The 8 Best Bathroom Cleaners of 2021

It's never been more important to keep those surfaces sanitized and sparkling

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These sponges have a foaming cleanser built-in, so all you need to do is add a little water to start cleaning.
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Beyond just providing a one-time clean, this product also helps prevent further mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing.
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Designed especially for grout, this product both cleans off everyday surface grime and more set-in stains.
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This foam cleanser will get deep into the cracks and crevices of your bathroom tile for a long-lasting clean.
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The industrial-strength formula promises to completely eliminate stains and build-up without the harsh chemicals of other formulas.
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It’s made from a water-based solution, so you don’t have to rinse it after you’ve sprayed and mopped up.
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This fresh-smelling cleaner uses essential oils to deodorize and remove stubborn stains.
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These handy wipes allow you to quickly wipe down non-porous surfaces, including sinks, glazed tiles, and toilets.
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Most people aren't going to rank cleaning the bathroom high on their list of favorite household chores, but having the right tools for the job will help you get through it quickly and efficiently.

To make life easier, try to do a little work in the bathroom each day, whether that means giving your bath tiles a quick wipe while in the shower or extending your bedroom vacuuming session into the bathroom.

During cold and flu season, you'll also want to look for disinfecting products that specifically kill viruses (use this handy search tool from the EPA to check if your favorite products are on the list).

Whatever the task, here are our favorite cleaning workhorses to help you get it done.

Best Tub Cleaner: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath

If you're a parent of young, energetic kiddos, you know that the original Magic Eraser can work, well, magic on stubborn wall stains like crayon, grimy fingerprints, and shoe scuff marks. The folks at Mr. Clean have created a new and improved product that will leave you similarly impressed.

Sold in a choice of scents, these Magic Eraser bathroom cleaning pads comes pre-filled with cleaner for easy use. To use, simply moisten the pad, wring it out a few times, and get to work. These pads are safe to use on bathtubs, ceramic tile, shower doors, and sinks, but you'll want to avoid using them on sleeker finishes like stainless steel and high-gloss stone.

If you've ever been looking forward to a hot bath and looked into the tub to find residual grime from your kid's last shower, this handy sponge will help you tackle it quickly, leaving you more time to soak and relax.

Best Shower Cleaner: Microban 24 Hour Bathroom Cleaner and Sanitizing Spray

Microban Bathroom Cleaner

As the name implies, this fresh-smelling cleaner claims to keep non-porous surfaces sanitized for up to a day after use. It also helps prevent mold and mildew from growing for a week—ideal for bathrooms with limited ventilation.

Fans of the product like that it works with minimal scrubbing, and also keeps gunk from forming in tricky areas like shower corners and tile grout. Unlike many other products on this list, this spray is safe on high-gloss finishes (including sealed marble, glazed ceramic, and glazed porcelain), though you'll still want to avoid using it on non-porous surfaces.

Best Grout Cleaner: Grout Eez Professional Strength Tile & Grout Cleaner

If the borders around your floor or shower tiles have seen better days, give them a once-over with Grout-eez's Professional Strength Tile & Grout Cleaner. Designed specifically for grout, this spray works in two different ways: cleaning off surface grime that builds up on a daily basis, while also penetrating directly into the porous grout lines to remove set-in stains.

To use, apply it directly to the grout and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Then, attack it with a stiff brush to get it clean, and rinse the whole area with warm water. The results? Squeaky clean grout that's restored to its original hue.

Best Mold Remover: Kaboom Mold & Mildew Stain Remover with Bleach No Drip Foam

Kaboom Mold & Mildew Stain Remover with Bleach No Drip Foam

The beauty of this bleach-based product is its foamy consistency. Rather than immediately dripping down, the thick formula stays put—which means more thorough cleaning for your bathroom, and less scrubbing for you.

Safe to use in a variety of different areas, including grout, tile, tubs, shower doors, and countertops (although as with any new product, you should spot test it on a small area first). Note that if you're using it on metal or porcelain, you should spray, wipe, and rinse immediately to avoid discoloration, but on other surfaces, it may help to let it sit and penetrate for a few minutes.

Best Soap Scum Remover: Bio Clean Hard Water Spot Stain Remover

Bio Clean Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

If you live in a place with hard water, you know what a bummer it can be to see gunky white build-up on your fixtures and other surfaces.

Bio-Clean was launched a few decades ago in Elk Grove, California, with that problem in mind. Elk Grove is known for having some of the hardest H2O in the United States, so you can trust that this enzyme-based cleaner will remove even the toughest build-up—and then some.

This enzyme-based cleaner works well for removing both mineral-scale build-up and soap scum from bathroom tiles, shower doors, and more. You can also use it to spiff up neglected grout and on a variety of other surfaces outside of the bathroom. Some fans even had luck using it on pots, pans, and barbecue grates!

Best Tile Floor Cleaner: Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Spray

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner

This easy-to-use, affordable floor-cleaning spray is safe for many different kinds of surfaces, including linoleum, vinyl, sealed porous marble, and ceramic and Mexican Saltillo tiles. The learning curve couldn't be lower: After sweeping or vacuuming, you simply spray it on and wipe it off. Bona is also GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions, which means that it doesn't release large quantities of chemical compounds (you can read more about the GREENGUARD certification program on their website).

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Tea Tree and Peppermint

 Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Better Life was started in 2008 by two dad friends (one happens to be a formulation chemist) who both had toddlers and loved the idea of creating kid-safe cleaning products. When formulating their products, they avoid harsher ingredients such as petroleum solvents, parabens, and alcohol, and instead use natural lactic acid and plant-based options such as soap bark extract and citrus oil.

This toilet-bowl cleaner is made with ultra-fresh–smelling ingredients such as tea tree and peppermint oils, as well as xanthan gum, a vegetable-based thickener that helps it cling to the surface of the bowl.

Bonus: Thanks to its essential oils, this cleaner will leave you with a scent that's clean and spa-like—a welcome departure from the typical chemical odor.

Best Wipes: Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes

Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes

Stash these handy, citrus-scented cleaning wipes somewhere in your bathroom and use them to quickly wipe down surfaces (perfect if you have an unexpected guest drop by, or just want to give everything a wipe down at the end of the day). Safe to use on non-porous surfaces such as sinks, glazed tiles, countertops, and toilets, these wipes are a quick and easy way to keep your bathroom clean.

They're biodegradable, so you can safely flush them without worrying about wrecking your plumbing—if you agitate them in the toilet using a brush, you can actually watch them fall apart. The resealable pouch works well for travel, too, so plan to stash some in your road-trip arsenal.

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