The 8 Best 8th Anniversary Gifts to Buy in 2018

Celebrate this milestone with thoughtful presents

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Congratulations on eight years of marriage — and eight years of successfully purchasing anniversary gifts! If you’ve run out of cutesy date ideas after nearly a decade or your partner doesn’t have any items on their must-buy list, fear not: We’ve rounded up gifts for the traditionalists, modernists and everyone in-between. If you sway more traditional bronze and pottery is the gift to mark your eighth year of wedded bliss. A bit more of a modern couple? Lace and linens can welcome the new year in spirit. Prefer to stay out of the norm? We've got a few more ideas for you to show your loved ones you really care. Here, our top picks for the best eight-year anniversary gifts for all styles and budgets. 


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    Best Traditional Gift: Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chime

    Bronze is one of the traditional gift options for an eight-year wedding anniversary. Why? It’s produced by combining copper and tin to form a stronger metal — kind of like two individuals joining, in marriage, to form stronger versions of themselves. Are you misty-eyed yet?

    These bronze chimes from Woodstock not only hit the mark for a traditional gift — but they produce beautiful music (like you and your partner!), too. Incorporating four smaller rods that harmonize with six chime tubes, this set of chimes is meant to recall the melody of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. They’re made of ash wood and bronzed aluminum tubes, so they’ll stand up to weather if you choose to use them outdoors.

    Real-life reviewers love these wind chimes for their excellent construction and beautiful sound — one reviewer wrote that she purchased several sets, so she could hang them all over her house!

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    Best Modern Gift: Simple & Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Set

    Linen, one of the modern gift options for an eight-year wedding anniversary, isn’t just for beachy getaways or men’s shirts — it makes cool, comfortable and ultra-durable bedding, too. These 100% linen sheets from Simple & Opulence are produced using high-quality flax fiber from Belgium, and have naturally occurring antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    Although linen makes an excellent insulator, it’s cool and dry to the touch — so you’ll stay warm in the winter and comfortable in hotter weather. Plus, it can be machine washed, doesn’t require ironing and won’t pill.

    Available in seven different colors and a range of sizes — from twin to king — you can choose the perfect sheets to cuddle up with your boo. The best part of this gift? You’ll reap the benefits of comfortable, new bedding, too!

    Check out our other reviews of the best linen bedding​ available on the market today.

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    Best Sexy Gift: Plum Pretty Sugar Sweetheart Robe

    Courtesy of Nordstrom

    Lace is another modern gift option for an eight-year wedding anniversary, and this robe is both practical and a bit sexy making it a gift she'll love to get and one you'd love to see her wearing around the house.

    Available in three hues, this cotton robe jersey robe will feel great against her skin while she is getting ready for date night. The Dolman sleeves give it a fashion-forward look while the lace trim makes it feel vintage and special. 

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    Best Jewelry: Gem Stone King Tourmaline Beaded Bracelet

    The gemstone for an eight-year anniversary is the tourmaline, which is characterized by its vibrant color variations. This tourmaline bracelet from Gem Stone King captures the beauty of the stone’s colors and dark, moody vibe in an easy-to-wear piece of jewelry.

    Made with high-quality, 10mm tourmaline beads, this stretchy bracelet can be worn alone or in a stack of bracelets; its color variations make it super versatile. Tourmaline is a durable stone, so this bracelet will be tough to damage; plus, every piece of jewelry produced by Gem Stone King goes through a rigorous quality control process, so you know you’re purchasing a high-quality, durable item.

    Real-life reviewers love this bracelet for its vibrant colors, high-quality beads and super affordable price tag. If you want to make it a set, you can buy the matching necklace made with the same colored beads.

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    Best for Coffee Lovers: Jonathan Adler Women's Mr. & Mrs. Muse Mug

    If you want to swing the traditional pottery theme but your style sways more modern, Jonathan Adler a famous pottery designer makes these Mr. & Mrs. Mugs that will surely lighten up your morning routine and replace your old drab set. Made out of an unglazed matte porcelain these mugs look good no matter where they land in the household. The male mug has a mustache and the female a pair of lips.

    Though it appears these are sold as a set they are sold separately so if you want to buy one of each be sure to order two. ​

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    Best for Chefs: Anolon Advanced Bronze Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set

    After eight years it might be time to update your cookware. And what a better time to do it than your anniversary. This set has the traditional theme of bronze as the finish which gives it sophisticated and on-trend look. These pots and pans look so good you could even serve a meal out of them!

    Whoever cooks in the family will delight in this non-stick cookware that is super durable and retains heat giving you even cooking. If you want to take this gift up a notch, why not pair it with a home-cooked meal. 

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    Best for Techies: Sonos One

    If you haven't updated your speakers or jumped on the Alexa bandwagon now is your chance to get a gift for your sweetie and the whole family. The Sonos One provides quality audio to your household and comes equipped with Alexa so you can play music, check traffic and listen to podcasts all with voice activation. 

    The Sonos can also be paired with other Sonos devices throughout the home so you can listen to music in the kitchen, living room and even the bedroom with ease. 

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    Best for Actives: Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

    If you want to step outside of your gifting comfort zone why not gift him or her with a beach cruiser that they can use to get around the neighborhood for some low key exercising. This Firmstrong bike comes both in a women's and men's model, 14 different color options and various different wheel sizes for a custom size frame for them. 

    Those whole live on flat terrain the single speed will work best for you, while ones with some hills might opt for the three or seven-speed options. Reviewers love the comfort and ease of this bike and think it is very attractive to look at.