What Kind of Winter Sled Is Best For My Baby?

Winter has never been more fun

There is something so captivating about a peaceful winter snow fall. Even your baby may be mesmerized by the gently falling flakes. What better way to introduce your baby to snow and winter fun than by getting outside with a sled made just for baby?

A baby sled is a great piece of equipment to use with your little snow angel, so long as it's safe and sturdy, and it's something that can be passed through the family. Here are some recommendations:

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    Flexible Flyer Wooden Baby Sleigh

    Flexible Flyer Wooden Baby Sleigh
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    The Flexible Flyer Wooden Baby Sleigh, made from solid ash, is a beautiful choice for a sled for babies who have good balance and strong head control. Flexible Flyer recommends the sleigh to children between 1 and 4 years old.

    It features a steam-bent backrest and runners, a pull rope and raised seat to help keep your baby dry and warm. Keep your baby cozy and warm with a handy, padded cushion made just for the Flexible Flyer.

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    Mountain Boy Bambino Classico Pull Sled

    Mountain Boy Bambino Classico Pull Sled
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    Mountain Boy Bambino Classico Pull Sled is nothing short of elegant. It is a fine piece of craftsmanship that is sure to be passed down through the generations. Mountain Boy suggests that you can begin using this sled at 4 months of age and it can hold up to 100 pounds.

    The sled's deck is made of birch and the handrails and seat back are made from willow. It also features powder-coated steel runners that easily glide over ice and cut through snow, as well as an extra long pull rope.

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    American Traders Baby Sled

    American Traders Baby Sled
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    The American Trader's Baby Sled is a great, sturdy option. It features a comfortable curved back, a comfy cushion, side rails, and a swivel wooden pull handle. It's handcrafted in Vermont and made out of ash and red stained maple. It's perfect for children up to 3 years and can hold up to 60 pounds.

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    Pelican Baby Sleigh

    Pelican Baby Sleigh
    Getty Images/pelicansport.com

    This Pelican Sports sleigh is 29 inches long and perfect for smaller children that are at least 2 years old. Its simple, yet traditional, design features wooden slats and plastic runners, and it has an ergonomic seat with a sturdy backrest. It also has a durable nylon pull rope.

    If you'd prefer a higher backrest, Pelican Sports also has a high back option.

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    Pelican Deluxe Baby Sled

    Pelican Deluxe Baby Sled
    Google Images/pelicansport.com

    If you'd rather have a sled made out of plastic rather than wood, you should check Pelican Sports' baby sled designs. They offer several different models that are sure to match whatever you are looking for.

    The Pelican Deluxe is their top model and has many comfort and safety features. The winter elements are pretty, but they tend to be a bit harsh. This sled features a zippered weather shield that protects your baby from the wind, cold and snow. It also has a comfortable, molded,...MORE ergonomic seat, a safety harness and a sturdy pull rope.