The Best Bathroom Faucets for Every Style

Our top pick is the Luxier Widespread Bathroom Faucet

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The 8 Best Bathroom Faucets of 2022

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Upgrading the sink, tub, and shower faucets in your bathroom isn't as tricky as you'd think. Over the last three years, we've spent hours researching and testing bathroom faucets from the top home brands, evaluating ease of installation and maintenance, quality, and value. 

Our best overall pick, the Luxier Widespread Bathroom Faucet, is durable, fits most standard plumbing connections, and comes in four finish options.

Here are the best bathroom faucets to consider when you're ready for a new look.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Luxier Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Luxier Widespread Bathroom Faucet

What do buyers say? 190+ Wayfair reviewers rated this 5 stars.

Material: Metal | Installation Type: Triple hole | Flow Rate: 1.2 gallons per minute

The Luxier Widespread Bathroom Faucet is sleek, versatile, and sure to make a striking addition to your bathroom sink. Whereas many faucets are round and short, this one is rectangular and tall. And its geometric silhouette leaves it feeling fit for a ritzy restaurant—or at least, a ritzy restaurant bathroom.

At 8 inches tall, the faucet will hover over your sink, becoming a focal point in your space. If you were dealing with a more traditional faucet, that might come as bad news. But this one is bold enough to serve as a formidable accent piece. And since the sleek faucet is available in four versatile finishes, you can easily find an option that suits your space.

Best Budget: Pacific Bay Lynden Bathroom Faucet

Pacific Bay Lynden Bathroom Faucet

Material: Metallic plating over ABS plastic | Installation Type: Double hole | Flow Rate: 2.0 gallons per minute

If you’re looking to score a sleek faucet on a budget, Pacific Bay’s Lynden Bathroom Faucet is one of the most solid options available. The faucet is crafted from a lightweight plastic polymer, but thanks to its shiny chrome finish, it looks like it’s made from sleek metal.

The faucet’s silhouette is simple and classic, making it an easy addition to most bathrooms. Its two-handle design makes it particularly easy to control the water temperature. If you need a budget-friendly faucet to install in your space, this one’s a no-brainer.

Best Single-Hole: Joss & Main Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Joss & Main Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Material: Brass | Installation Type: Single hole | Flow Rate: 1.2 gallons per minute

If you’ve never installed a faucet before, you might not know that most faucet installations require you to make between one and three holes in your bathroom counter. Depending on your styler preferences, you may want separate valves for hot and cold water, but if you like single-valve styles more, this faucet's great for you.

If you’re looking to keep things as simple as possible, Joss & Main’s Single Hole Bathroom Faucet is an excellent choice. The faucet is crafted from brass, and available in two metallic finishes: shiny chrome and sleek stainless steel. And thanks to its geometric silhouette, it will make it a modern addition to any space.

Best Touchless: IKEA Brogrund Sensor Sink Faucet

IKEA Brogrund Sensor Sink Faucet

Material: Chrome-plated zinc, brass | Installation Type: Single hole | Flow rate: 1.2 gallons per minute

Searching for a faucet that’s totally handle-free? Look no further than IKEA’s Brogrund Sensor Sink Faucet. The faucet is crafted from chrome-plated zinc, and it boasts an incredibly simple design: A single-hole faucet sits over your sink, and all you have to do to turn it on is put your hands in front of it. (You might’ve encountered something similar in a public restroom—but it’s rare to find a faucet like this in someone’s home.)

Of course, a touchless faucet begs the question: Without handles, how can you possibly control water temperature? The answer lies in a sneaky knob on the side of the faucet. Simply turn the knob until you have the perfect water temperature, and you’ll never have to adjust it again.

Best Waterfall: VibrantBath Commercial Bathroom Faucet

VibrantBath Commercial Bathroom Faucet

Material: Brass | Installation Type: Single hole | Flow Rate: 1.5 gallons per minute

If you’re looking for an anything-but-average faucet to install in your bathroom, a waterfall faucet is an excellent choice. For the uninitiated, a waterfall faucet is a faucet that boasts a wide, open mouth for water to slide down. This makes the faucet look a little like a metal waterfall—which is how it gets its name.

VibrantBath’s Commercial Bathroom Faucet is a sleek and budget-friendly waterfall faucet that’s sure to look great in your space. The faucet is available in three bold finishes, ranging from brushed nickel to dark bronze. And its single-hole design promises a seriously easy install.

Best Widespread: Pfister Ladera Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Pfister Ladera Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Material: Metal | Installation Type: Triple hole | Flow Rate: 1.2 gallons per minute

If you don’t mind a 3-hole installation, a widespread faucet can be a striking option. Widespread faucets are made up of three parts: a faucet and two handles. And since none of these pieces are connected, they can spread across your bathroom countertop—giving you plenty of room to navigate your sink.

