17 Adulting Quotes That Will Have You Saying “It Me”

woman in bed wearing a tshirt that says 'let's stay in bed'

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Most of us have moments (probably every day) when we don’t want to "adult," and we "just can't." It makes us long for the times when life was simpler, we were younger, and responsibilities didn’t get in the way of things like fun and sleep.

Whether you're commuting to work, food shopping, caffeinating, or just yearning to go to bed, you’ll find some relatable words in here that speak to your soul.

You'll smile, laugh, and want to tag your squad.

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    Grocery Store Over Everything

    favorite grocery store quote

     The Spruce

    When food shopping replaces partying on Saturdays and Sundays. You're not out having drinks with friends, you’re at the grocery store with your list of food to cook (because you care about that now) for the week ahead. Priorities.

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    Please Leave by 9, K Thanks

    9pm quote

     The Spruce

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting a house party, or you’re out on the town with your crew, you don’t have the will to hang like you used to. When the clock strikes 9, you just need your bed. End of story.

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    Awkward Banter? Nope

    Fake smiling quote

    The Spruce

    There's nothing you'd rather do less than go to a group gathering where you don't know (or like) most of the people. Forced conversations. Awkward laughter. Wondering just how you’re going to make your exit without being rude. Hard pass on faking it.

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    The Struggle Is Real

    All-dayer quote

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    Gone are the days of endless energy. Now, most of us start to feel like robots during the week. Wake up early. Commute to work. Work. Commute home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. All aboard the struggle bus!

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    Saturdays Are for the PJ's

    Saturday pj's quote

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    Remember when Saturdays were for the girls (or guys), and you couldn't wait to hit the town? Well, not so much anymore. Pajamas, Netflix, and a good glass of wine take priority. You're not sorry either.

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    What a Time to Be Alive

    Reminiscing on the 90s quote

    The Spruce

    For those old enough to remember, the 90s were a magical decade. There were boy bands, grunge fashion, big scrunchies, Dunkaroos—just to name a few iconic (and awesome) things. Most importantly, life didn't seem as serious and neither did carbs.

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    Who's the Adultiest of Them All?

    Adultier adult quote

    The Spruce

    Will the adultiest adult please stand up? Ugh. There are still times when you don't feel like you're fully grown up yet (even though you are a grown adult) to handle life's curveballs, and you just want to run to the oldest adult for help. Major feels.

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    Hey Now You're a Rockstar

    You're a rockstar quote

    The Spruce 

    Okay, so you're not staying up past midnight anymore. Who cares! You're hardcore about a good night's sleep and being your best self—and that makes you a rockstar. You go with your bad self!

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    Bills, Bills, Bills

    Not paying bills quote

    The Spruce

    Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Yes, we're singing that Destiny's Child song to ourselves—we bet you are too now. In all seriousness, why is life so expensive?

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    Is It Friday Yet?

    Having a day off between every day quote

     The Spruce

    Mondays are just painful, and you're already thinking about how far away Friday seems. By Wednesday, everything starts mushing together. "What did I do yesterday? What am I doing today? What's on my to-do list tomorrow? I can't."

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    Morning People

    Morning people quote

     The Spruce

    When it comes to early hours, you're salty and you know it. Saying goodbye to a cozy, warm bed in the morning is sad enough without having to be reminded of it by that extra perky morning person. Also, no talking before coffee. Half kidding.

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    But First, Coffee

    But first coffee quote

     The Spruce

    Coffee is basically magic. It's the first thing that most of us reach for in the morning. And after a cup or two, you feel ready to take on whatever the day throws your way—or at least it gives you the confidence to. More caffeine, please.

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    Mermaids Have More Fun

    Mermaid quote

    The Spruce 

    If you're a water baby, you know that being a mermaid is goals. You get to swim with a mermaid tail, befriend cute sea creatures, wear shell bras, and be super pretty. Best of all, you aren't really concerned with all the drama happening on land.

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    There Are 2 Modes

    Two modes quote

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    Sleep mode on or off? You may experience one or both of these feelings on a Friday or Saturday night. You're either exhausted from the work week and you strive to be a hermit, or you are ready to blow off steam (and prove to everyone that you can still hang).

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    Google Is Bae

    Googling quote

    The Spruce

    How did we even manage to adult before Google? Honestly, it hurts our brains to think about it. One thing's for sure, Google is always there to support you when you need it most. Now that's relationship goals.

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    Tired or Thirsty?

    Coffee vs. wine quote

    The Spruce 

    When it's past the typical time for caffeine, but it's not quite happy hour yet. Both options tend to correlate with how your workday is going. In for a long night at the office? Coffee. Stressful day at work? Wine. Both? Send help.

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    You Just Don't Know

    Adulting vs. a fitted sheet quote

    The Spruce

    Let’s be real. Does anyone really know how to do this correctly? Like folding a fitted sheet, adulthood isn’t easy. No matter which way you fold it, there will be parts that don't line up the way that you want them to. However, where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way.