The 14 Best 25th Anniversary Gifts of 2022

Celebrate this milestone with a memorable present

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Celebrating 25 years with your sweetheart is no small feat, so of course the milestone calls for a celebration. The traditional and modern gift for the 25th anniversary is silver, which appropriately symbolizes brilliance and harmony. There's no shortage of gifts that fit the bill whether you're shopping for your partner or a happy couple.

Here are the best 25th anniversary gifts.

Our Top Picks
The front page-worthy events that shaped your world are gathered in this hardcover book.
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This classic silver locket stands out from the rest because it holds up to four pictures.
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Highlight up to eight of your milestone moments and add them to this customized, sentimental piece of wall decor.
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Sip your favorite champagne from these personalized flutes that come with a gorgeous gift box.
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While most flowers are lifeless after a few days, this specially treated bouquet lasts up to three years.
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This watch box is the perfect fashionable and functional way to keep precious watches and jewelry accounted for.
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You'd be surprised at the new things you'll learn about your partner with this conversation card game.
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This canvas isn’t just wall art but is also extremely sentimental and personalized.
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This flatware set is great for a fancy dinner or chowing down on takeout.
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This is a small, but personalized gift for your beloved or the couple in your life celebrating that 25 year milestone.
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Uncommon Goods New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

After nearly three decades, there are surely tons of world events you’ve witnessed together. The New York Times anniversary book is an album that features the front page of the Times for every day that you’ve been married. The 15 x 12 inch hardcover book is a beautiful, commemorative keepsake of the moments that may have changed your world or those interesting events that made you smile.

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Heart Locket

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Heart Locket

Looking for a timeless piece of sterling silver jewelry? Check out this engraved, four-picture heart locket. It’s a totally classic style that can hold up to four pictures of you, your honey, and family members. Although this locket looks super delicate, it’s made with durable, long-lasting and affordable sterling silver. What makes it stronger than regular silver? Combining silver with other metals, most commonly copper, makes it more durable.

Uncommon Goods Better Every Year Tree Ring Art

Better Every Year Tree Ring Art

This piece of wall art is a marker of the milestone moments with your love. The heart-shaped plywood isn’t just cute and decorative, but each line is meant to represent a ring on a tree. So with up to eight lines of text to customize, you can add those special moments like the day you met, the birth of a child, moving to a new city or country, etc. The options are endless for this wall decor that’s sure to hold special meaning. 

Amazon 25th Anniversary Couple Champagne Glasses with Black Box

25th Anniversary Couple Champagne Glasses with Black Box

Twenty five years is certainly worth celebrating. These champagne glasses are the perfect way to toast and the personalization truly makes them special. The happy couple’s name and the special date is laser engraved on the flutes, and that same customization is on the box. 

The Million Roses ( LA ) White - Basic Box with Silver Roses

( LA ) White - Basic Box with Silver Roses

A bouquet of roses is a classic gift, but as beautiful as they are, they eventually wither and die. It’s easy to remedy that with this box from The Million Roses. These flowers last up to three years, thanks to a rehydration process that involves glycerin. In addition to the long lasting nature, the silver metallic finish truly stands out from any other bouquet. Select your box choice, up to seven colors, and you’re set.

Personalized Mall Timeless Message Personalized Leather Watch Box

Timeless Message Personalized Leather Watch Box

For the person who always misplaces their watch, this box can come in handy. Though it’s specifically for watches, cufflinks, or other baubles can certainly find safe keeping in the felt lined compartments. The glass top isn’t just great for making it easy to see accessories, but it can also be engraved with a name or quote. The silver clasp and the vegan leather is a great, timeless combination.

Our Moments Couples Edition

Our Moments Game

You might think that being together for 25 years means you know everything about each other—but when you have specific starter questions that ask about certain memories or scenarios, you might find yourself learning a new thing or two about your partner with this fun, adult party game. The back and forth asking and answering will make you feel like you're on your first date all over again.

