The 9 Best 20th Anniversary Gifts to Buy in 2018

Celebrate 20 years with a present that symbolizes your enduring love

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When you approach 20 years of marriage, it's a time for reflection of the many years you've shared with your partner, but also a time to anticipate and look forward to the numerous years ahead. If you plan on gifting your loved one a special memento to celebrate two decades together, brainstorming the perfect idea can be difficult. After 20 years of gifts, what's a fresh and exciting way to show your love?

If you wish to stick to anniversary themes, the traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary is china, while a more modern option is platinum. The china is mean to symbolize your beautiful yet delicate relationship and can be channeled not only through plates and dishes, but also china-made figurines or picture frames. As for platinum, this material symbolizes the strength of your love and its ability to weather the storms of life. If you want to give a platinum gift, consider jewelry. 

You can also leave tradition behind and opt for a quality piece of gold jewelry or a more artistic piece, like a symbolic piece of art. Whatever you decide, pick a gift that will feel special and personal.

What matters most is that the gift reflects who you are as a couple with twenty years under your belt and many more to go. Here are the top gift options for all taste to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary.


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    Best Overall: Smeg 50s Retro Style Espresso Coffee Machine

    Courtesy of Nordstrom.

    After 20 years of gift giving, shake things up a little with a luxurious but useful item like this vintage, 50s-style espresso machine from Smeg. This stainless steel appliance is on the pricier side but makes a great alternative to diamond jewelry. Whether you're shopping for a coffee lover, habitual hostess or all-around foodie, this adorable machine is sure to be a hit.

    Make espresso shots and all kinds of coffee drinks. This model features anti-drip technology, the ability to dispense hot water for tea, a steam option and even more useful features. The four color options, from dusty blue to minimalist black mean there's a style for everyone's taste.

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    Best for the Jetsetter: Calpak Ambeur 20-Inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On

    Courtesy of Nordstrom.

    Love to travel with your hubby? Gift him or her with a top-notch carry-on suitcase to show how excited you are for future getaways together. Calpak's 20-inch roller suitcase features four wheels for easy rolling through airports and city streets, a built-in combination lock for safety, sturdy handles and plenty of storage pockets and space within the luggage.

    This specific model comes in trendy millennial pink, but other options are available like white marble, black and solid white. The hard outer shell means all of her belongings will be protected and the carry-on size is ideal for long weekend trips.

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    Best for the Entertainer: American Atelier 'Daphne' Decanter & Whiskey Glasses

    Courtesy of Nordstrom.

     If you've hosted your fair share of gatherings over the years, gift your significant other an updated serving set. The gold detailing on this classy glass decanter and tumbler set will not only wow your partner, but also every guest you serve. Keep your decanter in plain view on top of a bar cart or use it to store his favorite whiskey for easy accessibility. The sleek metallic design with add a modern edge to your kitchen and dining space.

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    Best Jewelry: Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Necklace

    If you want to wow your partner with a gorgeous piece of jewelry, look no further than this beautiful necklace.

    The best part is you'll be giving the gift of modern tradition because the necklace is made from mainly platinum. The antique style of this piece is perfect for anyone who loves vintage-inspired pieces. Plus, the Swarovski Zirconia platinum-plated pendant is wrapped in smaller stones for an added touch of glamour that really sets this necklace apart from others your wife may already have in her jewelry box.

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    Best Flower Arrangement: ProFlowers Two Dozen Red Roses with Glass Ginger Vase

    Courtesy of Amazon.

    If you want a classic gift, go for a bountiful bouquet of flowers. Red roses stand for love, beauty, courage and respect and a 20th-year anniversary is worthy of gifting such a gorgeous bouquet to your sweetheart. The roses are delivered in the clear vase, so all they need is a small bit of pruning at the stems and they are ready to be admired. What is lovely about these roses is they are delivered as buds and bloom within two to three days. This means you can enjoy your bouquet for a longer period of time.

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    Best Art: "With All My Heart" Silver Foil Textual Art on Canvas

    "With All My Heart" Silver Foil Textual Art on Canvas
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    If you love to adorn your home in beautiful art or with pieces that have sentimental value then consider a canvas piece like this "With All My Heart" text print as an anniversary gift. This piece of art has conversation piece value plus the silver and grey coloring and lettering give off a platinum feel that is symbolic of the 20th wedding anniversary.

    This wall hanging can sit in the center of your home or a spot that is special to you both, like above your bed or in a study. The size of this piece is 16"x 24"x1.5" and consists of stretched canvas that comes ready to hang right away.

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    Best for Men: Elegant Monogrammed Cufflinks

    Courtesy of Etsy.

    For a special yet practical gift, cufflinks are a great choice since they can be worn daily. These stylish pieces can be reserved for special occasions or worn to the office on a regular basis. The best part? You can choose from either sterling silver, 18k gold plated, white gold plated, or rose gold plated. Whether you choose your partner's initials, anniversary date, or a special message, this gift will show your special someone that you put time and energy into picking out this gift.

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    Best Personalized: Happily Ever After Pillow Covers

    Happily Ever After Pillow Covers - Best Day Ever
    Courtesy of West Elm

    If searching for a more whimsical gift that includes threads of sentiment this is a great item to add to your home all the while commemorating an important date. Once you choose your pillow, you can pick up to 9 characters to personalize the pillow cover, add your wedding date or a short but sweet note such as love you.

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    Best China: Lenox Stephanotis Vase

    After two decades together you may have collected some great pieces of china and porcelain, especially if you requested any on your wedding registry. But if you want to add to your collection and give traditional china as a gift this year, try choosing something that is classic yet unique. This vase is the perfect option: it's crafted by Lenox, a company that prides itself in designing beautiful, sturdy pieces. You can even give this gorgeous vase to your parents or a favorite aunt and uncle for their 20th anniversary. The vase is crafted from fine china porcelain with a karat-gold rim. The raised flower on the design is the stephanotis flower which is a popular wedding flower. This classic and simple vase will match almost any home decor aesthetic but still stand out as something special among other home elements.