The 8 Best Second Anniversary Gifts to Buy in 2018

Treat your sweetie to a thoughtful present

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If you and your sweetheart are celebrating your two-year wedding anniversary, you may still feel like newlyweds. The early years are pretty much bliss as you and your partner soak up married life. And for your two-year anniversary, there are plenty of great gift options available to celebrate your love for each other. 

At the two year mark, you are still in the beginning part of your journey together, and the gifts you give can run the gamut. You are getting to know each other's personalities and your gifts can reflect this. Of course, some may say that giving and receiving gifts is the best part of an anniversary. Whether you give a romantic or whimsical gift, your choice can reflect the life you are building and stand as a reminder of how much you love being together.

Each anniversary of marriage is marked with a traditional and modern theme. The traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton. Cotton is durable and adaptable, both reminders of what keeps a marriage in good harmony. The modern theme is china or porcelain which are fragile materials, but if well taken care of can last years, or even generations. The gem for this anniversary is garnet. Also, for your second anniversary, you may still wish to give and receive the gifts that may not have been checked off your wedding registry list like a state-of-the-art espresso machine or that pretty vase you know your honey has been eyeing up. Whatever you decide, make a statement of how you feel about one another and celebrate married life.

Here are the best two-year anniversary gifts to give your husband or wife.

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    Best Overall: Personalized Flat Stationery Set

    Perhaps all of the personalized stationary was used up after the thank- you cards went out post-wedding. If looking for a personalized gift for your partner, these monogrammed notecards make a lovely second-anniversary gift. The noted card is still popular and a great way for your partner to send out reminders or thank you notes in an elegant manner. You can choose from 40 colors when customizing the name which will appear on the top part of the card. These cards are perfect for gift for everyday use and are a wonderful option for the person who already has it all.

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    Best Modern: Churchill Blue Willow Fine China Earthenware Oval Dish

    Since you are practically newlyweds, you and your partner are likely still in the midst of building your home space together. This is the perfect time to start buying pieces that you will have for years to come and perhaps will be inherited by your children. Also, some people will use china only for special occasions such as holidays or family gatherings where others use daily. How you enjoy your china is your prerogative.

    If looking for a classic anniversary theme gift, we love this china oval dish. The brand Churchill has been around since 1795 and is known for their beautiful collections. In the future when you add your next piece of china, don't be afraid to mix and match from other collections to create your own unique set.

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    Best Traditional: Hortense B. Hewitt Embroidered Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcase Set

    Hortense B. Hewitt Embroidered Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcase Set
    Courtesy of Target

    If you or your spouse love having an eclectic vibe to your home, then these pillowcases may be right in your wheelhouse. These witty Mr. and Mrs. embroidered pillowcases are a fun yet useful gift to add to your everyday bedding. Plus, they're made of cotton and therefore fit into the traditional two-year wedding anniversary theme.

    These cases make the perfect gift to give to your husband or wife. They also make a thoughtful gift if you are looking to gift your favorite couple on their wedding anniversary.

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    Best for Him: Viking Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor

    If your hubby loves to shave with a razor blade versus an electric razor, then he'll love this razor. The Viking Blade has an old school vibe yet it is modern in its built. Branded the Chieftain Razor, it is made with a premium Swedish blade and comes with five coated blades so it is built to last and offer a clean shave. It also comes in a leatherette and suede box which makes it much more gift-worthy than your typical drugstore razor.

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    Best Home Decor: Brass Love Object

    Brass Love Object
    Courtesy of West Elm

    Sometimes the smallest gestures have huge meanings. This brass object that writes out the word "love' is a sweet gift to give to your wife or husband on your second anniversary. This object can work on the desk as a paperweight, as a stylish door top or simply as an art piece that sits on a bookshelf or tabletop. If you are going on a trip or planning an elaborate night out for your second anniversary, this piece is the perfect add-on to a larger gift.

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    Best for Entertaining: Two of a Kind Shaker

    Two of a Kind Shaker
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    If hosting dinner parties and entertaining friends and family are things you love to do as a couple, then this cocktail shaker is the perfect gift for your husband or wife. This shaker is made of sturdy glass and crafted in gold and silver plate for a sleek metallic finish. The gold cosmopolitan-style print will fit right into your bar cart or kitchen area.

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    Best Garnet: Red Garnet 14K Yellow Gold Women's Earrings

    The garnet gemstone is said to promote strong and lasting relationships as well as fill your life with passion. For these reasons alone this is a gorgeous stone to give to your wife on your second anniversary. These earrings are crafted in 24K yellow gold and if well taken care of can be cherished for many years. Each gem garnet is two carats and is held by six prawns. These can be worn daily or on special occasions as they are classic enough to work casually or dressed up.

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    Best Cozy: Monogram Home Gift

    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    If searching for a home gift that you can use often, this ombre throw is the perfect blanket to add to your space. Purchase this as a joint gift or give to your partner to add to their favorite spot in the house. Whether you cuddle up with it on movie night or use it daily, this is a piece that will add a special touch to your home. It's also great as a gift to give another couple celebrating their two-year anniversary, as you can monogram up to three initials on the blanket itself.