The 7 Best Barn Door Hardware Pieces of 2021

Put the finishing touches on a statement-making doorway

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Nylon quiet guide rollers and arrow styling make for a door hanging that's both quiet and elegant.
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This raw steel kit is both affordable and sturdy, making it the best option for those on a budget.
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For high-traffic areas of your home, like the bathroom or kitchen pantry, opt for rust-resistant stainless steel hardware.
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With anti-jump disks and a floor guide, this hardware kit is your best option for heavier or wider doors.
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Shut your barn door as easily as closing a kitchen cabinet with this soft close hardware kit.
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Open and close your door from both sides with this easy-to-install handle.
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Keep your barn door from sliding open with this simple privacy lock.
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Best Overall: Vancleef Hardware Arrow Standard Sliding Single Track Barn Door Hardware

Vancleef Arrow Standard Sliding Single Track Barn Door Hardware

With nylon quiet guide rollers, you can open and close your barn door with nary a whisper. The arrow styling will give your door an elegant feel. Note that you do need 12 inches of space between the door and the ceiling to accommodate the rollers, so make sure to measure carefully before you order.

This kit contains everything you need to install the track, including a floor guide to help keep the door from swinging. The track is available in a variety of lengths between 28 inches long and 240 inches long.

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Best Budget: U-MAX 6.6 FT Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

Made of raw steel, this affordable hardware kit is sturdy and will last—it even comes with a lifetime guarantee. The basic design allows the door to be the star of the show but you can add a bit of style with different hanger styles.

You can get classic J-style hangers which are shaped, unsurprisingly, like the letter J, with the straight part of the hanger flat up against the front of the barn door and the curved section "hooking" over the wheel. You can also get a rhombic hanger, which creates a subtle diamond design on the door, rather than just a straight line. If you'd prefer not to see the hanger at all from the front, the T-shaped option is screwed directly into the top of the door rather than the front.

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Best for Bathroom: EaseLife 6 FT Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit

Stainless steel hardware gives a modern feel to a barn door. This set won’t rust, even if it's kept somewhere damp, like a bathroom with a shower, and has been tested beyond 100,000 rolls so you know it will last in even the most high-traffic areas of your home, like the bathroom or kitchen pantry.

Choose your door size and type carefully—this hardware is available for single or double doors in a range of widths, and glass doors and wooden doors require different hardware. Each kit includes rails, rail spaces, door stops, and rollers.

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Best Heavy Duty: Homlux 12 ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit Double Door

Large doors need extra bracing and that’s what this kit delivers. It can handle loads up to 350 pounds and has anti-jump disks to keep the roller on the rail. The kit also includes a floor guide, so even big doors won’t swing as you open them.

The kit also includes screws for both wooden and cement walls, so you can be prepared no matter what the job is. The individual pieces are waterproof and rust-resistant, so you can use them for an outdoor shed. However, because most barn doors don't seal completely, it's not recommended to use them on doorways directly in and out of your home.

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Best Soft Close: Designer Collection Soft Closed Satin Brass PVD Rolling Barn Door Hardware Kit

Soft Closed Satin Brass PVD Rolling Barn Door Hardware Kit

The soft close feature of this roller will make shutting your barn door as easy and gentle as closing a kitchen cabinet. Especially in high-traffic areas or in homes with children, it's important not to slam the doors quickly open and closed, which can result in damage to the door or hardware.

The shiny brass looks sophisticated in any room in your home and the simple design pairs well with any door for a clean, modern look. The kit includes everything you'll need to mount one door up to 36 inches wide and up to 220 pounds.

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Best Handle: EaseLife 12-Inch Sliding Barn Door Handle

When you have a set of sliding doors, you don't want a regular handle on the side of the door that faces the wall that may scratch or dent your paint and doorway. Instead, pick up this easy-to-install, two-sided handle.

Each handle measures 12 inches top to bottom and is made of durable steel. On the opposite side of the door is a finger pull less than a quarter of an inch thick—enough to get a grip to open the door, but not enough to risk damage to the walls of your home.

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Best Lock: SMARTSTANDARD Barn Door Lock

You've installed a beautiful barn door, but now you want to make sure you can keep it closed—without ruining the aesthetics. This tiny privacy lock lets you wedge your barn door closed from either side without installing a locking system into the door itself.

A privacy lock like the one isn't intended to do anything besides keep your door lightly latched closed. Because there's no key or code, it's meant to act as a back up to keep the door from accidentally sliding open or to give you, well, privacy, on one side of the door.

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