The 7 Best Adjustable Beds to Buy in 2018

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If you are in the market for an adjustable bed, then you are no doubt looking for a comfortable night of sleep! With various positions designed to elevate the head, feet or both, an adjustable bed can improve circulation, alleviate aches and pains and more.

There are a number of features and added options that differentiate the adjustable beds available on the market today. Some models integrate Bluetooth, USB-ports and lights for convenience and safety. For the purposes of this review, we’ve...MORE looked at a variety of queen-size adjustable beds – but you can find many of these models in twin or king sizes, depending on your needs.

The most important factors to consider when choosing an adjustable bed are the quality of construction and the control over bed positioning. The best adjustable beds in 2017 offer a range of options, so it’s a matter of choosing the right bed for your needs. Here are our top choices to give you comfort, convenience and a better night of sleep.

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    This adjustable bed is designed by one of the top names in the industry – Leggett & Platt, known for their quality engineering and well-made products. What makes the S-Cape stand out as our top overall pick is the combination of essential design components and added features.

    The S-Cape has a motor capable of lifting 700 pounds, and can adjust to raise the head 59 degrees and the feet 45 degrees, all controlled by a wireless remote. This is a considerable angle range compared to some other...MORE beds on the market. A standout feature of the S-Cape is Leggett & Platt’s wall hugger engineering, which moves you up and toward the wall when you elevate the head – rather than simply lifting your head away from the wall. This is useful if you still want to be able to reach the nightstand from an elevated head position. This solidly-engineered bed also includes a dual massage feature to soothe and relax aching muscles, and the ability to automatically lower the bed should the power fail.

    S-Cape users comment on the easy set-up of this bed, despite the weight of the components. This makes it a smart choice if you’ll be assembling the bed yourself. Overall, it is a sturdy, well-engineered adjustable bed that provides a variety of sleeping options and the massage feature desired by many shoppers today. It falls within the middle of the price range for adjustable beds while delivering quality components and the features you need.

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    The Reflexion 4 is a close second in terms of overall value for adjustable beds in 2017 and is priced similarly to our top pick. Manufactured by Sealy, this adjustable bed base features solid construction and the ability to adjust the position of head and feet, or choose from one of three pre-set options.

    Like our choice for the best overall value in adjustable beds, this model by Sealy also has a massage function for soothing relaxation. The Reflexion 4 also has wall-hugging technology that is...MORE supposed to minimize contact with the walls as the unit elevates. However, users note that unlike Leggett & Platt’s wallhugger engineering, this bed will place you in an elevated position that is not close to the nightstand or the wall behind you. Still, we like that the bed will not mark up the walls as it elevates.

    What the Reflexion 4 does offer, though, is extremely easy assembly. You’ll only need to attach the legs, mattress guard at the foot of the bed, and headboard mount if you’ll be using one. As a whole package, the Reflexion 4 provides buyers with a well-made adjustable bed that is easy to assemble, and features pre-set zero gravity, lounge, and reading positions, as well as massage functionality.

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    The Reverie 8Q is the best adjustable bed if you love to use technology day and night. This adjustable bed integrates must-have features for comfortable sleeping with must-have features for using and powering all your devices.

    The Reverie 8Q has Bluetooth technology that allows you to control the bed from your smartphone or tablet. Elevate the bed as you scroll through the news, or put your feet up as you watch your favorite movie – all while using your smart device. The bed still comes with a...MORE remote, and the remote stand includes a USB charger and two AC outlets – so your devices will stay powered and nearby.

    One of the surprising features that sets this bed apart is the ability to use the app to set an alarm. Choose to wake to a massage or the bed gently elevating. That is a wake-up call that will make mornings easier. Users also appreciate the 10 different massage intensity levels, as well as the option to focus on the head, feet or whole body. This adjustable bed features a neutral gray platform supporting the adjustable portion of the platform. It has a nice aesthetic to it, and will fit into the décor of many bedrooms.

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    If snoring is interrupting your slumber, then the Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt may be able to help. Whether you are sawing logs yourself, or your partner is to blame, this adjustable bed features a setting specifically designed to alleviate snoring. By adjusting position, you can put an end to snoring and return to sweet slumber.

    The bed is controlled by a capacitive touch remote (a new introduction to the adjustable bed market), which means you can use a very light touch...MORE to change settings. This is great if you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that your partner is snoring – one quick touch and the noise should stop. The bed also has Bluetooth capability, so you can control the bed’s position and massage functions by means of your smartphone.

    One other feature worth mentioning that is included in this high-end adjustable bed is a micro-hook retention system. This system holds your mattress in place without a retention bar protruding from the end of the bed. Some users prefer the more stream-lined look that a micro-hook retention system provides.

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    You may be looking for an adjustable bed, but have concerns over the noise of the motor powering the lift operation. While many adjustable beds today have noise dampening features, the ShipShape Adjustable Bed from Leggett & Platt is designed to operate with a very low level of noise.

    The ShipShape is a good buy for those who want to be able to adjust the bed without disturbing others with the noise of the motor. You may have a light sleeper in the next room, or just find the sound of a motor...MORE annoying. In either case, users report that the motor is indeed quiet but the bed adjusts with ease. The weight capacity for this motor is 450 pounds, which is lower than some other adjustable beds. You may want to factor this into your comparison between models.

    One thing to note with the ShipShape is that it does have a remote with a cord. Many adjustable beds on the market use wireless remotes, but this one is connected via a cord. Some users prefer the corded remote so that it doesn’t get lost or fall out of reach.

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    If you’re looking for a simple, adjustable bed frame and don’t need the extra features commonly found on other models, then this model from Pragmatic is a great choice.

    This is one of the most affordable motorized adjustable beds on the market. Users praise its easy operation and quality components. The powder-coated steel frame is more basic in appearance than some of the more advanced adjustable beds on the market, but it’s a great choice if you want to be able to elevate your head, feet, or...MORE both and don’t need massage functionality.

    This adjustable bed from Pragmatic is also foldable. This may come in handy if you ever need to store the frame, or want to transport it easily. The Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame is a practical choice for simple mattress adjustments. 

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    For a second option when it comes to the best basic adjustable bed, take a look at the Sealy Ease Adjustable Base. You’ll notice that this model features a platform design that is similar to other adjustable beds, but at a lower price point than some models with additional features.

    The Sealy Ease motor is equipped to lift up to 650 pounds, and can elevate the head 60 degrees and the feet 50 degrees. This range of elevation is not as broad as some other models of adjustable beds. If you have...MORE minimal elevation needs and don’t need or want massage functionality, but prefer not to see the frame construction, then this may be the best basic adjustable bed for you.

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