The 12 Best Artificial Christmas Trees to Buy in 2018

Skip the hassle and go faux this season

Best Choice Products 6' Premium Hinged
Courtesy of Amazon.

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These days, it’s becoming more and more common to buy an artificial Christmas tree. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to understand why. With variables including type (think balsam vs. pine), color, height and even decorative styles, the choices are endless. To help you find just the right one, we’re taking you through the top selections in each category.

Before buying, size should be an important factor to consider. The standard tree runs between seven to seven-and-a-half feet tall, but be sure to find one that complements your space. Then, consider the style of tree you want. Many Americans prefer pre-lit options, while others like to provide their own lights. Authenticity is another consideration, with some consumers electing for saplings that look “real,” while others prefer to play around with faux colors and accents. There's no one way to pick a tree, but a good rule of thumb to follow to narrow your search is pricing. Most quality trees start at $250 and can range up to $1000 as they get bigger. So as you begin browsing the selections, start with a figure in mind, and filter in other factors from there.

To get your search started, we’ve rounded up the top-rated trees across several themes. From size to color, you’ll get a good cue on what the best pick in each field is, for an accent you’ll be proud to celebrate with all season long. Keep scrolling to check these out below.


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    Best Overall: Best Choice Products Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

    Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. While this simple and standard-sized tree may not be as ornate as the other options, it’s a dependable blank slate. Here’s why:

    The seven-and-a-half feet hinged tree comes with easy-to-fluff branches. These components are covered in 1,346 tips to make them look full bodied and genuine. Plus, it contains the classic silhouette that looks timeless in just about any setting.

    Beyond its look, buyers love how easy it is to assemble the three-piece tree. Several were skeptical to invest in an online artificial option, but once they put some effort into plumping out the branches, they were blown away by the quality and design of it. Consider it a great option to go with if you want a standard tree you can completely deck out for the holidays. 

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    Runner-Up, Best Overall: Norway Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

    Courtesy of Wayfair.

    Lush, full-bodied, and incredibly realistic-looking, the Norway Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree is well worth the money. It comes in four different sizes so you can choose the best option for your indoor space, and each size option includes a sturdy metal tree stand.

    Reviewers agree that this Christmas card-worthy tree is virtually unmatched in terms of quality and design. It has crush-resistant branch tips that are made from real tree branches, so holiday guests will be fooled into thinking it's the real thing. The upswept branch design is perfect for hanging ornaments, and the dark green color looks rich and vibrant.

    The tree is shipped in sections that require some assembly, but reviewers report that it's easy to put together. Customers consistently praise the Norway Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree for being full and realistic, and say that it has a “good shape”—just be sure to fluff out the branches.

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    Best Budget: Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

    Over 1,000 reviews, a four-star rating and a best seller label make this a standout product in the artificial tree category. Backed by an eye-catching design, and an even better price point, this six-foot stunner earns top marks from us.

    The artificial pine features lusciously full branches—1000 tips in total—to create the look of a genuine tree. And the sturdy metal base helps keep it standing tall throughout the entire season. When the festivities are over, the tree’s hinged body easily disassembles into three pieces for effortless storing. Measuring 72” x 55" x 6’, it’ll look great in any apartment, condo or bedroom that’s in need of an option slightly smaller than a standard-sized tree.

    Customers consider this pick a steal. For under $50, they love the beautiful look and feel it provides. Plus, they claim it has the easiest set-up ever. Seem too good to be true? Take a look at the reviews to understand why buyers are favoring this best seller.

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    Best Large: Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Premium Prelit Artificial Christmas

    When it comes to filling your space for the holidays, there’s nothing more wonderful than a big—and beautiful—tree. When it comes to finding a sizable option, Balsam Hill brings you a Vermont White Spruce that ranks highest in the large tree category.

    Balsam Hill has worked for years to create the most luxurious and realistic artificial Christmas trees. And this one is no exception. Their nine foot beauty contains a classic full shape, made with tips comprised of True Needle—a technology that uses molded plastic to mirror the look and feel of genuine evergreen branches. Plus, the needles themselves are made of PVC to give them 20% more fullness than other artificial needles. Ultimately, both of these components help give this choice an unmatched level of realism compared to competing styles.

    Additionally, this choice comes pre-lit with 1,500 clear lights and backed by a 10 year tree warranty. Given its high price tag, it’s comforting to know your investment is backed by an extra guarantee. Pricing and all, it still comes highly recommended by those who made the splurge on this bountiful option.

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    Best Splurge: National Christmas Tree Jersey Fraser Fir Artificial

    Here’s another front-runner that boasts many amazing qualities, though it does have a higher price point than other options on this list. The National Christmas Tree Jersey Fraser Fir is pre-lit, unlike the first option, and comes with a realistic fraser fir disposition. It runs much larger—nine feet tall to be exact—which contributes to the high cost. Despite these differences, users swoon over its stylish and life-like design, making it a home favorite for all. 

    The tree has an authentic look thanks to the branch tip technology that works to give it some realistic features. The branch tips are crush-resistant, so you’re guaranteed a full-bodied tree right when you take it out of the box. For added flair, it’s pre-strung with 1500 clear lights that are resistant to bulb burnouts—which is a big decorating plus. Then, once the season’s over, the hinged branches disseminate into four sections, while the stand easily folds away. You’d never guess a 9' x 6.5' x 6.5'' tree would have a takedown so easy.

