It's Always Summer With These 15 Best Beach-Inspired Paint Colors

Turn your home into a beach house with the power of paint

Beach inspired paint colors

The Spruce

Whether you live close to the coast or in a landlocked state, beach colors painted on your walls can almost instantly make your house feel like a vacation home. And while coastal colors are generally inspired by the sea (think blues and greens) and the sand (light earthy tones), there is a wide variety of shades that draw inspiration from the beach. From sunsets to coral to the deep blues of the ocean, there are endless ways to evoke the feeling of the beach throughout your home.


  • Color Family: Neutrals, muted mid-tones, bolder dark tones
  • Complementary Colors: Differs with every color
  • Pairs Well With: All shades pair with various whites, many pair with soft greens and blues
  • Mood: Coastal, nautical, beachy
  • Where to Use: Walls, furniture, cabinetry, exterior doors

Here are our picks for the 15 best beach-inspired paint colors.

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    Valspar Turquoise Porcelain

    Paint swatch of Turquoise Porcelain by Valspar

    The Spruce

    When you think beach, you probably think of the turquoises and blues that evoke thoughts of tropical fish and ocean water. While Valspar's Turquoise Porcelain (5002-5C) isn't light or airy, it's a saturated blue with a touch of saltwater green. This is a perfect color for an accent wall or a hallway because it provides a bold taste of the sea without feeling delicate or shy.

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    Benjamin Moore Athens Blue

    Benjamin Moore Athens Blue swatch

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Athens Blue (797) is a heavily saturated medium blue. It reminds us of the rich blues from the Mediterranean city it's named after, and is a lovely color to use on furniture, too, such as DIY coffee table or chairs, or even kitchen cabinets. It's a cyan with more of a blue tone that pairs well with cool, bright whites for a contrast that feels deeply nautical.

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    The Spruce Blue Marlin SPR-16

    The Spruce Best Home Paint Blue Marlin swatch

    The Spruce

    The Spruce's Blue Marlin (SPR-16) is a soft medium blue with very strong gray undertones, showing one or the other depending on how the light in a room affects the color. It's a less saturated blue than teal or turquoise and because of that, the color can feel light and airy. The shade works well in a kitchen wall when paired with white cabinetry and light wood accents.


    Test paint samples the right way. Paint samples directly on the wall (not on a board), make it as large as possible (no tiny squares), test on multiple walls in a room, and don't forget to see if the color works with your flooring.

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    Benjamin Moore Par Four

    Benjamin Moore Par Four swatch

    The Spruce

    Can't pick between shades of beachy hues? Benjamin Moore's Par Four (470) is technically a green, but depending on the light in the room it can appear almost gray or blue. We can imagine this ethereal and changeable color paired with a crisp, linen white and a large jute rug.

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    Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand

    Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand swatch

    The Spruce

    Sherwin-Williams Silver Strand (SW 7057) is a light gray with hints of green to give it an airy feel that's light but not stark. It's perfect for a tranquil bedroom because it feels wonderfully restful and soothing. Pair it with bold blues and greens to add a little more color to your space.

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    The Spruce First Frost

    First Frost The Spruce Best Home Paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Though the name feels more ski chalet than beach house, The Spruce's First Frost (SPR-25) is a lovely shade of white for a waterfront feel. It's bright but warm, reminiscent of a white sand beach on a clear day. It's perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen space.

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    Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue

    Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue swatch

    The Spruce

    Few paint colors feel as nautical as a true deep navy, like Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue ( No, 281). The inky and bold navy shade feels utterly rich, moody, and almost yet not quite black. It saturates a smaller space, but pairs wonderfully with crisp whites or linen shades for an eye-catching contrast.


    It may sound counterintuitive, but painting walls in an inky shade makes a room feel larger because the eye doesn't sense corners or shadows.

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    Benjamin Moore Skipping Stone

    Benjamin Moore Skipping Stone swatch

    The Spruce

    Using a tan-gray in a beachy room can be stylish and natural—if you choose the tone carefully. Benjamin Moore’s subtle Skipping Stone (CSP-155) brings the casual feel of driftwood to your color palette, and its warmth would work well with pale blue furniture, creamy white trim, and black accents. It's a perfect way to add a beachy feel to a neutral home.

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    Benjamin Moore Coral Reef

    Benjamin Moore Coral Reef swatch

    The Spruce

    Add a coat of Benjamin Moore's Coral Reef (012) to a kitchen island or an accent wall for a bright pop of color reminiscent of tropical fish and coral reefs. It's a bold color that isn't shy but won't overwhelm a space either. Pair with a creamy white or even a lighter shade of pink.


    Coral is an easy color to decorate around when you know that its complementary color is teal.

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    Benjamin Moore Iceberg

    Benjamin Moore Iceberg swatch

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Iceberg (2122-50) is the color of the soft shorelines of the beach and the breezy beach air. It's a light, muted blue that's soft enough for a bedroom or an office, but with enough blue to add color and depth.

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    Magnolia Home Magnolia Green

    Magnolia Home Magnolia Green swatch

    The Spruce

    A great beach-inspired palette should include a gorgeous green paint shade. Magnolia Green is one of the most beautiful shades of green available. It's both rich and natural—a lively paint color that pairs well with calming, muted blues and aqua. Try a vibrant green like this as an accent behind a stone fireplace or in a foyer to anchor your beachy color scheme. It's also an eye-catching color for a coastal-inspired front door.

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    Behr Kombucha

    Behr Kombucha swatch

    The Spruce

    Like the soft sand at the beach, Behr's Kombucha (T18-06) shade is lush, inviting, and comforting. It's a soft beige with a warm yellow undertone that hugs you when you enter the room, and is a lovely neutral choice for any beachy home. Use it in the living room or a bedroom for a soft shade that pairs with nearly any warm color.

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    Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait

    Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait

    The Spruce

    Benjamin Moore's Peach Parfait (2175-70) reminds us of the pinks in a warm beach sunset. This soft, barely-there peach is subtle but pretty and elegant. It pairs well with soft greens or blues and lends a summery glow to any room.

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    Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog

    Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog swatch

    The Spruce

    As its name suggests, Benjamin Moore's Nantucket Fog (AC-22) is the color of a foggy New England morning along the coast. It's a muted blue shade with neutral undertones that works wonderfully with beiges, grays, and light blue hues. Nantucket Fog is a traditional beachy shade that is perfect for nearly any room in your home.

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    Magnolia Home Weekend

    Magnolia Home Weekend

    The Spruce

    Weekend from Magnolia Home is a deep blue with a gray-green undertone. This is a more saturated alternative to using a charcoal gray or dark brown in your color scheme. Like the night sky at the beach, Weekend has a dark and mysterious vibe, and makes a great pair with gray or green accents in your beach-inspired design. 

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