The 16 Best 4th Year Anniversary Gifts

Our favorite options from Etsy, Uncommon Goods, and more

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It’s hard to believe that four years ago, you and your significant other took your connection to the next level, be it by swapping vows, participating in a commitment ceremony, or simply defining the relationship in the first place; either way, it’s time to start celebrating.

Fortunately, we researched the best gift options to celebrate your special day, considering your budget, intended recipient, and whether you are sticking to tradition or opting for something modern. Our list includes a thoughtful and nostalgic photo song display from Etsy, adorable date activity dice from Amazon, and a custom vase that can be carved with your wedding date.

Here are the best fourth-anniversary gifts.

Our Top Picks

Etsy Wood and Acrylic Photo Song Display

Etsy Wood and Acrylic Photo Song Display


When you don't exactly want a piece of wall art but something a bit smaller, this acrylic and wood stand is a unique find. Not only can you select the special photo that's displayed, but also a song. There's even a QR code at the bottom, and when scanned, the tune plays. Even more, choose a standard base, a light-up one, or even a speaker.

Choose your first-dance song, the song that was playing on your first date, or a new find that you and your partner discovered together. This is a great personalized option to display a meaningful memory that doubles as charming home decor for your mantel or bedside table.

And you'll be supporting a small business, which is always a plus. This ensures your purchase will look exactly the way you envision it with communication with the creator just a click away. Just be sure to place your order early so it arrives on time.

Two Tumbleweeds Foodie Dice

Foodie Dice


One of the easiest ways to keep a relationship fresh is to explore new things together, and cooking is a fun one to play with since you can do it in the comfort of your home. This kit is clever: Your challenge is to roll the dice, each of which has a different food group or ingredient on it (like cooking methods, veggies, and proteins), then try to concoct a dinner using the ingredients. Being creative together and problem-solving to build a meal will surely bring you closer together.

HomeBeamCo Custom Wedding Date Vase

Wedding Date Vase


Made of glass, stucco, and concrete, this vase is the perfect way to display your flower arrangement. It's not a just beautiful handmade design, but there's the option to add a wedding date. The vase measures just over seven inches tall and would look great on a tabletop, coffee table, or even a desk.

Ten Wilde Medallion Pearl Necklace

Ten Wilde Medallion Pearl Necklace

Ten Wilde

For a jewelry gift that won’t break the bank but still makes a subtle statement, try Ten Wilde’s necklace. The pearls are classic, but the hammered gold disc adds the perfect accent. Also, the chain easily adjusts up to 18 inches to allow for a great fit.

The constant pull of technology can make people feel disconnected, but when used properly, it can actually strengthen bonds. The spinning heart messenger is a pretty cool gadget that combines tech and love. A user sends a message via the app, and the heart on the box spins until it's opened and the message is read. What a fun way to show someone you're thinking of them, even if you're far away. Also, depending on what version of the box you purchase, it can even send photos.

Sweet Bella Stationery Tiny Box of Date Nights

Etsy Tiny Box of Date Nights

Even the most creative couples can run out of fun date night ideas. Well, that is until they receive this gift. The Tiny Box of Date Nights works just as the name implies. The recycled box contains 24 wood tokens with 48 fun date ideas, including options to find a drive-in movie, take a pottery class, or revisit a place that holds special meaning.

Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Reel Viewer


There’s something so fun about toys that bring us back to childhood. Here’s a way to get that nostalgic fix, all while having a personal touch. The Create Your Own Reel Viewer makes it easy to upload your favorite photos of your spouse or your best moments together. The viewer set comes with one reel that displays seven photos, but you can also buy additional reels as you’ll surely have more pics you’ll want to include

The Fruit Company Simply Fruit Basket


Courtesy of the Fruit Company

A simple fruit basket is a great way to show a couple you're thinking of them, and it's right on par with the traditional gift for their specific wedding anniversary. The Fruit Company's basket includes over a dozen seasonal picks, as well as a dry fruit medley. Even long after the yummy fruit has been consumed, the handwoven wicker basket can be put to good use.

Uncommon Goods Memory Keepsake Dish

Uncommon Goods Memory Keepsake Dish

Uncommon Goods

Four years down and a lifetime to go, there are surely tons of moments you'll capture along the way. One way to preserve those memories is with a customized keepsake dish like this. Take your favorite picture or letter, and it's glazed on a stoneware dish by ceramicist Melissa Reddick. The 8 x 10 or 10 x 12-inch tray will look great by a bedside or on a coffee table and is sure to be a conversation piece because of how beautiful it is.