    The most talked about asset of the tree among reviewers is how beautiful and full it looks. So for those taking a first stab at an artifical option—and have the space to fit a big one—this fraser fir should be held in high consideration.

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    Best Pre-Lit: National Tree 7.5-Foot "Feel Real" Downswept Douglas Fir

    Pre-lit trees can be a real time saver as you don’t have to wrestle with stringing strands and attempting to get them all evenly spaced. With a pre-lit artificial option, you just plug it in, and voila! This pre-lit tree from National Tree stands 7.5 feet tall, is 58 inches around, and comes with 750 lights. No matter the room you place it in, it's prepped to make a big impact. 

    Can’t decide if you’re more of a white or colorful light kind of family? You don’t have to choose. This tree comes with both, and you can change between the two with an easy-to-use foot control as often as you like. There are more than 1,899 branch tips in all, and they feature the company's Feel-Real technology which molds them from actual tree branches. Customers note that the tree is high quality and the lights are bright and lovely. While some say it takes a bit of time to set up and fluff, once you do it makes a stunning sight during the holidays. 

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    Best for Small Spaces: Nearly Natural 3-Foot Christmas Tree

    Just because space is limited doesn’t mean you can’t still put up a Christmas tree that will make a big, festive splash. Though it be little, this tree from Nearly Natural is mighty pretty. It stands just three feet high and 21 inches wide, so it can fit nicely in a small corner or even on a tabletop. It’s also a great tree to put in a kid’s bedroom.

    Best of all, it’s already decked out with lights—100 of them, to be specific—so you don’t have to worry about stringing them. Just plug it in and watch it glow. The lights are also designed so that if one goes out, the rest of them keeping on working—which is huge a relief if you’ve ever dealt with Christmas tree lights without that feature. The tree is made of more than 130 faux pine tips and is also peppered with pine cones for a rustic feel so realistic people might just mistake it for a real one. Customers say the tree is well made, easy to set up, and really adds Christmas spirit to their small space. 

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    Best Natural Elements: Frosted Berry Pine Christmas Tree

    7' Frosted Berry Pine Christmas Tree
    Courtesy of Wayfair.

    Want to take the hassle out of tree trimming? Go with this Frosted Berry Pine tree from Wayfair. We promise: It’ll look good even without adding a single touch. Clad with 250 clear lights, built-in berries, grapevine twigs and pinecones, it delivers an elegant pine design that looks like it belongs outside. Plus, the frosting on each of the branches adds an authentic extra touch.

    At seven feet high, this decorative accent falls within the constraints of a standard tree. However, the reviews do suggest it runs slightly slimmer than expected. That said, the commentary consistently speaks to the high-quality, which is far above expectations given the price. With free shipping and a 30-day return policy, you have nothing to lose going with an artificial option that mirrors something straight out of nature.

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    Best Pink: Vickerman 3-Foot Pink Fir

    Everything looks prettier in pink—even your Christmas tree! For more of a feminine take on this holiday staple, Vickerman's glistening pink tree will be a welcome addition to your home. It stands four feet fall, and comes with a matching pink tree stand, an on/off foot pedal, and extra bulbs.

    Buyers love the fab look of this vibrant tree, although they do wish it were a bit larger. At four feet high, it's well under the standard tree size. However, we’d like to think the fun flair it brings makes up for its scale. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd this year, this bubblegum beauty deserves your full attention.

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    Best Silver: Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 8-Feet, PVC Crystal White

    Dreaming of a white Christmas? Now is your chance to ensure you've got some white on Christmas Day with this 8-foot tree. With 1150 PVC tips you'll be sure to have a full tree. A heavy-duty metal stand ensures it stays upright and safe all December long, while the hinged branches make for easy set-up and storage. 

    For an extra-stylized touch, hang one color of ornaments this year (perhaps pink or red) for a super trendy and fashion forward tree you'll remember for years to come. 

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    Best for Heavy Ornaments: National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine

    When you’ve got heavy decorating to do, this Carolina Pine from National Tree is down for the job. This tree is no lightweight—coming in at a mighty 59 pounds—but that means it’s strong and sturdy enough to hold all your trimmings. You don’t have to worry about sagging branches or heavy ornaments slipping off and crashing to the floor, this is a tree that’s meant to hold it all.

    The tree measures 7.5-feet tall and is 59 inches in diameter. It’s pre-strung with 750 clear lights covering its 1,393 branch tips. It all comes together with metal hinges, and it’s both flame-resistant and non-allergenic. It’s also peppered with pinecones for a straight out-of-the-woods vibe. 

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    Best Snow Covered: 7.5 ft. Pre-Lit LED Flocked Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White Lights

    Courtesy of Home Depot.

    For those who love the look of crisp, freshly fallen snow, the Pre-Lit LED Flocked Mixed Pine Tree with 500 Warm White Lights from Home Accents Holiday is a superb choice for your home Christmas tree.

    The tree’s soft, glowy lights and snow-frosted branches evoke a peaceful, wintry forest landscape—suffusing your living room with a cozy and warm ambiance, just in time for the holiday season. This towering 7.5-foot tree boasts a very lifelike appearance, with 1586 artificial branch tips that round out its full shape. Just be sure to fluff the tree for the most realistic appearance. Elegant, sparkling, and super chic, the Pre-Lit LED Flocked Mixed Pine Tree is a snow-kissed Christmas staple.