The 11 Best 40th Anniversary Gifts

Mark the very special occasion with thoughtful presents

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A gift this chic and sweet is surely befitting of your milestone anniversary.
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The kit includes everything you'll need to create a perfect hand mold in less than three minutes.
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These cufflinks don't just make a subtle statement, but they're a fashionable reminder of your years together.
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These aren't your average roses, as the specially treated flowers can last up to a year.
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The neutral tone and pebbled leather make this watch box the perfect accessory on any bedside table or dresser.
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The Apple Watch is a stylish, durable way to track a ton of health activities or even just make calls.
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This beautifully binded book makes it easy to recall your favorite memories as a couple.
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It doesn't get any more unique than this bracelet that features your actual handwriting.
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This wall decor doesn't just highlight special lyrics or vows, but also your favorite photo together.
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This tray holds all the necessary items for a relaxing bath and the pillow gives great support.
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If you clicked on this story, there's a good chance you or someone you know is celebrating their 40th anniversary. And, while long-lasting love is a gift in itself, a milestone of this caliber deserves some extra celebration. So, why not treat the happy couple or partner to a present?

Traditionally, a 40th anniversary is celebrated with stones like ruby or garnet; however, you don't need to always stick to the norm. Before you pick up a 40th anniversary gift, think about the recipient. Are they traditional, or do they have a penchant for unconventional gifts? Also, do they have any hobbies you can tap into? And, of course, price is a major consideration. To help, check out the best 40th anniversary gifts.

Macy's Certified Ruby (3/4 ct. t.w.) Button Stud in 10k Yellow Gold

Certified Ruby (3/4 ct. t.w.) Button Stud in 10k Yellow Gold

When the traditional 40th anniversary gift is ruby, naturally a pair of ruby earrings have to be an option for the woman who loves a bit of sparkle. Though the gem is vibrant, the small cluster studs are still modest and classic. The 10k gold prongs also add a timeless feel. These are easily a pair of earrings that can be worn on a daily basis or on those special nights.

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

This kit includes everything you'll need to make your own one of a kind keepsake. The hands casting kit features powder, stone, sandpaper, and easy to follow instructions. The eight inch wide bucket easily fits both hands and after about three minutes, a molding of your intertwined hands is revealed. This is an easy, quick activity that reveals a finished product that can last for years to come.

Cuff Daddy Mens Swarovski Crystals Cufflinks and Studs

Mens Swarovski Crystals Cufflinks

For men who seemingly have everything, these cufflinks from Cuff Daddy are a suave choice. They will add a pop of color to his shirts, but also act as a sweet reminder of his long-lasting love. With a gunmetal finish and ruby red Swarovski crystals, these cufflinks are simple and elegant. The barrel shape is unique and is sure to make a statement with any look.

Venus Et Fleur Large Square Classic Roses

Large Square Classic Roses

Maybe your sweetheart has received their fair share of roses over the years, but this bouquet from Venus Et Fleur is different and absolutely remarkable. The brand is known for their eternity roses which can last up to a year. That's right, the real roses, which are specially treated, remain vibrant and beautiful for a year. The Large Square bouquet includes 42-49 roses and you can choose the color of the chic box they're stored in.

Pottery Barn Grant Leather Watch Box

Grant Leather Watch Box

A classic watch box is essential for anyone who wants to keep their precious timepiece stored or just anyone who needs to organize their life a bit better. The leather box is available in black or brown and with three or five slots. The suede lining keeps all watches, or even bracelets, securely stored away. Make this gift really stand out by monogramming the glass top.

Apple Watch Series 6 Silver Stainless Steel Case with Modern Buckle

Apple Watch Series 6 Silver Stainless Steel Case with Modern Buckle

The Apple Watch does it all, from the basics you'd expect from a phone (making calls and sending texts) to monitoring vital health functions. This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to track their sleep, workouts, or even blood oxygen levels. Select the band size (small to large) and even the color of the band and case. Maybe ruby, to signify 40 years?

Uncommon Goods The Personalized Anniversary Journal

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

Forty-plus years together means there are surely some memories and this personalized anniversary journal helps you note many of them. The binded book features close to 300 pages with enough room to write memories of each of your years together, up to the 60th anniversary. There are a few writing prompts and even room to add your favorite photos.

