11 of the Best Architecture Instagram Accounts

Modern house set next to water

olsonkundig / Instagram

Instagram is one of the best sources of daily inspiration and amazing design that will take your breath away. If you're an architecture buff, you probably already know you can find endless examples of eye-catching architecture on Instagram, but you can never follow too many accounts.

From award-winning architects to curators of some of the best curb appeal eye candy we've ever seen, here are 11 Instagram accounts to follow if you love architecture. We've found something for everyone, no matter what type of aesthetic you are into.

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    Black house with wide porch

    eyrcarchitects / Instagram

    Based in Culver City, CA, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects is an award-winning architecture firm that specializes in residential, civic, and commercial design. Their Instagram feed is full of breathtaking interiors and exteriors that focus on clean lines and simple-yet-effective structures. This is a great account to follow if you love all types of architecture, especially modern-influenced.

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    Beachside building next to a pool

    pitsou_kedem_architect / Instagram

    The Instagram account run by Pitsou Kedem Architects is filled with amazing design that literally makes our heart skip a beat. This firm is based in Tel Aviv and works on both residential and commercial properties. Their designs are very modern, with work such as this residential beachside property that is straight out of a dream.

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    Old victorian home

    dayton_architecture / Instagram

    If you're a fan of historical architecture, you will love @dayton_architecture's account which is filled with old house eye candy. This page is curated by Alex Jackson and focuses on beautiful homes spotted in Dayton, Ohio. Though not as far-flung as some for the other accounts on our list, you'll probably be surprised to learn just how amazing the housing stock is in this midwestern city.

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    Stone building with overhang

    olsonkundig / Instagram

    Known for their use of natural, rugged materials and designs that celebrate nature, Olson Kundig is a great account to follow if you love beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes. Based in Seattle, this design firm's Instagram page features images of both commercial and residential structures that are often set against beautiful natural landscapes.

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    Modern building with floor to ceiling windows

    faulknerarchitects / Instagram

    Based in California, Faulkner Architects specializes in "site-sensitive" design. Their stunning architecture is often planned with a beautiful setting in mind, so that the structure complements the space around it. Their Instagram page is equal parts architecture and beautiful places, so it's a great follow if you love nature as much as you love design.

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    White house in Michigan

    cheapoldhouses / Instagram

    While the @cheapoldhouses Instagram page is a much different account to follow than many of our other picks, we think it's a great page for anyone who can't get enough of old homes and loves to dream about their next big renovation project. This curated Instagram page features unique, older homes that are for sale around the country. The page's curator, Elizabeth Finkelstein, focuses on cheap homes that need a little bit of love to come alive once again.

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    Interior restaurant with light fixture

    reddymadedesign / Instagram

    Reddymade is an architecture and design firm founded by Suchi Reddy. Their page features both exteriors and interiors, and everything from restorations of historic buildings to modern commercial interiors and residential homes. Their work is primarily based in New York City and is often as much a work of art as it is practical design.

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    Modern white building

    Laneylainc / Instagram

    If you consider yourself as much of a techie as a design junkie, you will love the work of Laney LA out of Hermosa Beach, CA. Their Instagram page features hundreds of custom-designed homes that are often tech-forward. Their work pushes boundaries and is a great follow for anyone who loves high-end residential design.

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    Hotel room with a hanging wicker chair

    siqueira_azularquitetura / Instagram

    Siqueira Azul is based out of Brazil and does stunning work in both the residential and commercial spaces. Their Instagram page is full of dreamy interiors and exteriors that always embrace and welcome the nature around each structure. Most of their designs are open concept and feature views of oceans and mountains.

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    Soaking tub with a window behind

    makhno_design / Instagram

    Based out of Ukraine, Sergey Makhno Architects focuses on architecture, interior design, and product design, and their page is full of wonderfully unique and custom spaces that inspire. All of their spaces are works of art, and this Instagram account is a great one to follow if you love stunning interiors as much as you love architecture.

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    Modern home surrounded by snowy trees

    bside_visuals / Instagram

    Bside Visuals is a company that specializes in virtual renderings of residential and commercial spaces. They help bring architecture to life with realistic photos that you may not believe aren't real. Their Instagram page is full of stunning architecture and unique spaces so beautiful you will want to bring them to life yourself.