Best Auto Glass Repair Services

These companies will repair and replace your auto glass

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Best Auto Glass Repair Services of 2021

When your windshield cracks or scratches, it’s essential to get it fixed or replaced immediately—after all, one small chip can quickly turn into significant damage. Auto glass repair services mend these broken windshields (in addition to windows or other glass surfaces) and, when necessary replace them altogether.

A great auto glass repair service is convenient, with same-day service at their storefronts and convenient, come-to-you mobile service at many locations. The best companies are transparent about pricing and quality, offer promises about their repairs, and help customers navigate filing an insurance claim to pay as little as possible for their needed auto glass service. Here, we gathered four of the best auto glass repair services of 2021.

Best Overall: Safelite Auto Glass

Safelite Auto Glass

Safelite Auto Glass

Why We Chose It: With more than 700 in-person shops and 6,000 mobile glass repair locations, Safelite’s services are available to more than 97 percent of Americans—and its reliability makes it a top choice.

What We Like
  • Available nearly everywhere

  • Mobile or in-person shops

  • Commitment to recycling

What We Don’t Like
  • Prices vary by location and damage

Wherever you are, there’s a good chance that Safelite can repair or replace your windshield: The giant in auto glass repair boasts more than 700 shops and 6,000 mobile glass repair partners spread across all 50 states. The company also works regularly with around 150 car insurance companies, making it an expert at verifying coverage, filing claims, and managing paperwork—all tasks that it handles for its customers.

If your windshield has three or fewer cracks or less than six inches of damage, Safelite offers same-day repairs. Should you need more service, consider drop-and-go: Simply park your car in Safelite’s lot before 9:30 a.m., leave your keys in the provided dropbox, and Safelite will contact you when it’s time to pay and pick it up. If that’s too much of a hassle, consider a mobile glass repair appointment, in which a Safelite technician comes to you. Before service, you’ll book a time window and receive an email with information about your technician—a safety feature designed to ensure that you know who will be showing up at your home. On the day of service, the technician will call with a heads-up about their estimated time of arrival before performing the no-contact service at your home or office.

Customers trust Safelite’s auto glass repair service for more than its convenience: Its “GlassHeal” resin will leave your windshield stronger than it was before the damage, and if the glass needs to be replaced altogether, Safelite’s proprietary “Truseal” technology makes for a reliable windshield replacement every time. The company offers a lifetime guarantee against any product defects or installation errors. And customers can feel confident that any unsalvagable windshields are being disposed of sustainably, too. Safelite recycles as much glass as possible and has saved more than 6 million windshields from landfills since 2012.

Best for Tricky Repairs: NOVUS Glass


 NOVUS Glass

Why We Chose It: The company that invented windshield repair is still a top choice for those hoping to avoid all-out replacement, with more patents on glass repair technology than any other competitor and a lifetime guarantee on all of its repair work.

What We Like
  • Top window repair technology

  • More likely to fix damage than replace a window, saving time and money

  • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs

What We Don’t Like
  • 100 locations

  • Hard to find pricing

The NOVUS Glass story began in 1972 when inventor Dr. Frank Werner and chemical engineer Bill Wiele set out to figure out a low-cost way to repair windshields. Before their game-changing solution, the only option for drivers with cracked or dinged glass was to replace the whole thing—a costly, wasteful, and time-consuming process. Today, the company still leads the way in windshield repair, with more patents in the field than any other competitor.

NOVUS always prioritizes repair over replacement, going the extra mile even on complicated repairs that other companies might deem unfixable. That mindset has kept more than 44 million windshields out of the landfill since NOVUS opened nearly 50 years ago, cutting costs for customers and allowing them to make greener choices in the process.

Each windshield repair comes with a lifetime guarantee, and NOVUS can provide other services such as mirror replacement, headlight restoration, and tinting, too. And with more than store 100 locations nationwide—plus many more mobile partners, which bring auto glass repair to your door—it’s an accessible option for many.

Best for Mobile Service: Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor

Why We Chose It: With service to repair or replace glass for vehicles, homes, and businesses, most Glass Doctor installations can occur within 24 hours of the customer call.

