The Best Bath Toys for Kids

Boon Jellies Bath Toy

There are so many opportunities for kids to play during the day. One of the most overlooked play areas in the home is the bathtub! Playtime in the tub is a great place for kids to learn while they wash away the germs and get ready for bedtime.

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    Boon Ledge Bath Toy

    Children love to drive cars and place toys on the edge of the bathtub, which usually makes for a wet, soapy mess driving parents crazy. The Boon Ledge is a fun way to transform the bathtub edge into a play area for toys and games while trying to keep the water in the tub!

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    Ball Track Bathing Bliss Water Course

    Attach the seesaw bucket, curved ramp and tracks to the tub or shower wall with suction cups. Then, place the ball at the top and watch it roll down the course. The pieces are interchangeable, which allow for endless designs and ideas during bath time.

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    Submarine Spray Whale Bath Toy
    Yookidoo / Amazon

    When the battery operated submarine is submerged in water, and the handle is squeezed, water squirts out! Kids can use the sprayer to put water into the whale's tale and watch it squirt out the blowhole. Parents might even want to use the gentle sprayer to wash ​extra soap off the baby without needing to run the faucet.

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    Tubby Table Bath Toy
    Tubby Table

    The Tubby Table is an innovative activity table for the bath that suction cups to the bottom of the tub. The top of the table includes removable shape cups, that fit into the top of the toy, just like a puzzle.

    There are many interchangeable activity centers, where kids can race cars or serve tea in the tubby. A telescoping pedestal adjusts the height as the baby grows and toys are also stored inside the pedestal.

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    Skip Hop Fishbowl Sorter
    Skip Hop / Amazon

    Shape sorters are great educational toys that help children solve problems. The Skip Hop Fishbowl Sorter suction cups to the bath or shower wall. After sorting toys into the fishbowl, the bowl can be rotated and the toys will fall out of the bottom for baby to play again. 

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    Boon Cogs Bath Toy

    These 5 different-sized, colorful gears suction to the bath walls. When water is poured over the gears, they spin around. Kids will enjoy arranging them into different shapes and figuring out a way to solve problems, to create a spinning water machine.

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    Boon Pipes Bath Toy

    The Boon Pipes set includes 5 different pipes that suction cup to the wall. Position them separately and kids will enjoy pouring water through them. The pipes are also interlocking and can be used to make a fun tube track for water to spout out of.

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    Disney Baby SoapSox

    SoapSox are stuffed animal washcloths for the bathtub. The washcloth includes a pocket that turns the washcloth into a sudsy  They arrive in Disney characters both kids and parents will love. SoapSox includes characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel and Flounder from the Little Mermaid, and Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo. It has an antimicrobial covering and can be washed in the washing machine.

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    HABA Fish Angler Set for Bathtub

    Fishing is so much fun in the tub! Using the fishing rod and pole, kids can cast their rod, aiming to hook one of the 5 fish squirters, while working on their eye-hand coordination, too.

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    VTech Pour and Float Froggy
    VTech / Amazon

    Young children love cause and effect toys, where they can push a button and watch something amazing happen. The VTech Pour and Float Froggy toy is made for play both in and out of water.

    Stacking and nesting cups can be placed on Froggy's belly. The cups can also be used to pour water in his mouth, which he will then spray water up like a fountain! When buttons are activated, the toy plays teaches numbers through sounds and music.

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    Green Toys Ferry Boat
    Green Toys / Amazon

    Floating boats are perfect for the bathtub. For kids who like cars and really cool boats, they will love driving cars on and off their very own floating ferry boat. 

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    Boon Jellies Bath Toy

    Kids will love squeezing these adorable little jellyfish and sticking them to the tub, its walls, and each other! Jellies are a great way for kids to develop their fine motor control, improving their strength and coordination while playing in the water.

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    OBall Wind and Swim Turtle Bath Toy
    OBall / Amazon

    OBall toys have a great design that allows them to be easily held for infants. They are simple to clean and great for dump and fill water play. Some toys, like the Wind and Swim Turtle, will move and "swim" around in the tub when the turtle's front flippers are wound up.


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    Marcus and Marcus Mold-free Bath Toy
    Amazon / Marcus and Marcus

    One big frustration with many baby toys, especially bath toys, is mold. These squirting bath toys from Marcus & Marcus are made from silicone rubber. The toys have a squeeze and squirt feature and they also open. This allows the toys to dry completely without the fear of mold. Toys can also be sanitized in the dishwasher. 

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    Elegant Baby Bath Squirts
    Elegant Baby / Amazon

    Kids love to squirt water in the tub. Squeeze the toy, hold it under water and wait for it to fill. Once out of the water, kids can squeeze the toy and squirt water at their siblings and parents. There are many types of these bath toys, featuring themes of animals, sea creatures, princesses, mermaids, cars, trucks, and dinosaurs.

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    Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Doll

    Baby dolls are a great toy for the bathtub! All babies need baths, right? Kids will love washing and caring for their own babies during bath time.

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    ALEX Brands Bathtub crayons, markers and paint
    ALEX / Amazon

    The tub and shower walls are a great way for kids to practice their writing skills. There are many different types of tub crayons, markers, and paints to choose from.​​

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    PJ Masks Bath Squirters

    Aside from regular bath squirters, there are many popular bath squirters that feature children's favorite television and movie characters from Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, and Ninja Turtles.

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    Boon Marco Bath Toy

    There is something magical about pushing a toy underwater and watching it rise up above the surface. The Marco light up bath toy is able to bob along the tub, but even more exciting is the color-changing light that is activated in his eyes from the water. 

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    Learning Resources Tub Turtles
    Learning Resources / Amazon

    What better place to learn about shapes and puzzles than in the bathtub with floating turtles? The mold-resistant turtles float about the tub. Kids search through the shapes, which include a moon, star, cross, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and oval. After matching the shells to the turtle, they attach them together.  

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    Boon Chomp Bath Toy

    Looking for a fun way to clean up the bath toys when tub time is over? Squeeze Chomp the Whale's tail, and his jaw will open wide. Kids will enjoy using Chomp to pick up small tub toys all on their own.

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    ALEX Magnetic Bath Boats
    ALEX / Amazon

    These bath boats are definitely unique. Similar to a train, the boats are able to attach together with magnets!