The 9 Best Accent Wall Colors

A bedroom with sage green accent wall

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Whether you've painted an accent wall in your home before or you're looking to experiment and make an impact, few design choices are as easy and as transformative as an accent wall.

One of the most exciting aspects of an accent wall is the chance to use a bold, bright color that you may be too shy to coat an entire room with. An accent or feature wall allows you to play with colors in your room without overpowering or overwhelming the space. Plus, if you're struggling to add a little more visual interest to a large, boxy room, an accent wall can create a beautiful focal point. When picking an accent wall color, look for a complementary shade darker or bolder than the rest of the room.

If you're hunting for ideas, here are nine of the best accent wall colors.

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    Best Green: Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive SW 6209

    Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive swatch

    The Spruce

    Green is a very trendy paint color right now, but if you don't want to commit to full-on Kermit, an accent wall can be a great alternative. Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive is a deep green hue that's perfectly suited for a living room, bedroom or even a bathroom accent wall as seen in the image above. It's a warm shade and pairs well well with neutrals such as beige or off-white or even lighter shades of green.

    Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive 6209

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    Best Black: Farrow & Ball Off Black

    Farrow and Ball Off-Black swatch

    The Spruce

    We absolutely love black walls, but we also understand that not everyone is up for the commitment of a completely black room. Get the best of both worlds with Farrow & Ball Off Black. This black-but-not-completely-black shade has undercurrents of blue and pairs beautifully with other cool paint colors such as purple, blue or even white. It's utterly sophisticated and we love it behind a bed or a couch.

    Farrow & Ball Off Black

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    Best Blue: Sherwin-Williams Searching Blue SW 6795

    Sherwin-Williams Searching Blue swatch

    The Spruce

    Blue is a great choice for an accent wall because it adds a soothing element to the room. Sherwin-Williams Searching Blue is a bold medium blue with cool undertones and is the perfect boost of color for your feature wall. Try it on a living room fireplace wall and accent the rest of the room with cool neutrals such as gray or white. A pop of bright blue is also a great way to add a coastal feel to a space without a full-on renovation.

    Sherwin-Williams Searching Blue SW 6795

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    Best Orange: The Spruce Best Home Persimmon Orange SPR-01

    Spruce Paint color swatch in Persimmon

    The Spruce

    Want to add a cheery pop of color to your living room or bathroom? The Spruce Best Home Persimmon Orange is a deep red-orange shade that will add endless personality to your space without looking like a carnival. Pair it with lighter colors with warm undertones such as light yellows or off-whites.

    The Spruce Best Home Persimmon Orange SPR-01

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    Best Yellow: Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow 2155-50

    Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow swatch

    The Spruce

    There's no denying that yellow is the color of happiness. Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow is a sunny shade of yellow paint that's not too bright but adds just enough pigment to brighten up a space that may be lacking in natural light. Try it in a dining room or a living space and pair it with browns, beiges or whites.

    Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow 2155-50

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    Best Neutral: Behr Kindling N200-6

    Behr Kindling swatch

    The Spruce

    An accent wall doesn't have to be bold or bright. In fact, Behr Kindling is a rich espresso shade with hints of blue and purple and works beautifully to add dimension and depth as an accent wall in a living room or bedroom. Pair it with neutrals or even a darker blue or green shade for a lovely combo.

    Behr Kindling N200-6

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    Best Pink: Valspar Sweet Sixteen 1006-2A

    Valspar Sweet Sixteen swatch

    The Spruce

    Valspar Sweet Sixteen is the color of bubble gum and childhood and it's one of our favorite choices for a bright accent wall in an entryway or a bathroom. This medium pink adds endless color and becomes an instant focal point in your home. Try it behind a couch in a minimalistic living room to add a spice of personality or on a foyer wall to welcome guests.

    Valspar Sweet Sixteen 1006-2A

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    Best Purple: Magnolia Webster Avenue

    Magnolia Paint Webster color swatch

    The Spruce

    Magnolia's Webster Avenue is a chic, grown-up shade of purple paint that works fabulously as an accent wall color. This deep shade reminds us of grape jelly and is a wonderful feature wall color for a den, office space or a bedroom. It's a cool shade with a dusty feel that's welcoming and calming.

    Magnolia Webster Avenue

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    Best Teal: Sherwin-Williams Belize SW 6945

    Sherwin-Williams Belize swatch

    The Spruce

    Who says that accent walls need to be dark? Sherwin-Williams Belize is a fresh aqua paint color that can brighten any room. A lighter accent wall is a great option if you'd like to keep your surrounding walls white or painted in a lighter neutral tone but still want to add a splash of color. Try Belize in a living room or an all-season sunroom for a pop of brightness.

    Sherwin-Williams Belize SW 6945