The 3 Best Paint Edgers of 2020

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If interior painting is on the list of home to-do's, you might want to consider paint edging. The practice involves bringing paint to the edge of ceilings, trim, or wall junctions. The best part? You keep razor-sharp lines and avoid drips more than you would with most painting methods. 

Paint edgers are typically used for wall painting, such as above baseboards, below crown molding, around window and door trim, and at the juncture between two walls, such as for accent walls.

Don't get paint edgers and cutting-in or masking techniques confused when you're ready to get started. Unlike other methods, paint edging doesn't require any freehand painting, which means it's less messy and more accurate. Plus, no need for painter's tape, which can often be sneakily inaccurate or slope when it looks straight.

Good paint edgers will eliminate any hassle of cutting-in, masking tape, painter's tape or any other common tools and techniques. Some include a metal or plastic shield from preventing any slopping, while spread-on edgers include a pad that helps spread the paint evenly. 

Know that no paint edger is perfect and that each type comes with its own pros and cons. You'll want to keep a few factors in mind, like cost, replenishing (applicable if your paint edger has a roller pad), a leading edge (Are you looking for a small brush, or a metal or plastic guard?), and movement (Do you want roller-style or pad-style?).

Accubrush Accubrush XT Paint Edger Jumbo Kit with Video

Accubrush XT Paint Edger is a roll-on paint edger with a tiny brush on the edge-most part of the edge. Accubrush and its large roller lay down paint on the surface rather than smearing it. A large shield prevents paint on the roller from smudging across areas that you do not intend to paint. Also, this bigger surface rides over bumps in the tracking surface better than tiny wheels do.

The most unique part of the Accubrush XT Paint Edger is the tiny detachable brush that runs along the side of the roller. The brush is intended to draw a precise cut-in line.​ While far from perfect, the Accubrush XT Paint Edger does tend to be one of the best paint edgers you can buy.

  • Accubrush has a larger roller that carries a decent amount of paint.
  • The large paint shield protects the user from paint splatter.
  • The side nylon brush often will carry and spread paint accurately.
  • Accubrush is relatively expensive for a standalone specialty tool.
  • Fairly large, this tool can be difficult to use in tight corners.
  • The side nylon brush tends to fail as much as it succeeds in drawing a clean line.

HomeRight Quick Painter Painting Edge Painter

HomeRight Quick Painter Edge Painter is a pad-style paint edger that feeds paint to the pad from a tube in the handle. This tool does not rely on a metal or plastic guard to protect the unpainted side. While the pad is very small and cannot contain much paint, this is a moot point since dipping into a paint can is not required. In theory, the tube should deliver a constant flow of paint to the pad. Often, though, the feed operation does not work as intended.

  • With the feed tube, there is no need for continual re-loading of paint.
  • The feed tube is large enough for 50 linear feet of painting.
  • Pads are inexpensive to purchase and easily available.
  • HomeRight's paint pad is thin.
  • The spring-loaded lever is finicky and difficult to use.
  • The feed-style paint tube/pad system requires some learning to perfect.

Shur-Line Edger Plus Premium Paint Edger

The Shur Line Paint Edger is a pad-style paint edger with plastic wheels designed to reduce friction as the paint edger runs along the wall surfaces. Low in price, the Shur Line is the ubiquitous paint edger found at practically all hardware and even department stores.

The wheels along the edge that are supposed to track along the trim, ceiling, or another non-painted surface often do not turn and get clogged with paint. The paint pad holds little paint and can be considerably messy. Still, it is a very cheap item and can work if precision is not your goal.

  • The Shur Line is inexpensive and easy to find at most places where painting supplies are sold.
  • Because the Shur Line is a small item with few moving parts, you can conveniently recycle it after you are done with it.
  • The Shur Line has a limited lifespan due to the operation of the plastic track wheels.
  • The Shur Line's wheels clog up and stop moving or may not even roll in the first place.