6 Best Baby Bouncers

A baby bouncer is a must-have for new parents. Baby bouncers allow you to put baby down for a few minutes so you can get things done. Baby can still be near you, though, and there are usually toys or some other form of soothing or entertainment on board to keep baby happy. Because bouncers are outgrown by the time your baby can sit up on her own, it's a good idea to check out bouncers that can accommodate newborns well, or that have bouncing or soothing features that don't require an...MORE older child's weight or effort to work. Otherwise you'll waste some of the useful life of the product. Here are some of the baby bouncers around, in a range of prices, and with lots of different features.

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    The First Years Kickin Coaster Bouncer
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    This baby bouncer works well for newborns because it has a vibration mode with a soothing personal light show to help a little one drift off to sleep. As your baby grows and begins to use his feet to push off of things, the Kickin Coaster is also fantastic, because the kick plate at the bottom of the seat gives baby something to use those kicky legs on. As baby pushes against the kick plate, the seat itself slides up and down. There are sounds, lights and music to go along with playtime mode,...MORE too, and some cute bouncy toys along the top of the kick plate, so baby has plenty of scenery to take in. Birth - 25 lbs. About $70.

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    Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance Bouncer
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    The style is sleek and basic on the Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance, but the simplicity of this bouncer is perfect for babies. The lightweight frame allows baby's movements to easily bounce the BabySitter, unlike cheaper bouncers with hard wire frames. I really like the 100% cotton fabric on this bouncer, too. It's breathable and comfy, almost like a hammock for baby, and you can be removed entirely for washing. The cover is also reversible. This bouncer is suitable from birth to 29 lbs,...MORE so you will get a slightly longer use out of it versus some other bouncers. About $150.

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    Bright Starts Ingenuity Bouncer
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    This bouncer does most of the work for your baby, with two automatic bounce settings to entertain or soothe your little one. The deep cozy seat cradles baby well, and has some extra bolsters and a headrest to customize the fit and support. I love how the included toy bar just pivots out of the way over the top, so it's easy to get baby in and out of the bouncer. Songs and nature sounds are controlled through the plastic section by baby's feet. Birth - 25 lbs. About $50.

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    Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker
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    How about a little more bang for your bouncer buck? The Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker converts to several modes so you can use it from birth to 50 lbs, which is far longer than most bouncers can be used. First, you can set it up as a fully reclined rocker or as a stationary infant seat. Next, it can be adjusted to be more upright so that an older infant can rock and bounce in it, or it can be stationary for feeding or play time. Finally, the completely upright chair can be used for...MORE toddlers as a rocking chair or a stationary reading chair. There's music and vibration on board, plus a toy bar that swings out of the way. About $50.

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    4Moms Mamaroo
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    If you want a full-service bouncer with loads of options, the Mamaroo may be the one for you. The cool, space-age look is matched by the robotics that mimic a parent's movements to soothe baby. The classic art-theme toys give baby something to reach for during play time, while the soothing sound effects and multiple bounce and sway styles allow you to choose the mode that makes your baby happiest. The whole cover zips off to be washed, too. I really like the MP3 player input, so you can use...MORE your own playlist if you want to, and that Mamaroo has a little tray on the front to hold your iPod. Birth to 25 lbs. About $200.

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    Fisher Price Woodland Bouncer
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    If your bouncer budget is small, this is the perfect bouncer for you and your baby. It has all of the essential features of more expensive bouncers, plus a toy bar, and it's incredibly cute. A soft fabric seat covers the basic wire frame and allows baby's movements to provide the bounce. There's a built-in vibration unit, and there are three adorable plush animals across the top toy bar. The weight limit is slightly lower than other bouncers, but for the price, this is still a great...MORE bouncer. Birth - 20 lbs. About $30.

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