on things you like with hefty price tags. You'll likely have the most luck haggling on the last day of the yard sale. The sellers will be tired and ready to have that merchandise gone.
  • Before you head to the sale make sure you take your treasure hunting toolkit. You'll be prepared to shop like a professional picker.
  • Have your car serviced before you hit the road, and make sure your air conditioner is working. You do not want to stranded on a southern highway in the summer heat.
  • If you intend to buy things like records remember to crack your car windows or risk your records warping in the summer heat.  

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