Etsy Custom Handwriting Signature Bracelet

Custom Handwriting Bracelet, Signature Bracelet

Sentimental gifts will forever illicit an "aww" or at least a smile from the person you love. And this custom handwriting bracelet from Etsy is seriously aww-worthy. The bracelet features an oval disc (bronze, copper, or silver) and the text is a replica of your actual handwriting. This can be "I love you" or a short phrase of your choosing.

Etsy Personalized Lyric Photo

Personalized Lyric Photo

Maybe it was your first dance as a married couple or the song that was playing during your first kiss. Whatever you choose, this wall decor is the perfect way to display the lyrics of a song that hold special meaning. The words, which can be lyrics or even wedding vows, surround a photo of your choosing. Opt for your frame color (black, white, or barn wood) and hang the 8.5 x 11-inches or 11 x 14-inches art in your favorite room.

Macklin Bath & Home Bamboo Tray and Bath Pillow Combo

Macklin Bath & Home Bamboo Tray and Bath Pillow Combo

The gift of relaxation is absolutely priceless. Encourage your sweetheart to unwind with this bamboo tray and pillow from Macklin Bath & Home. The tray is made of sturdy, 100 percent bamboo and fits tubs up to 43 inches wide. With a book or magazine holder, slots for wine, a phone, or even a candle, this tray keeps everything secure. And the pillow provides amazing neck support.

Uncommon Goods Rememory Game

Rememory Game

This game is great for couples to play together or even get the entire family involved. Rememory helps you remember fun, interesting, beautiful events and with special people that you may have forgot. Players pull cards that give them prompts of certain people or time frames and they share the moment. This is one game that isn't about winning or losing, but just reminiscing and having a blast.

What to Look for in an Anniversary Present

Intended Recipient

Before you pick out a 40th anniversary present, it's important to think about who the gift is actually for. Are you celebrating your 40th anniversary with your significant other, or are you treating a special couple in your life who just crossed this major milestone? (After all, shopping for one person is very different from shopping for a couple.) Plus, if you are celebrating this big anniversary with your partner, you might opt for a more intimate or romantic present.

Traditional Versus Untraditional

Ruby and garnet might be the predominant present idea for a couple's 40th anniversary, but you don't have to stick with the status quo. So, will you opt for a traditional or an untraditional present? Ultimately, the decision rests in the recipient's tastes. If you think the recipient would prefer something more traditional, opt for a ruby-adorned gift. But, if they prefer something more atypical, think about the recipient's hobbies. Music fans might love a high-end speaker, while travel enthusiasts might enjoy a fancy tome about their favorite destination.


Fortunately, 40th anniversary presents are available in a range of prices: you can pick up a thoughtful card for just a few dollars or spend a couple hundred on a standout gift. So, how much should you spend? Though it's always important to keep your budget top of mind, you'll also want to consider how close you are with the couple. You might be inclined to treat your family members or close friends to a pricier gift, while a thoughtful card might suffice for work colleagues or acquaintances.

  • What is the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary?

    Spending 40 years with someone is a major feat, so couples typically celebrate this big milestone with stones like rubies or garnet. The good news is this theme can be interpreted in multiple ways. If you want to keep it classic, consider buying some ruby-clad earrings, cufflinks, or upscale home decor.

  • What should I get my partner for our 40th anniversary?

    After spending 40 years with your partner, it's likely you have an in-depth understanding of their likes and dislikes. So, it's important to pick up something your partner will actually enjoy. If ruby stones aren't their thing, lean into their hobbies. Home chefs will find a lot to love about a new cookware set, while homebodies might enjoy a new, plush blanket. But, if you'd like to give your gift a traditional-twist, consider picking up one of these picks in a rich, ruby hue.

  • What should I get friends for their 40th anniversary?

    Buying an anniversary gift for your friends can be easier said than done. On the one hand, you want to shower your friends in matrimonial joy. But, since you're not the ones celebrating the special milestone, you don't want to get them something too romantic. Instead, gift your friends something they can enjoy as a couple such as a cooking class or tickets to see their favorite band. Or, if you want to treat them to something with a personal touch, consider a platter or set of coasters with their original wedding date etched on.

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