Etsy Custom Sheet Music Canvas

Custom Sheet Music Canvas

For every couple that’s said, “that’s our song,” this music canvas is a thoughtful gift. It’s not just a unique looking piece of wall decor, but there’s special meaning. The notes on this made to order canvas are actually the notes from the couple’s particular song. This would look great hanging in the family room or the office and there’s such a sentimental story behind it. The frame selections ranges from 20 x 40 to 30 x 52-inches.

CB2 20-piece Rush Shiny Silver Flatware Set

20-piece Rush Shiny Silver Flatware Set

A perfect set of stainless steel flatware will never go out of style, so this CB2 set is a winner. The 20-piece flatware accommodates a party of four, but it’s also perfect for everyday use for a dinner for two or even takeout. Choose from brushed or shiny silver depending on your preference. 

Etsy Hand Stamped Personalized Key Chain

Etsy Hand Stamped Personalized Key Chain

For a small token they can carry with them anywhere, this personalized key chain is a sweet gift. It’s a quarter with two hearts surrounding the year you were married and it’s backed with a metal piece that can either read “25 years and counting” or a custom message. Use the 20 characters to engrave a few words or a phrase that has special meaning.

Personalization Mall Fortunate Love Personalized Fortune Cookie

Fortunate Love Personalized Fortune Cookie

Here’s a perfect small gift for your partner or if you’re gifting something unique to a couple. You’ve probably seen a regular fortune cookie, but this one is just a bit different. The metal cookie comes in a takeout box and has a personalized message inside. Include up to two lines of text to show your love and appreciation.

Breville The Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville The Barista Express Espresso Machine

From the look to the performance, this isn’t your average coffee maker. Breville’s Barista Express machine is all about precision. Not only is the brew temperature adjustable, but there are also more than a dozen settings for the grinder. Also, the stainless steel will look great on any countertop, and the built in storage hides accessories when not in use.

WizardPins Silver Money Clip

WizardPins Money Clip Silver

This silver money clip has an eternally classic design but also practical functionality. It's made with super strong, durable brass and plated with silver (or gold, if you prefer), and won’t tarnish or chip. Plus, each money clip is hand polish. This is a perfect, elegant solution to wadding up cash or stuffing bills in a wallet.

Uncommon Goods Heart U Ringholder

Heart U Ringholder

Sometimes it really just is the little things and this ring holder fits that bill. Instead of taking a sentimental and maybe expensive band off by the sink or a random place, this holder is the perfect solution. Besides being functional, it’s also pretty cute. The heart sculpture will look great on any counter top or desk.

What to Look for in a 25th Anniversary Gift

Return Policy

When buying a unique gift for your 25th wedding anniversary, especially if it’s something like jewelry that’s very personal and will be worn, it’s always a good idea to check the return policy of the store you’re buying from. Hopefully your partner will love the item and it won’t be an issue, but having the option to get your money back or store credit will make a more expensive purchase seem less risky. Plus, if you're shopping for a couple, it gives them the freedom to pick something that’s more to their liking if your gift doesn’t work out.


It’s always important to keep in mind the sourcing and sustainability of the anniversary gift you chose. Some factors that influence a gift’s sustainability include where and how it was sourced (for example, was the silver ethically mined? Were the craftsmen paid a living wage?) as well as how far it has to travel to get to you.


There are beautiful and sentimental anniversary gifts available at all price points. While the traditional 25th anniversary is silver, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to get them something you’ll love. You could pick a smaller item, like a keychain, or even opt for something silver in color. If you are hoping to spend a bit more money, make sure the gift is from a quality retailer.

  • What is the traditional 25th anniversary gift?

    The traditional 25th anniversary gift is silver. You could take this literally and give jewelry, a silver keychain, or sterling picture frames, or you could instead give them a card or another item that is silver in color.

  • What is the 25th anniversary called?

    The 25th anniversary is called the silver anniversary. This makes sense, as the traditional gift for celebrating a 25th anniversary is silver.

  • How much should you spend on a 25th anniversary gift?

    How much you spend on a 25th anniversary gift  will totally depend on your own personal budget and how much emphasis you put on your anniversary. Some couples prefer to exchange cards or celebrate with a dinner out, while others exchange more extravagant presents.

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