Best Air Filter Subscriptions

Second Nature is our top pic for air filter subscriptions

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Best Air Filter Subscriptions

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When was the last time you changed the air filters in your home? If you’re like most people, you may not quite remember—and that could be a problem. When you don’t replace your HVAC filters often enough, your health can suffer.

Fortunately, automated air filter deliveries are becoming more and more common. Air filter subscriptions serve many purposes including convenience, so you’ll never have to step out to the store to hunt for the right filter again. Perhaps, more importantly, scheduling air filter deliveries at regular intervals can serve as a reminder to change your filters. The following air filter subscriptions offer hassle-free shopping and low-cost products—taking a small step toward healthier living. Here is how the top services measured up. 

Best Air Filter Subscriptions of 2022

Best Overall: Second Nature

Second Nature Logo

Second Nature

Why We Chose It: As one of the best-known air filter subscription services, Second Nature offers a wide selection of filters and a flexible subscription model.

What We Like
  • Pick your delivery schedule

  • Free shipping

  • More than 66,000 sizes, including custom

What We Don't Like
  • Shipping can be slow

Second Nature (previously known as Filter Easy) was founded by North Carolina State University students Thad Tarkington and Kevin Barry. They wanted to eliminate the confusing (and often neglected) trip to the store for air filters. Now hundreds of thousands of customers strong, Second Nature has an eye on expansion as it delves into refrigerator water filtration systems and other home wellness options. But, air filter delivery remains the company's flagship product, with free shipping on all orders and the ability to set up your subscription on the schedule you prefer.

To sign up, start by sharing the width, height, and thickness of the filter you need, as well as the number of filters you have in your home. Second Nature will show you a side-by-side comparison of size options, pricing, and filtration specifics. Cost generally ranges between $10 and $30 per filter. Once you select your preferred model, you can indicate how often you would like to receive shipments and, if you're interested, add a fridge filter as well. You can cancel at any time.

Best Value: Air Filters Delivered

Air Filters Delivered

Air Filters Delivered

Why We Chose It: With both single-purchase and subscription options, Air Filters Delivered offers a wide range of prices, with the option to buy in bulk for greater savings.

What We Like
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

  • One-time purchases available

  • Buying in bulk yields big savings

What We Don't Like
  • Comparing options can be confusing

Air Filters Delivered offers one-time deliveries and recurring subscriptions, with the option to order furnace filters in addition to standard HVAC filters. Enter your needed dimensions to shop by size, or browse by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). MERV 8, the most basic level, promises to minimize the spread of dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and lint. MERV 11, the website's top-selling filter level, goes a step further, neutralizing pet dander, smoke, and smog in addition to what MERV 8 does. MERV 13, which Air Filters Delivered recommends, tackles bacteria and viruses from coughs and sneezes, along with everything listed above.

Once you have settled on a size and MERV rating, you will still have to choose between multiple brands—an easy feat for shoppers who know what they want, but potentially a challenge for those hoping to streamline the process. Still, with great selection comes a large range in price. Additionally, with the opportunity to purchase filters in packs of six, 12, and more—whether for one-time delivery or a subscription—Air Filters Delivered can significantly reduce your cost per filter.

Best for Allergies and Asthma: TRU Filtered Air

TRU Filtered Air

 TRU Filtered Air

Why We Chose It: TRU only offers one kind of filter—the top-performing MERV 13.

What We Like
  • Healthy mission

  • Highest quality filters

  • Informative buying process

What We Don't Like
  • Smaller selection

  • More expensive than other companies

TRU positions itself as a problem-solving brand, aiming for air quality as the center of a healthy and stress-free life. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, TRU reminds its customers of the many ways air quality can affect health: After all, strengthening immunity, decreasing stress, improving sleep quality, and decreasing your heart rate can all be traced back to the way you breathe. TRU’s streamlined shopping experience does the work of picking the best product.

TRU does not sell any filters that don’t meet its high standards. A practice that eliminates any confusion but also makes its products more expensive. All of TRU’s air filters hold a MERV 13 rating—the level used by hospitals and doctors’ offices—to efficiently remove harmful particles while still maintaining airflow. Subscribers can customize the size and frequency of air filter deliveries, allowing those with high-allergen households to increase their level of protection with monthly deliveries and lower-risk homes to replace their filters as little as every three months. You can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time.

