The 6 Best Bath Mats of 2021

A plush addition to your bathroom

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"It's designed to dry quickly and holds up to regular machine washing."
"This affordable memory foam option works best for smaller bathrooms."
"You can also purchase matching bath towels for a pulled-together look"
"Choose from seven colors and three sizes to find the best fit for your bathroom."
"Its surface is ever so slightly textured to lock slippery feet in place."
"The wood dries quickly to prevent any mildew, mold, or odor-causing bacteria growth."

Bath mats don’t just exist to make your space look a little more spa-like. These bathroom accessories serve a very real purpose because they provide a soft place to step that helps keep water off the floor and prevents you from slipping after your bath or shower. Although functional items aren't always attractive, it is possible to find a happy medium.

Here, the best bath mats that are both functional and stylish.

Best Overall: Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat

For an all-around quality bath mat, look no further that the Gorilla Grip Original Chenille Bath Mat. It’s an ultra-absorbent bath mat soak up an impressive amount of excess water quickly and efficiently, to keep your floor clean and slip-free. For even more protection, the high-pile chenille bath rug features a textured base layer that also offers non-slip protection. 

With this pick, you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew growth, either. Because it’s designed to dry so quickly, plus holds up to regular machine washing, this bath rug will stay remain hygienic for a very long time. 

Despite the functionality, this particular bath mat earns plenty of points in both the style and comfort categories, too. The shaggy chenille fabric has a high cushion that is incredibly soft underfoot. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns (over 35 of them!) that look more stylish than sterile—something that can be hard to find among the most functional bath mats.

Best Budget: Flamingo P Memory Foam Bath Mat

If you don’t see the need to splurge on such a utilitarian item for your home, you’re in luck: there are plenty of worthy options in the lower tier price range. In fact, you can get a great bath mat for about the price of lunch! 

This memory foam bath mat is an excellent example of having it all at a great value. The polyester blend mat features a half-inch of plush memory foam to provide a soft landing for your feet. It also absorbs water efficiently, so you won’t end up stepping into a squishy, soggy mess that’ll eventually breed mildew

If there’s any sacrifice, it’s in the size of the mat. At 17 x 24 inches, it’s a bit smaller than some of the other picks on this list. Still, it’s fully sufficient for many, particularly if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

Best Non-Slip: Lands' End Supima Cotton Non-Skid Small Bath Rug


If reducing the chance of slips is your biggest concern (perhaps you have children or elderly living in your home), choosing a bath mat with a proper rubberized backing should be the primary consideration. This thick latex-backed mat has impressive non-slip power to keep it from slipping and sliding, even on inherently slick tile and stone floors. It’s also highly durable. You can wash it over and over again, without worry that each wash will diminish any anti-slip properties.

Reviewers say a major bonus is the aesthetic, which has a simple spa-like vibe. Choose from 11 colors, ranging from white to turquoise, and five different sizes. As a big bonus, you can also purchase matching bath towels for a pulled-together look that will show off your decorating prowess.

Best Reversible: Laura Ashley Crochet Rectangular 100% Cotton Reversible Solid Bath Rug


There are big benefits to having a reversible bath mat in your space, namely, you can extend the time between washes by simply flipping the mat once it starts to look a little worse for the wear. The backside looks identical to the front.

Still, this particular mat has a decorative vibe, complete with scalloped crochet edges, that will look right at home in beautiful, spa-like spaces, whether master baths or a guest room. 

When it’s finally time to wash, you can simply toss this bath mat in the washing machine. The natural cotton will hold up to hundreds of washes, as long as you use a mild detergent and skip the bleach.

Choose from seven colors and three sizes to find the best fit—both aesthetically and spatially—for your bathroom.

Best Antibacterial: DZY Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat, DZY Nonslip Absorbent Bath Mat

If you’re concerned that your bath mat could become a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria, this mat is a solid choice. It’s made with a special material called diatomaceous earth—fossilized aquatic materials, to be exact—that’s naturally antibacterial and supremely absorbent (watermarks dry in less than two minutes!). As a result, odor-causing bacteria and mildew doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s also non-slip to keep everyone in your house safe while getting in and out of the shower or tub. Its surface is ever so slightly textured to lock slippery feet in place.

Best Wood: Anji Mountain Bamboo Natural Bath Mat


An extremely versatile option that can be used in or out of the shower and tub, thanks to its 100 percent bamboo construction. (You can even use it in an outdoor shower or as a landing pad outside a hot tub or pool ladder.) 

No matter where you use it, the functionality is there. It expertly soaks up any water to keep your floor dry and prevent slips and falls. The natural wood doesn’t hold onto that water though—it dries quickly to prevent any mildew, mold, or odor-causing bacteria growth.

What to Look for in a Bath Mat


When shopping for a bath mat, you’ll want to consider its material. Some people like cotton bath mats, which have the same consistency as a regular towel, while others like foam mats, which provide more padding but take longer to dry. You can also find wooden bath mats, which don’t absorb water at all. 


Bath mats come in several sizes, so you’ll want to measure your space before you buy one. Smaller options are usually around 17 by 24 inches and larger ones are often 21 by 34 inches. There are also long, skinny options available, as well as round or oval-shaped mats.


In addition to size and material, you’ll want to think about the decor in your bathroom and find a bath mat that matches your aesthetic. The good news is that there are lots of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from.

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