The 9 Best Bath Towels of 2020

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    Best Ultra-Plush: Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels

    Courtesy of Brooklinen
    Very Good

    If you are looking for that spa-like luxury experience in the comfort of your own home you might want to opt for an extra-plush towel that feels like wrapping yourself in a cuddly blanket when you get out of the shower. This pick from Brooklinen is made of 820-GSM so it is quite heavy and absorbent. It comes in four different colors and in a set of two, though you can also buy these in a more comprehensive set or in a bath sheet size.

    Reviewers comment that these really are that thick and plush. A few have said they take a few washes to get the lint out and some say the drying time on the towel rack and in the dryer can be a bit long. But if you want a plush towel that is pretty much a given.

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    Best Turkish Towel: Parachute Fouta Stripe Towels

    Courtesy of Parachute

    Turkish towels or Fouta's are all the rage right now. They get a lot of attention because not only do they look good they are quick-drying so you don't need to worry about mildewy towels. Parachute makes beautiful Foutas that are made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, are highly absorbent and have a minimal style that could work anywhere.

    What's great about these Turkish towels is they have a flatweave on one side and then a terry texture on the other, as opposed to most Turkish towels which are just a flatweave. This still gives the user that "bath towel" feel they've become familiar with in a still quick-drying format.

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    Best Plush: Frontgate Resort Towels

    Courtesy of Frontgate

    When buying bath towels cost can sometimes up the quality factor. These absorbent towels come at a higher price point than most, but many experts and our product tester have ranked these towels as the cream of the crop. They're soft, absorbent, and they come in an array of colors and sizes. Plus, these 100 percent Turkish towels have a GSM of 700, which according to The Company Store means they are in the luxury category of towels.

    Many reviewers say that these towels have lasted for many years in their busy households and they continue to come back to shop for more. They come in a towel, sheet, hand towel, washcloth, fingertip towel, and bath rug sizes so you can outfit your whole bathroom. You can also add a monogram for a personalized touch. For those who have a little more to spend or want to make an investment on towels that will last a few years these are your best pick.

    Kimberly Holland, Product Tester

    "These high-quality towels look and feel like the investment piece that they are."

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    Best Luxury: Abyss Super Pile Bath Towel

    Abyss Super Pile Bath Towel (28" x 54") - White (100)
    Courtesy of
    Very Good

    The Portuguese-made Abyss Super Pile Towel isn’t easy on the wallet, but it is heavenly on the skin, reviewers say. It should be a strong contender for anyone who’s willing to spend big on a luxury towel that will last.

    Owners say the Abyss Super Pile Towel has a few unique touches that set it apart from other luxury towels, including softly rounded edges and oversized cotton loops that boost softness and absorbency. These towels also start off feeling great—no “break in” period or repeated washings required—and are a relatively hefty 700 GSM, or about 1.5 pounds.

    Abyss Super Pile Towels are 28 x 54 inches. They are 100 percent Egyptian cotton and come in a staggering 60 colors, ranging from white, gray, and tan to saturated hues including lime green, hibiscus pink, and peacock blue. They are prewashed and preshrunk, and some reviewers say they have Abyss towels that are still going strong after several years. Washcloths, fingertip towels, hand towels, and two sizes of bath sheets are also available. 

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    Best Organic: Pottery Barn Organic Cotton Tencel Towels

    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    If living an organic lifestyle is important to you and your family you might want to consider using organic cotton towels. Pottery Barn has a plethora of organic towel options that range from relaxing and spa-like (like these) to more patterned varieties.

    This towel is made with organic cotton and Lyocell Tencel which uses materials from responsibly managed forests that use 99 percent of all waste so almost everything taken is used to make these. These are also GOTS-certified so you can be sure that the towels you are buying are really organic.

    These are constructed with a 500-GSM so they are nice and plush. The colors are a beautiful mix of pale shades that evoke the feel of sea glass. These should be machine washed in warm on the gentle cycle. No harsh chemicals should be used and any face products with chemicals might discolor these.

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    Best Egyptian: Calla Angel Superior 100 Gram Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

    For a towel that offers extreme softness, extra coverage, and tons of absorbency, reach for these towels from Calla Angel. Made with 1,000 grams of long-staple Egyptian cotton (which gives them their soft texture), these towels are subtly decorated with a simple, chain-like border available in three colors.

