Why is the nabi SE One of the Best Android Tablets for Kids?

Mattel nabiSE kids tablet

So what is the best android tablet for kids? It can definitely be difficult to pick the best one. There are so many tablets to choose from. 

There are many reasons why the nabi SE android tablet from Mattel, for the price and the features offered, is definitely one of the best tablets for kids.

Many parents and families have different wants and needs when it comes to features that they like and dislike when it comes to buying a kid's tablet.

Children can easily lose or damage their tablets. So knowing that, most people do not have a large budget and search for a tablet that is inexpensive, often under $100.

Other considerations when it comes to choosing the best tablet include:

  • Can children access websites on the internet?
  • What kind of parental controls are there?
  • Does the tablet allow the child to watch new movies, television episodes or YouTube Kids videos?
  • Does it have a quality camera to take pictures and videos?
  • Is there educational and learning software programs programmed on the device?
  • How many games are downloaded on the tablet when you open it from the box? Are they actually good apps that are fun to play? 
  • Will I be spending a lot of money on additional apps or in-app purchases?

The Nabi Se Is an Android Tablet 

There are some big differences between android tablets and a learning tablet, like the LeapFrog Platinum. An android tablet is a processor that is often found in many popular smartphones.

The android processor allows the software on the tablet to work much faster than other educational toy tablets.

Kids with parents allow them to use their Android smartphone will definitely be familiar with how to use the software on the tablet. However, in general, tech-savvy children will quickly figure out how to access the apps they like very quickly.

Android tablets are a much better option for older children in the elementary school age range. They easily connect to wifi, and they have the look and feel of an adult tablet without being heavy or encased in a lot of plastic, which can make them appear childish.

Android tablets, like the nabi SE, help children make the transition to a more expensive tablet when they are mature. It is very cost effective under $100. Given an Android operating system, the nabi SE can be customized by parents to also include access to popular websites like YouTube with apps to watch movies such as Netflix. 

The Nabi Se Has Flexible, Customizable Parental Controls

The parental controls on the nabi SE available are flexible and customizable. Children have their own profile with their own preferences. Many children can have their own profile on the same device.

Parents enter a secure "Mommy/Daddy" mode that is password protected where they can choose to allow or block access to the device, apps, and websites. Apps can also be time limited so that children have a specific time allotment to use the device or app per day. Animated videos appear to alert children before it turns off unexpectedly in order to reduce tantrums.

Parents can also say goodbye to paper chore charts, and assign each child activities to do within the Chores List app. For activities completed, kids can earn rewards or nabi coins. By visiting the Treasure Box, nabi coins can translate into added screen time on the device, or, if a parent provides their credit card information, coins can be redeemed for apps and movies that are purchased.

The Nabi Se Has Its Own Social Network

Internet safety is very important so children do not end up accessing websites, come into contact with strangers, or meet cyber bullies.

The nabi SE has its own social network, and their child's activity can be monitored. Only people who have the child's friend code can interact with them in this network. Parents, grandparents and other adults can connect with them using a free iOS and android app, nabigator.

Using nabi Mail, kids can write, draw a picture or take a photo, then email it to a friend or family member int heir network.

nabi Chat allows kids to send emoticons, pictures, and instant text messages to pre-approved friends on the list, too.

If you need to buy a tablet quickly to use for last minute travel or for a gift, within minutes of taking the tablet out of the box, there are many games and activities children can play with.

Gaining access to online content through the wifi on the tablet, by entering Mommy Mode, and downloading additional apps through a Google Play account, is helpful when there is time, out of the box there are many fantastic games to keep kids occupied for some time. 

The apps include racing games like Riptide, Beach Buggy, and Slingshot. There are several apps and games that include adventure games, coding apps, drawing activities, brain teasers, and interactive books. nabi also offers apps for children that are from popular app companies, like Toca Boca. There are special learning activities and e-books, too.

There Are Fun Learning Software, Apps, and Activities

The nabi SE also has learning activities in the Wings Learning System app. These games and activities are recommended for kids in pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. There are over 16,000 questions around reading, math, and writing that are aligned with common core curriculum. The questions will also adapt to the child's abilities. Time spent completing learning activities may be traded in for extra time on the device or more nabi Coins.

Can It Play Music?  

The iHeartFamily music app is included on the device and includes 30 different popular songs. The tablet is also Bluetooth compatible for headphones and other speakers so kids can play and listen to music. In the parent section, the popular iHeart Radio App can also be utilized.

Does It Take Photos and Videos?

The nabi SE has front and rear cameras for photos and videos. The front camera is 3 megapixels, and the rear camera is 2 megapixels.

Most tablets for kids only include 2 megapixels in both cameras, so the nabi SE has a little higher quality camera than most other learning tablets. Photos can be edited and emailed to people in the nabi Friends network.

The Nabi Se Is 2 Tablets in 1, Which Can Be Used by Kids and Their Parents

Going on a family trip? The nabi SE might be inexpensive enough to buy one for each child. However, when the kids are asleep, parents can easily use the tablet themselves with their own apps. 

Parents switch over to "Mommy/Daddy Mode" where they can use Google apps, search for information using Google on the internet, check their email in Gmail, edit and create documents in Drive, watch YouTube, and get directions on Maps. Since it is an android tablet, using the Google Play app, parents can watch movies through Hulu and Netflix and use social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Some access to these apps will require a log-in, a subscription fee.

For the price, and with so many included features for kids and adults, the nabi SE tablet is a fantastic kids tablet.

Buy the nabi SE tablet at Walmart. Other nabi tablets are available at Amazon. There are also other Hot Wheels and Barbie themed nabi tablets, too.