The 9 Best Air Hockey Tables of 2021

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Our Top Picks
"The LED lights are what really make this table stand out, adding a more dynamic dimension to every game."
"This affordable unit may look basic, but it has fun features like light-up corners, LED pucks and strikers, and a scoreboard."
"This compact hockey tabletop has the quality construction that you would expect of a larger-scaled hockey table minus the bulk."
"This quality table can be used for a variety of different tabletop games, including board games, table tennis, and cards (included)."
"Less flashy than other options, this regulation-size air hockey table offers a smooth gliding service and easy-to-see rink markings."
"Five-foot tables are welcome alternatives for those short on space or who have small kids, and this option doesn't disappoint."
"Its wood-grain legs are reinforced with metal crossbars, providing both a more industrial look and increased stability."
"If you're really looking to invest, check out this table, which features an industrial-grade blower and tournament-tested rails."
"Slightly smaller than your standard-size air hockey table, this model has all of the expected features at a lower price point."

An air hockey table will bring hours of entertainment and is a great way to host a friendly challenge with your family or friends. The simple rules, quick gameplay, and skill challenges make this a popular arcade-style game. Whether you’re looking for a full-size, professional air hockey table or tabletop version for fun anywhere, you can find a model to fit your space and budget.

Here, the best air hockey tables for your home.

Best Overall: Atomic Game Tables 7.5-foot Air Hockey Table with Digital Scoreboard

This air hockey table delivers excellent air pressure and an exciting LED light experience that will give your game a glow, literally. Whether you choose to play air hockey in the dark or not, the LED lights give the game a dynamic dimension by responding to table activity.

At 7.5 feet long, this air hockey table is sized just right for teens or adults and is sturdy enough to stand up to competitive gameplay. The 120V motor provides a cushion of air that allows the puck to glide easily along the length of the table. Three pucks, including an LED version, and two LED strikers complete the set. 

Best for Kids: Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Light-Up 54-inch Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Light-Up 54-inch Air Hockey Table

This air hockey table for kids is not only sized just right (at 54 inches long( but priced right also. While standard air hockey tables can easily creep toward $1,000, this model makes it easy for your children or teens to experience the fun of air hockey for a fraction of the price. At the same time, adults won't be able to resist a fun and friendly game on this table.

This kids air hockey table is equipped with a blower, LED corner lights, and a scorekeeper. It includes two strikers and a puck, and it's ready for play with minimal assembly. It isn’t as robust or sturdy as a professional air hockey table, but for recreational use by kids or teens, this is a great option at an affordable price. 

Best Tabletop: Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

If you’re short on space but want the thrill and excitement of an air hockey table, consider a tabletop version like this model from Rally and Roar. This portable model measures 40 x 20 x 9 inches and can be used on the table or floor. Setup is simple and fast, and you can even take the table to go—hosting matches at the homes of friends or family members.

A tabletop air hockey table is easy to store, meaning you can enjoy this fun indoor game even if you don’t have a game room, basement, or other room large enough for a full-size air hockey table. At the same time, the Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table features a powerful blower, electronic scorekeeper, and quality strikers and pucks—everything you need to face off in a game of air hockey. The quality and construction of this model distinguish it from a mere toy, but it’s still big on fun. 

Best Convertible: Hathaway Sherwood 7 ft. Air Hockey Table with Benches

Hathaway Sherwood 7 ft. Air Hockey Table with Benches

There’s no denying that a full-size air hockey table takes up plenty of space in a room. If you’re looking to transform your air hockey table into an entertainment destination that can be used for multiple purposes, choose a convertible version—like this Sherwood model from Hathaway.

The Sherwood convertible air hockey table includes a smooth playing surface and powerful blower for competitive play, along with an insert for table tennis. In addition, a solid surface insert makes it possible to play any card or board game of your choosing or complete crafts. Included with this 7-foot table are two benches, which open to store pucks, paddles, decks of cards, and more. The padded benches are ideal for spectators to take a seat or can be used as seating for card games, board games, or dinner parties.

While some other convertible air hockey tables include even more gaming options, this model stands out for its sturdy and simple design. It includes two of the most popular tabletop games, with air hockey and table tennis, but is flexible enough to be used for a host of other activities and serve as the center of your next game night or dinner party.

Best Standard-Size: Hanover 84-inch Air Hockey Table

Hanover 84-inch Air Hockey Table

Stop your search for a regulation-size air hockey table with this 84-inch model from Hanover. Framed with solid-wood components, this table is sturdy but basic. The standard-size rink offers a smooth gliding surface for the included pucks and is complete with easy-to-see rink markings, though it lacks bold graphics or add-ons like LED lights and electronic score-keepers. Many people prefer manual score-keeping anyway—since electronic versions are prone to inaccuracy. 

Best 5-Foot: ESPN 60" Air Powered Hockey Table, Overhead Electronic Scorer

EA Sports 60 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table

While standard air hockey tables measure 84 inches, you can opt for a more compact version like this 60-inch ESPN model. A 5-foot air hockey table is a popular alternative if you’re short on space or are looking for a kids table that adults will still enjoy.

The ESPN Air-Powered Hockey Table has a smooth playing surface cushioned by air from the 120V blower. It also stands out for its overhead scorer that makes it easy to track your score against your opponent. 

Best Modern: Hall of Games 84-inch Air Hockey Table

Hall of Games 84-inch Air Hockey Table

Combine classic fun and modern looks with this Hall of Games air hockey table. This stylish option has an 84-inch playing surface that is mounted to solid legs with a wood-grain finish and reinforced by metal supports. Leg levelers ensure that the table remains steady and adjust for uneven flooring.

Turn on the 120V blower to create a smooth, even airflow across the laminated playing surface. Preserving the look of this modern air hockey table, you’ll find that the LED score-keeper is inlaid along the edge of the tabletop. 

Best Splurge: Valley Dynamo Pro Style 7.25-Foot Air Hockey Table

Valley Dynamo Pro Style 7.25-Foot Air Hockey Table

For a professional-style air hockey table, check out this tournament-sized model from Valley-Dynamo. This pro-style air hockey table is constructed with solid wood and commercial-grade cabinet materials to ensure a steady gaming experience. In addition, this splurge-worthy air hockey table features an industrial-grade Lyna-Blast blower and tournament-tested rails for a smooth gliding playing surface.

Valley-Dynamo is one of the largest manufacturers of gaming equipment in the world. This experience shines through in its professional air hockey table and makes it an outstanding choice if you’re looking to upgrade from a hobby table.

Best Budget: Hathaway Midtown 6-Foot Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Midtown 6-Foot Air Hockey Table

If you’re looking to spend less for big fun, consider the Hathaway Midtown 6-Foot Air Hockey Table. This model is slightly smaller than your standard 7.5-foot air hockey table but is a great compromise if you’re short on space or have a smaller budget.

Constructed of MDF with a cherry laminate finish, this air hockey table looks great in a game room and is sized right for smaller rooms. The poly-sealed playing surface has more than 1,900 holes and a 110V blower pushes air through each one to create an effective air cushion for the puck. If you’re looking for an affordable air hockey table for older teens, this budget option is a good pick for its value and stability. Or, if you lack the space or funds for a standard-size air hockey table, consider this 6-foot model as a great alternative. 

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