    Thee towels don't skip on size, either. Measuring 63 x 31 inches, you can wrap them around your body without worrying about freezing the minute you open your bathroom door to cold air. Because they are extra-thick, as well, you'll feel extra snuggly wrapped up after a shower or bath.

    Reviewers comment on how much they love these soft, absorbent towels. They say the towels get fluffier with each wash, but keep their absorbency, which is often the trade off to think about when shopping for towels.

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    Best Color Selection: The Company Store Cotton Turkish Towels

    Courtesy of The Company Store

    Finding the right color towels to match your bathroom's decor can be a bit of a challenge. Many of the top manufacturers only sell towels in a few limited colors so finding something you have your heart set on can be tiresome. Thankfully The Company Store makes high-quality towels in 24 colors! Go for bold with the sorbet color or evoke your latest beach trip with lagoon—you've got a lot of colors to choose from so you can mix and match if you have multiple bathrooms.

    Besides having a stellar color selection these towels have a 620 GSM so they still are plush. They are made of 100 percent Turkish cotton and have a decorative dobby stripping. The Company Store says that these will have to be washed a few times to remove all of the lint, so just be warned.

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    Best Quick-Drying: Fina Ultra Absorbent Waffle Weave Microfiber Bath Towel

    Fina Ultra Absorbent *Waffle Weave* Microfiber Bath Towel in Sage(29 X 55 Inches)
    Courtesy of

    Plush cotton towels feel great on damp skin, but they can take a whole day to dry, especially when left hanging in a steamy bathroom. The Fina Ultra Absorbent Waffle Weave Towel dries within an hour or two, owners say, and it can soak up a ton of moisture—10 times the towel’s weight in water, according to the manufacturer.

    One of the biggest downsides of microfiber towels is that they don’t glide over skin as easily as cotton. Reviewers say that’s true with this towel, though it’s easy to blot away moisture instead. And while the Ultra Absorbent Waffle Weave Towel isn’t as soft as non-microfiber bath towels, most owners say that what you give up in feel you gain in utility—in this case, an extremely fast-drying, lightweight towel that folds much more compactly than a traditional cotton towel. Those qualities make it ideal not just for home use, but for toting along to the gym or on camping trips. Many owners also love using it specifically to wrap their hair.

    Available in white, linen, coffee, and sage, the Ultra Absorbent Waffle Weave Microfiber Bath Towel is 29 x 55 inches and weighs about 13 ounces. It is 80 percent polyester and 20 percent nylon. Owners say the towel saves space in the washer compared to bulky cotton towels and dries very quickly in the dryer.

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    Best Set: Serena and Lily Sonoma Bath Collection

    serena and lily bath towels

    With each purchase of a towel set from Serena and Lily's Sonoma collection, you'll get a generously sized bath mat or rug to place in your bathroom as well. The line has three sets of different sizes, depending on how many towels and what type of towels you'd like included.

    Each individual towel is super soft and plush, so they'll feel amazing on your skin when you're drying off after a bath or shower. The towels are made of 600-gram Turkish Aegean cotton so they're light and quick to dry when you're finished using them. The sets come with a combination of washcloths, bath towels, and hand towels. The Ultimate Bath Set also comes with bath sheets, which are a massive 70 x 40 inches, if you prefer cocooning yourself completely after a shower.

    All of the towels are also sold individually if you'd prefer to build your own set.

How We Tested

We bought four top-rated bath towels and our reviewers tested them by using them every day for weeks on end. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these bath towels, from their size to their drying time. We’ve outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

What to Look for in a Bath Towel

Size Not all bath towels are created equal in terms of size. Standard-size bath towels measure anywhere from 27 to 30 inches wide and 52 to 58 inches long. Larger towels, on the other hand, measure 35 to 40 inches wide and 60 to 70 inches long, but these tend to come with higher price tags and longer drying times.

Absorbency The absorbency of a towel is determined by a variety of factors including fiber material and GSM (grams per square meter). If you want an ultra-absorbent towel, check out cotton or cotton blend towels that have a GSM of more than 600. Microfiber towels are also highly absorbent but lack the plush feeling associated with thick, fluffy bath towels.

Drying time Thicker towels may sound luxurious, but consider whether or not you’re willing to endure longer drying times. Oversized bath towels may require an extra-long cycle in the dryer and tend to stay damp longer when hanging in the bathroom (which can be a problem if you don’t have adequate ventilation). Microfiber towels dry faster, so make that a priority if you can’t stand damp towels.