The 8 Best Band Saws

Use this tool to cut through metal, wood, or lumber

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Our Top Picks
"A professional-style machine that cuts wood, metal, and much more."
"Versatile, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced."
"Works well on everything from steel and aluminum to copper or brass."
"The 2 horsepower motor can slice through wood with ease."
"This reliable bench top bandsaw gives you plenty of power."
"Ideal for cutting pipes and metal working, it's lightweight and easy to move."
"Can be paired with a diamond edged blade to slice through glass."
"An excellent, low-cost option for a variety of work."

Best Overall: Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO bandsaw is a high-end professional-style machine for cutting wood, metal and much more. It sports a two-speed poly-v belt drive system to cut at 1,500 or 3,000 SFPM. This two-tier speed function allows for extra precision when you’re making your cuts, allowing you to customize your approach based on your materials and project.

This benchtop bandsaw has a 5-inch by 15-inch cutting surface and can slice into material as wide as 13.5 inches and as high as 12. It has a resawing function and a full cast iron frame. This machine also has ball bearing guides, an adjustable table angle and numerous safety features, such as a blade tracking window. This is a great bandsaw that can do just about anything, but it is designed more for experienced and professional users. 

Best for Beginners: WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight

If you’re ready for your first bandsaw at home or in the workshop, you can’t do much better than the WEN 3962. This two-speed bandsaw is versatile, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced. It’s the perfect thing for a woodworker who is looking to upgrade his or her workspace.

This is simply one of the best bandsaws. It runs at two speeds: 1,520 or 2,620 rotations per minute, allowing you a little more control over each cut. You can fit any 72-inch blade between 1/8- and ½-inch width for fresh cuts or resawing. This machine also sports a 3-in-1 exhaust port for whatever size hose you have. Further, this bench top bandsaw features an adjustable fence, a sliding miter gauge, an onboard measuring guide, and a beveling table. The WEN bandsaw uses a 3.5-amp motor and has a 25-inch tall table for a mix of power and convenience.

WEN offers a two-year warranty with the 3962 bandsaw. The company also sells a similar 14-inch model with a 9.5-amp motor and blade sizes up to 1-inch. The WEN 3962 is very popular and has rave reviews from customers. Simply put, it’s a low risk, high reward bandsaw for beginners and experts alike that can do it all. 

Best for Metal: WEN 3970T Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand

Getting a great metal-cutting bandsaw can be a little more difficult than finding a reliable, affordable woodworking bandsaw. However, the WEN 4-by-6-inch Metal-Cutting Bandsaw is an excellent option that works well on everything from steel and aluminum to copper or brass.

This WEN bandsaw is portable and foldable. It features a durable stand and a folding saw that easily moves for horizontal or vertical cutting. The saw has three speeds— 80-, 120- and 200- feet per minute—for a range of options when you’re slicing through metal. Additionally, the bandsaw allows for cuts anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees and has a beveling vice for a sturdy grip. With this WEN bandsaw you get ball bearing blade guides, onboard blade tension and tilt knobs, automatic safety shut off features, and a feed rate adjustment handle. The saw is powered by a 4.6-amp motor and features a two-year warranty.

Best for Wood: Grizzly Industrial G0513ANV Bandsaw 35th Anniversary Edition

If the grizzly bear on the side of the bandsaw doesn’t convince you that this tool can cut up any type of wood then check out the specs. This bandsaw packs an impressive 2 horsepower motor, a 1,725 rpm speed and 12-foot cutting capacity. This bench table bandsaw can slice through wood with ease.

It’s not just power that you get with the Grizzly, however. There are plenty of features that this bandsaw has that make it ideal for woodworking. The two 4-foot dust ports are one of the best and most practical parts of this machine while the micro-adjusting geared table movement and miter gauge allow for precision and convenience. This bandsaw also has a blade height measurement scale, a blade tracking window, a “deluxe extruded-aluminum fence,” a quick change blade tensioner and wheels for easy movement in the workshop. Just about any woodworker will enjoy the power and features that set the Grizzly apart from the competition. 

Best for Resawing: Rikon Power Tools 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

Resawing refers to the process of cutting a piece of wood into multiple pieces rather than plaining. For example, you could turn a 1-inch thick board into multiple ⅛-inch-thick veneers or two ⅜-inch boards. It allows you to get more out of a piece of wood and create a pieces of furniture with mirror grain designs. To make the job of resawing easier you’ll want a ½-inch wide blade with 3 teeth per inch. This allows for a smooth and precise cut that’s still strong enough to get into the grain.

Pair this ½-inch blade with the Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw for optimal resawing every time. This reliable benchtop bandsaw features a large 13-¾-inch by 12-½-inch cast iron table - larger than many competitors and ideal for woodworking projects. The 1/3-horsepower motor gives you plenty of power while the guide post is easy to maneuver with handle. Additionally, the rip fence can be moved or removed for optimal range. The Rikon bandsaw also has a steel construction and a 2-½-inch dust port.

The Rikon 10-305 can fit ½-inch to ⅛-inch blades. It is a great option for all types of woodworking, and particularly good for resawing. 

Best Portable: Milwaukee 6242-6 Compact Corded Band Saw

Not everyone has the space or need for a vertical or stand bandsaw. A portable option can be the right fit for anyone who likes to work outdoors, bring their saw from worksite to worksite, or generally likes to save space. The compact Milwaukee bandsaw is a great option for a reliable, portable bandsaw that can get the job done.

Ideal for cutting pipes and metal working, this bandsaw is lightweight and easy to move. At less than 10 pounds and only 16 inches in length, you can wield this tool in any scenario and the handy grips make any movement feel natural—even overhead cutting. It features a variable speed system ranging from 200 to 360 rpm so that you can cut through copper or steel exactly at the right speed. You can adjust the shoe without tools and eject the blade easily. It even sports an aluminum gear casing in case you drop it. It has a 3 1/4 -inch cutting capacity. This Milwaukee saw comes with a blade and a carrying case as well. 

Best for Glass: Gryphon Corporation C-40 Band Saw

Most bandsaws are designed for wood, metal, or plastic, but the Gryphon C-40 is a great option for cutting glass. Precision glass cutting is difficult for anyone but the professionals with the best equipment, but the Gryphon C-40 is a more affordable option than a CNC machine for precise cuts with this fickle material. This machine has a very simple design with fewer features than the big wood-cutting bandsaws. This bandsaw can be paired with a diamond edged blade and operated at a high speed to slice through glass. It also has an easy-to-use water cooling system. The ⅓-horsepower tool is no frills and very effective. 

Best Value: Ryobi 2.5 Amp 9 in. Band Saw

With that distinctive Ryobi design, the 2.5-amp, 9-inch bandsaw is an excellent, low-cost option for a variety of work. This machine uses an induction motor for cutting pipes, wood and a variety of other materials. It features a 3 1/2-inch cutting height with rapid setting blade tensioners and a blade-tracking window. This Ryobi bandsaw also feature aluminum wheels for easy movement and ball bearing supports. It allows for blades that are between ⅛ and ⅜ inches in width.

This bandsaw is set apart from the others for its low cost and solid performance. Its a great option for amateur woodworkers and crafty people. It can be a thoughtful gift option as well. 

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