The Best Accent Chair for Your Zodiac Sign

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White accent chair in neutral living room

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Choosing accent furniture can pose a bit of a challenge. On one hand, you want something that goes with the rest of the decor in your space, timing everything together. However, you also want an option that speaks to your preferences, as well as something that can be used practically. Accent chairs are one of the most sought-after pieces in this category—and luckily for most, there are plenty of options to choose from.

With plenty of styles, colors, and patterns available, it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed in selecting which piece is right for you. Our zodiac signs can often lend some guidance regarding our preferences and tendencies—whether you're a grounded Virgo who's looking for something simple or a sensitive Pisces needing something that focuses on relaxation, there is an accent chair that can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Below, we've listed the best accent chair option for you based on your zodiac sign.

VESCASA Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman

Bright yellow velvet accent chair


Aries: A Bold, Playful, and Vibrant Chair

When it comes to style, you aren't afraid to go bold. However, you want your furniture to be as comfortable and playful as you are—making an accent chair like this upholstered swivel option an ideal fit. A vibrant yellow hue catches your eye when you walk in, but the padded seat cushion and 360-degree rotation mean it can work in any room as the perfect accent—whether your need an extra chair for guests or you're looking to embrace some alone-time.

Latitude Run Jazouli 25.5'' Wide Linen Barrel Chair and Ottoman

Latitude Run Jazouli 25.5'' Wide Linen Barrel Chair and Ottoman

Taurus: A Traditional, Elegant, and Statement-Worthy Piece

You're drawn to strong, traditional styles that hold a little bit of flair—so a barrel chair is already an appealing option for you. Opt for the green and white floral pattern option for something that feels upscale without having to break the bank. The matching ottoman gives you the perfect excuse to kick your feet up while you're resting after a long day.

Latitude Run Tufted Armless Reclining Chaise Lounge

Tufted chaise longe


Gemini: A Versatile, Unique, and Spacious Lounge Chair

You aren't afraid to push boundaries a bit when it comes to design—so this lounge chaise accent piece makes perfect sense for you, Gemini. The open design allows for perfect relaxation, with an included bolster pillow for support, and is a perfect low profile piece to work with different styles and themes, perfect for when new home decor inspiration strikes.

Setawix Swivel Barrel Chair Swivel Accent Sofa with Pillows

Rust orange swivel chair


Cancer: A Comfortable, Calming, and Supportive Barrel Chair

Comfort is key for you, Cancer, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. An accent chair should provide the perfect space to curl up and relax, so this rotating barrel chair is a perfect fit. Your home is your retreat from the outside world, so it only makes sense that you need a piece that provides plenty of comfortable support while also radiating a calm, collected feel that doesn't scream for attention.

House of Hampton Feldt 40.6'' Wide Tufted Velvet Chesterfield Chair

Tufted velvet chesterfield chair


Leo: A Royal, Glamorous, Velvet Throne

An accent chair that is as regal as you are? Say no more, Leo. You want your accent chair to be just as much (if not more) of a statement piece than simply a place to sit—and this tufted chesterfield chair does the trick. With velvet fabric and a throne-like design, it's no surprise that you would strive for a piece as elegant as you.

Hashtag Home Covent 22'' Wide Side Chair

Wide side chair


Virgo: A Minimalist, Sleek, Simple Chair

Sleek, stylish, and minimalist: what more can you ask for, Virgo? You prefer to lean more on the word accent in accent chair—you believe it should be a practical addition that can work well within the space. This midcentury, simple option is perfect for any room in your home to help tie the space together.

Etta Avenue Hendrix 30'' Wide Velvet Barrel Chair (Set of 2)

Set of two pink velvet barrel chairs


Libra: An Inviting, Tasteful, Trendy Velvet Chair Set

Sophisticated and tasteful, this set of velvet chairs radiates Libra energy. The gold legs and plush material are elegant without going overboard—and having a set is crucial for that much-needed balance that is often associated with your sign. Plus, having an additional seat is perfect for entertaining guests, who will no doubt compliment your impeccable taste.

Etta Avenue Claudie 26'' Wide Tufted Side Chair

Floral patterned side chair


Scorpio: A Moody, Classic, and Cozy Chair

Something simple, classic, and a little moody is the perfect accent chair style for you, Scorpio. While you aren't afraid to choose daring features for your space, a sleek chair with a subtle pattern and a slightly luxurious feel make a great addition as a desk chair or a statement piece.

Latitude Run Waterton Accent Chair

Contemporary accent chair


Sagittarius: An Artistic and Contemporary Accent Chair

While your style isn't easy to pin down, it's no surprise that you are drawn to things that are artistic, even out of the box at times. You might prefer to thrift a retro piece, but if you choose to go a little more contemporary, this Waterton accent chair is a perfect combination of artistic color and flair—perfect for unwinding in while you're reading or researching your next travel plans.

DHP Nia Modern, Black Faux Leather Accent Chair

Black faux leather accent chair


Capricorn: A Commanding, Classic Faux Leather Piece

You prefer furniture pieces that are classic, commanding, and timeless. This faux black leather accent chair checks off all those boxes, and then some. This accent chair is spacious and sleek, perfect for relaxing after a hectic work day, and fits effortlessly within most decor schemes, meaning you can hold onto it for quite some time.

Homary Mid-Century Modern Shell Chair

Mid-century modern accent chair


Aquarius: A Midcentury, Futuristic, Unique Statement Piece

You aren't afraid to go outside the box when it comes to statement pieces, Aquarius. An ultra-modern, futuristic chair is the ideal edition for someone who follows the beat of their own drum. The tilted seat, the tripod design, and curved shell base create a surprisingly comfortable option that almost serves as an art piece when not in use.

Bayou Breeze Farsund Rocking Chair

Boho rocking chair


Pisces: A Bohemian, Cozy, and Relaxing Rocking Chair

For a sign that desires something creative and comfortable, you need an accent chair that does the same. While often associated with nurseries, comfortable rocking chairs with plush padding and modern styles are a perfect reflection of the daydreamy Pisces vibes. Place in any room and welcome the soothing effects.

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