10 Chic Colors for a Favorite Accent Wall

An accent wall is your chance to make a bold color statement

Creating an accent wall for your home never goes out of style. There are very few decorating changes that you can make as quickly and inexpensively and that can pack as much impact as an accent wall. The coolest thing about creating an accent or feature wall is that you have so many options in choosing paint color. This is your chance to use an impressive color that you'd never consider for the entire room.

Creating an accent wall is an easy way to create interest in a plain and boxy room....MORE Painting a wall color around a fireplace or any other architectural feature is the perfect way to highlight it, but you could also add stenciling or texture. And how about wallpaper? If you choose to wallpaper an accent wall, you would use the same color tips as for a painted wall. Whatever your style, there is an accent wall treatment that is perfect for your space.

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    Behr Purple Blanket S-H 640
    Behr Purple Blanket S-H 640. Photo ©Behr

    If your search for the perfect accent wall color has you thinking outside the neutral-color box, then Behr's Purple Blanket could be your color. Accent walls are a place to express your own color style and personality. What better way than with this gorgeous purple?  

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    Benjamin Moore Pomegranate AF-295
    Benjamin Moore Pomegranate AF-295. Image ©Benjamin Moore Pomegrantate

     Benjamin Moore's Pomegranate shines as an accent wall. This saturated red can also work on a front door or in a formal powder room. Pomegranate would also be fantastic on your front door.

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    Sherwin-Williams Belize SW 6945
    Sherwin-Williams Belize SW 6945. Image ©Sherwin-Williams Belize

    Who says that accent walls need to be dark?  Sherwin-Williams Belize is a fresh aqua paint color that can brighten any room.  A lighter accent wall is a great option if you'd like to keep your surrounding walls white or painted in a lighter neutral tone.

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    Benjamin Moore Wenge AF-180
    Benjamin Moore Wenge AF-180. Image ©Benjamin Moore Wenge

    Benjamin Moore's Wenge is a beautiful dark brown. Wenge would be a great choice as an accent wall in a rustic, sophisticated, or lodge-style space. Because this is a deep color, it can stand up next to rich color on the surrounding walls.  Benjamin Moore Wenge is a favorite dark brown paint. 

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    Behr Japanese Fern 4008-6
    Behr Japanese Fern 4008-6. Image ©Behr Japanese Fern

    Behr's Japanese Fern is a unique paint color for a vibrant accent wall. Saturated and sassy, this green can freshen up a variety of styles from mid-century modern to transitional. An accent wall in Japanese Fern looks best with cool wall colors to balance out its warmth.

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    Benjamin Moore Country Redwood HC-183
    Benjamin Moore Country Redwood HC-183. Image ©Benjamin Moore Country Redwood

    Warm and dramatic, Benjamin Moore's Country Redwood is a natural beauty. If your decorating style is warm and comfortable, Country Redwood can be the perfect accent color for your home.  This is a warm red, almost a russet, and works best with a warm color scheme. 

    Formerly known as Country Redwood PM-16, this color is part of Benjamin Moore's Historic Color Collection, inspired by American landmarks.

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    Benjamin Moore Wall Street CSP-20
    Benjamin Moore Wall Street CSP-20. Image ©Benjamin Moore Wall Street

    Benjamin Moore's Wall Street is a versatile gray that can create an aura of sophistication. Gray may not be the first color you consider for an accent wall, but the right gray can unify any room. 

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    Behr Cinnamon Cherry S-H 140
    Behr Cinnamon Cherry S-H 140. Image ©Behr Cinnamon Cherry

    Benjamin Moore's Wall Street is a versatile gray that can create an aura of sophistication. Gray may not be the first color you consider for an accent wall, but the right gray can be a great choice for unifying any room. 

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    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154
    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154. Image ©Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

    Another paint in the Benjamin Moore Historic Color Collection, Hale Navy is a formal color that can be used in several decorating styles. While it appears sedate, it is beautiful in a casual beach-themed color scheme. 

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    Benjamin Moore Anjou Pear AF-425
    Benjamin Moore Anjou Pear AF-425. Image ©Benjamin Moore Anjou Pear

    Benjamin Moore's Anjou Pear from the  Affinity Color Collection is a saturated green with generous yellow undertones. It works well with most neutrals that are warm and with dark neutrals like deep brown. A warm green like Anjou Pear is perfect for decorating in a mid-century modern style.

Create the Perfect Accent Wall

Accent walls are the perfect DIY paint project. If you'd like to try an alternative to paint, consider wallpaper or stone veneer to create a special wall in your home. You are limited only by your own imagination and inspiration.