Best Customer Service: FilterTime



Why We Chose It: Lauded by reviewers for great customer service and reliable deliveries, this upstart by two former NASCAR drivers offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

What We Like
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee for the first 100 days of subscription

  • Affordable prices

  • Partner programs for HVAC professionals and property managers

What We Don't Like
  • Limited selection

Founded in 2017, FilterTime is the brainchild of ex-NASCAR driver Blake Koch, whose passion for the business inspired another former driver—Dale Earnhardt Jr.—to get involved as a business partner. The straightforward service delivers subscription air filters to residential homes regularly, at least once every three months, to help consumers remember to change their filters regularly enough to protect their health and improve their home’s air quality.

To get started, enter the delivery frequency and filter dimensions you’re looking for, and the company will offer three affordably priced options at MERV 8, 11, and 13. Filters generally cost between $12 and $20, with prices largely dependent on the size and MERV. Your first order ships out within three days, and if you’re unsatisfied with the product, FilterTime offers a full refund within the first 100 days of a subscription. Based on FilterTime’s positive reviews and its emphasis on customer service, subscribers are likely to leave the experience happy—and healthier, too.

Best for Pet Owners: Filterjoy



Why We Chose It: Filterjoy’s streamlined buying process and straightforward pricing make it easy to set up a subscription, and the treats included with every order—for dogs and humans—make it a great choice for pet owners.

What We Like
  • Streamlined buying process

  • Small prizes with every delivery

  • Affordable

What We Don't Like
  • New company with fewer reviews to consider

This Tennessee-based brand makes a serious effort to add fun and excitement to the generally boring task of changing your air filter. Expect prizes like board games, frisbees, candy, and even dog treats in every package. With a range of filters that help remove allergens like pet dander from the air, dog owners will be very grateful for the regular deliveries.

Setting up a Filterjoy subscription is exceptionally easy. The company’s website guides you through the buying process, starting with the number of filters in your home and the size you need (Filterjoy also offers tips on how to figure that out, if you don’t already know). From there, you’ll select a delivery frequency, then filter grade—generally, customers can choose between MERV 9, 11, and 13. Prices start at around $12. Shipping is always free, and the first delivery is heavily discounted.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

While plenty of general-interest retailers may offer regular deliveries on air filters, these product-specific subscription services are the best bet for consistent pricing, transparent features, and reliable quality. Second Nature, one of the more trusted names in filter delivery, snagged the top spot for its affordable prices, streamlined buying process, and top-notch reviews. Celebrity-backed upstart FilterTime impressed us with its satisfaction guarantee, a clear sign that the company prioritizes customer service.

What Is an Air Filter Subscription?

Air filter subscription services deliver HVAC filters to your door on a predetermined schedule. They eliminate the need to go to the store and find the correct filter for your home. Additionally, the scheduled delivery can serve as a reminder to change out your home filter—a necessary but often forgotten household chore

What Does MERV Mean, and How Does It Affect Price per Filter?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and it rates filters on a scale from one to 20 based on the size of particles that the filter is able to capture. The lower the MERV, the fewer particles the filter will catch—and the lower the cost. Higher MERV filters are more expensive, but they allow fewer particles to pass through. This makes high MERV filters a better choice for those with health problems and allergies.

How Much Do Air Filter Subscriptions Cost?

Most air filter delivery services offer free shipping with recurring orders and charge between $12 and $30 per filter, depending on the size and filter grade you order. Generally, you will be charged at the interval of your deliveries. Cancellations and schedule adjustments are commonly free of charge, and most companies do not require long-term commitments.

How We Chose the Best Air Filter Subscriptions

To choose the best air filter subscriptions, we looked for companies that specialize in air filters, eliminating big box stores where prices might fluctuate. We considered online reviews, customer shopping experience, price, bonus perks, and variety of goods. We chose Second Nature as the best overall because it received top marks in almost every category, boasting high reviews, affordable filters, and an easy setup.

As an affordable option, we selected Air Filters Delivered—its bulk prices were lower than just about any online competitor, with a wide selection for many budgets. At a higher price point, TRU Filtered Air stood out for its devotion to quality—only offering filters at the MERV 13 level.

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