What We Like
  • Quick turnaround

  • Emphasis on come-to-you mobile service

  • Multiple warranty/guarantee options for purchase

What We Don’t Like
  • Prices vary by location

  • Fewer locations than many competitors

Established in 1962 in Seattle, Washington, Glass Doctor now boasts more than 200 locations spread across three countries. As part of the Neighborly business group, the company offers window repair and replacement services for vehicles as well as businesses and homes. With an emphasis on mobile service and a reputation for quick appointments, Glass Doctor is a top choice for emergencies or urgent jobs—most services can be performed within 24 hours of a call to your local branch.

All windshield repairs and replacements are performed according to standards from the National Windshield Repair Association, and Glass Doctor also offers window tinting and headlight restoration. Don’t worry about contacting your insurance company, either: Glass Doctor handles verifying coverage, filing claims, and finishing up any paperwork to ensure you get your full benefit. To schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor, fill out an online form or call customer service for a free upfront estimate.

Best Value: Auto Glass Now

Auto Glass Now

Auto Glass Now

Why We Chose It: Between its low price guarantee and free lifetime warranties against leaks, mold, or defects, Auto Glass Now offers thrifty customers the opportunity to save on services for today and tomorrow.

What We Like
  • Low price guarantee against verifiable quotes

  • Lifetime guarantee against leaks, mold, or defects on the repaired area

  • Same-day service available at all shop locations

What We Don’t Like
  • Only 70 locations nationwide

Founded in 1987, Auto Glass Now makes a great choice for drivers looking for the best deal on auto glass replacement or repair, with a low-price guarantee to beat any verifiable estimate and a lifetime warranty on its work, offering peace of mind against mold, leaks, and defects. The company operates 70 locations around the country, with same-day service at all shop locations and the opportunity to book a mobile appointment free of additional charge.

Auto Glass Now also works with insurers on your behalf, going a step beyond verifying coverage or filing claims and even covering the deductible in many cases—making many of their windshield repairs free of charge to clients. To get an estimate and an appointment, share your ZIP code online to locate a nearby branch, then fill out a quote request form.

Final Verdict

Safelite Auto Glass emerged as the best auto glass repair service for its wide coverage area, top reviews across multiple locations nationwide, and convenient slate of booking and scheduling services. But many of its most impressive amenities—mobile repair, same-day service, and even filing your insurance claims for you—turned out to be standard among its competitors as well.

NOVUS Glass, which also offers mobile repair and insurance assistance, stood out as a top choice for customers who hope to avoid replacing their window altogether, even for seemingly unsalvageable damage. The company, which pioneered some of the original windshield repair techniques during the 1970s, makes every effort to repair glass when it can. Glass Doctor, on the other hand, touts its ability to make service calls within 24 hours of booking in most circumstances, a must for any driver who needs immediate assistance. Auto Glass Now combines a low price guarantee and a lifetime warranty on repairs for a service that saves budget-savvy customers money, both immediately on the repairs and later on any future issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Auto Glass Repair?

Auto glass repair services can fix cracks and nicks in your windshield, window, or rear windshield. In more extreme circumstances, they will replace the glass altogether.

How Much Does Auto Glass Repair Cost?

Auto glass repairs vary in cost depending on the damage to your windshield, the area where you live, and the quality of service. Expect to pay at least $60 for even the smallest chips, and as much as $200-$400 for a complete windshield replacement. In many cases, your insurance policy may cover some or all of the cost of fixing a cracked windshield. Most auto glass repair companies will help you verify coverage, and many will even file the claim and handle the paperwork for you.

Can Auto Glass Repair Services Come to My Home?

Many auto glass repair services offer the option to deliver their services at your home or office, repairing or replacing your windshield wherever you are. This service is usually offered free of charge, but check with your local provider to confirm that the services you require can be performed by a mobile team.

How We Chose the Best Auto Glass Repair Services

To select the best auto glass repair companies, we looked for businesses with coverage across most of the United States, checking reviews at individual locations, and paying careful attention to company policies that would contribute to a positive customer experience.

It became clear very quickly that the best auto glass repair companies help customers file insurance claims: In many cases, this service can not only alleviate the stress and paperwork involved in the process but also bring your bill down to near zero. Almost all of the companies offer mobile service, coming to your home or workplace to complete the job.