Harry & David Wine and Cheese Picnic Gift Set

Wine and Cheese Picnic Gift Set

Harry & David

Wine and cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly. And for the couple that appreciates some quiet time while sipping and nibbling, this Harry & David Wine and Cheese Picnic Gift Set has it all. The insulated cooler comes with two bottles of wine, meat, cheese, acrylic wine glasses, cutting board, corkscrew, and cheese knife.

Farmgirl Flowers Fun Size Burlap Wrapped Bouquet

Farmgirl Flowers Fun Size Burlap Wrapped Bouquet

Farmgirl Flowers

Flowers are a traditional gift for the fourth wedding anniversary, but you can kick things up a bit with this fun bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers. The 15 stems (all seasonal blooms) are wrapped in burlap. This one-time bouquet would be sweet, but it gets even better if you opt for a subscription. Just select your frequency (weekly, every other week, or monthly), and beautiful blooms are automatically on the way.

Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 Air Fryer

Couples that have busy lives or don’t have the counter space for a ton of kitchen gadgets will love this Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 air fryer. The black and gray matte finish has a sleek look that can fit right in with most kitchen decor, but its functionality is what makes this device truly stand out. It broils, roasts, bakes, and more. There are even two separate baskets that let you prepare two dishes simultaneously, even if the foods require different settings.

Etsy Custom Projection Photo Necklace

Etsy Custom Projection Photo Necklace


Jewelry can be a sweet gift. For extra sentimentality and flair, this Etsy find is pretty great and affordable. At first sight, it just looks like a chain with a heart-shaped pendant, but upon closer inspection, there's more than meets the eye. The image inside the pendant can actually be projected onto a wall. Just select the image you want in the pendant, the chain color (rose gold, gold, or silver), and prepare to wow your sweetheart.

The Davidson Workshop Personalized Song Lyric Wall Hanging

The Davidson Workshop Personalized Song Lyric Wall Hanging


This gift is perfect for music lovers or anyone who appreciates personalized wall decor. The hanging, which measures 1 x 13 x 9 inches, is in the shape of a record player. But what makes it stand out is the ability to have a song lyric carved into the wood. Choose the song you danced to at your wedding or any lyric with a special meaning. 

Uncommon Goods Personalized Tic Tac Toe

Uncommon Goods Personalized Tic Tac Toe

Uncommon Goods

A little friendly competition can be a good thing among partners. Couples who appreciate playing board games at home will love this personalized tic-tac-toe board. The usual Xs and Os are replaced with your initials, and the set comes with ten wooden letters. However, an extra set can also be ordered. The bottom of the board can include the couple's names or the family's last name.

Colzer 30-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerator



For couples who love a good bottle of wine and trying new varietal, a wine cooler will surely come in handy. This one is easy to adjust to the right temperature or humidity, and the shelves are even adjustable and slide out easily. Though the design is fairly compact, it holds up to 30 standard-size bottles of wine.

What to Look for in an Anniversary Present

Intended Recipient

Before you even start the shopping process, ask yourself who are you shopping for in the first place? Are you honoring your union with your spouse or long-term partner? Or, are you celebrating a couple you hold near and dear to your heart? Not only will answering this simple question determine how sentimental your present should be—after all, anniversary presents are romantic—but it'll also help determine your budget.

Traditional vs. Untraditional

Just because fruit, flowers, and appliances are typical gifts for a fourth anniversary doesn't mean they have to be the status quo. If the recipient isn't keen on tradition, focus on gifting them something that taps into their interests. Avid travelers might find a lot to love about a great travel book or tickets for a weekend away. Looking for the perfect match for your music lover? A great pair of headphones might suffice.


Of course, no conversation about finding the perfect fourth-anniversary gift is complete without mentioning the price. Admittedly, how much you spend on a present is incredibly personal; you'll ultimately want to find a great option that fits comfortably within your budget. However, there's a good chance you'll be eager to spend a little more money if you're treating your own significant other to an anniversary present.

  • What's the traditional fourth anniversary gift?

    Historically, couples typically ring in their fourth anniversary with fruit or flowers represent their blossoming union. After all, when you're planning on spending a lifetime together, four years in is only the beginning. But, if you want to opt for something a little more modern, consider grabbing your loved one an appliance.

  • What should I get my partner for our fourth anniversary?

    After four years, it's safe to say you know your partner very well, so it's important to pick out something that speaks to their interests. While there are many ways to iterate on the typical fruit, flower, or appliance-powered present, you might want to prioritize their hobbies above all else.

  • What should I get friends for their fourth anniversary?

    Admittedly, buying an anniversary present for a friend or family member can feel like a double-edged sword. On one hand, you want to get your inner circle something special. But, you don't want to get another couple a gift that's too sentimental. Instead, look for presents the couple can do together such as go to a cooking class or a concert.

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