Pfister’s Ladera Widespread Bathroom Faucet is a particularly classic widespread faucet option, with its curved lines and understated silhouette. And since it comes in four versatile finishes—brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black—it can look as bold or as traditional as you want it to.

Best Modern: Delta Trinsic Vessel Sink Faucet

Delta Trinsic Vessel Sink Faucet

Material: Brass | Installation Type: 1 hole | Flow Rate: 1.2 gallons per minute

It may seem strange to call a faucet "statement-making," but Delta’s Trinsic Sink Faucet genuinely is. The contemporary faucet is crafted from brass, and it’s available in four sleek finishes: shiny chrome, sleek champagne, stainless steel, and oil-rubbed bronze. Its narrow silhouette and single-handle design make the faucet feel both sleek and contemporary.

At 13.5 inches, the faucet stands pretty tall. But since it’s designed with vessel sinks in mind, it should just hover over the bowl of your sink, since a vessel sink sits on top of your countertop rather than inside it. Vessel sinks are, of course, modern in their own right—and this faucet will look even more contemporary sitting behind one.

Best Single-Handle: Delta Broadmoor Single-Handle Faucet

Delta Broadmoor Single-Handle Faucet

If you don’t want to deal with installing two separate sink handles—or if you prefer the simplicity of having just one handle to use—a single-handle faucet may be the right pick for you. And Delta’s Broadmoor Single-Handle Faucet is one of our absolute favorites. Whereas most single-handle faucets boast a handle on top of the faucet’s spout, this one boasts a handle next to it.

This faucet also has a pull down sprayer, which is unusual for bathroom sinks. You'll certainly appreciate the sprayer function when you need to quickly rinse out your sink or need to rinse a bit of extra shampoo out of your hair and don't want to hop back into the shower.

Final Verdict

While choosing the best bathroom faucet is partially a matter of taste, we recommend the Luxier Widespread Bathroom Faucet (view at Wayfair) because it's available in four finishes and would match a wide variety of home styles. If you're looking for an option that only requires one hole in your vanity, Joss & Main’s Single Hole Bathroom Faucet (view at Joss & Main) is a stylish option that won't disappoint.

What to Look for in a Faucet


Faucets may seem formulaic, but the truth is, there are tons of different faucets out there. Some are smaller and more space-efficient, while others will sprawl across your bathroom countertop. And some others are high-tech enough to activate without being touched. No single style is necessarily better or worse than another, so consider what kind of faucet you’d like to use—and shop that style.


In order to install a faucet, you’ll need to make between one and three holes in your wall or countertop. Obviously, fewer holes means an easier installation, but if you're swapping out your current faucet, you'll likely want to match the set up you already have. It's also a matter of personal preference whether you prefer one handle or two to control the temperature of your water.


Most faucets are made of metal, but some less expensive options are made of plastic, instead. Consider the look and feel of the faucets you love, and try to balance those preferences against your budget. 

  • How do you replace a bathroom faucet?

    With a wrench and some spare time, you should be able to replace your bathroom faucet without much trouble at all.

    • Start by cutting off the water supply to your sink.
    • Then, turn on the faucet to empty it, and turn it off when it runs dry.
    • After that, you’ll want to disconnect the supply lines from the faucet, unscrew the nuts securing the faucet to the drain, and disconnect the faucet’s lift rod from the drain.
    • Once you’ve done that, you should be able to remove the old faucet from the sink. If your faucet came with a drain, you may need to remove that as well.
    • To install your new faucet, simply unpackage it and slide it into place, gaskets first. If you’re replacing your drain, be sure to slide that into place, too.
    • Using nuts, washers, and a wrench, secure your faucet and drain and seal their edges with caulk.
    • To finish things up, connect your drain to your faucet’s lift rod, reconnect the supply lines, and turn the water supply back on.
    • Turn on your faucet to make sure it works, and double-check that there are no leaks underneath your sink before calling it a day.
  • How do you fix a leaky bathroom faucet?

    Fixing a leaky bathroom faucet is surprisingly easy.

    • Start by shutting off the water supply to your faucet.
    • Remove one of the handles from your faucet. (You may need a wrench or screwdriver to do this.)
    • Once your faucet handle is removed, you should see a faucet cartridge or faucet stem. Remove this piece, and inspect it. If you find any damage, you’ve pinpointed the source of your leak.
    • Replace this piece, reinstall your faucet handle, and turn the water supply back on.
  • Should bathroom faucets match light fixtures?

    Mixing metals is completely acceptable in interior design—and matching metals is, too. It’s really up to you to decide whether your bathroom faucets and your bathroom light fixtures should match. Streamlining your hardware can leave you with a bathroom that feels clean, but bold. (The more you use the same color, the more of a statement that color can make.) But pairing different metals can be a great way to add contrast and texture to your space. So think about the look you’d prefer for your bathroom, and mix or match your hardware based on that.

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