Top 15 Baby Doll Accessories

Little Girl Pushing Stroller
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Many little girls love to hug, feed, swaddle, burp, and change their baby dolls. After you have found the perfect baby doll your child will adore, do not forget about all of the other baby doll accessories. Children want to "play house" as realistically as possible, so aside from new clothes and baby bottles, consider these great pack n' plays, shopping carts, jogging strollers, swings, doctors' kits, high chairs, feeding accessories, and bathtubs, all for baby dolls.

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    Adora Doll Playpen
    Adora / Amazon

    This easy to assemble playpen with bright, pink flowery fabric is perfect for a baby doll to take her daily nap in.

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    Kidkraft Cook Together Kitchen

    A play kitchen set is a must-have accessory, so kids can make their baby a delicious meal, heat up their bottle or clean their "dirty" laundry.

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    Baby Boo Doll Pram
    Mommy and Me Collection / Amazon

    Strollers for dolls can be fashionable and functional, too. This pram converts into a regular stroller and holds a doll up to 18 inches. The handle can be moved so children can see their baby while walking. It also includes a diaper bag for other accessories. It can be bought in many different color choices.

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    Ergo Baby Doll Carrier
    Ergo / Amazon

    Babywearing​ is a huge trend for parents. Kids love to imitate their parents. Little girls may enjoy having their own baby carrier. This carrier, just like the larger size for adults, includes padded straps and is made of cotton fabric that is easy to wash.

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    Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier

    Ready for adventures? Want to take baby along for the ride? This doll car seat has a functioning 5 point harness. The base can even attach to the latch system in a real vehicle!

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    Step 2 Baby Doll Changing Station
    Step 2 / amazon

    This all-in-one baby station which includes a bed with mobile, high chair, and laundry station. This toy has many accessories a child needs to care and love their baby doll. Made of durable, high-quality plastic, this toy is easy to sanitize. Large toys like this are perfect for daycare centers and preschools, where many children like to play together in one space at the same time.

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    Adora Dolls 4 in 1 Doll Seat
    Adora / Amazon

     Limited on space in the playroom? This toy is 4 pieces of baby gear in 1. This combination doll swing, car seat carrier, high chair, and playset can hold a doll up to 20 inches.

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    Graco Trekko Double Stroller
    Amazon / Tolly Tots

    Does your child like to role-play having twins, or have multiple baby dolls they like to play with? This double stroller is a perfect way for kids to bring along multiple babies to the store, on a walk, or from one room to another at home.

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    Magic Baby Bottles
    ToysRUs / Amazon

    Dolls need to drink and little parents love watching their milk disappear! Hold the bottle up to baby's mouth and watch as the milk inside disappears when they are finished.

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    Ride Along Dolly Bike Seat
    Ride Along Dolly

     Have a child old enough to ride a bicycle safely? Dolls can hitch a ride on the back of a child's bike! There are even doll bicycle helmets, too.

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    Guide craft Wooden High Chair
    Guidecraft / Amazon

    Wooden doll high chairs come in a variety of finishes​ and can fit a large doll up to 21 inches tall.

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    Corolle Baby Accessories Set

    Corolle Mon Premier Mealtime Set
    Corolle / Amazon

    Every baby needs to eat! This accessories set includes a feeding bottle, pacifier, bib, placemat, sippy cup, spoon, and a container of pretend baby food.

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    Little Mommy Shopping Cart
    Amazon / Tolly Tots

    Lots of children like to take their dolls and stuffed animals into the grocery store. Whether it is to the pretend supermarket or the real store, kids can load up their cart with their baby dolls, purses, and pretend food.

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    Corolle Wooden Doll Cradle
    Corolle / Amazon

    Looking for beautiful wooden doll furniture? This while, wooden doll cradle is perfect for small baby dolls that are not any larger than 12 inches.

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    Learning Resources Doctor Kit
    Learning Resources / Amazon

    This doctor's kit will encourage young kids to pretend to be doctors and take care of their baby when they are sick. The kit includes 19 medical tools and accessories that include a battery operated stethoscope, band-aids, otoscope, glasses, scalpel, blood pressure cuff and a ringing cell phone. Also included is a plastic carrying case for storage.