10 Best Beach-Inspired Paint Colors

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A beach-inspired color palette can turn your home into a relaxing escape with fresh and natural paint colors. There’s no one beachy palette that’s perfect for every space—each home has its own lighting, furniture, and surfaces that will influence wall color. One thought to keep in mind: while coastal colors are generally inspired by the sea (blues, greens) and the sand (light earth tones), you can easily incorporate pops of color with furniture or accent pieces. Take inspiration from sunsets, coral, or tropical fish to ensure that your peaceful space has a bit of fun and frolic, too.

The secret to choosing the right paint colors is to start with inspiration, then sample the colors that you absolutely love. And don’t forget the outdoors when you’re choosing a color—decks and patios can complete the look.

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    Breath of Fresh Air—Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air

    Benjamin Moore

    Breath of Fresh Air was Benjamin Moore's 2014 Color of the Year. What's not to love about this beachy blue? It's a refreshing color that doesn't overwhelm as wall color and could be an awesome design statement on a ceiling.

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    Turquoise Porcelain—Valspar

    Valspar Lyndhurst Duchess Blue


    Not every beach-blue is light and airy. Valspar's Turquoise Porcelain is a saturated blue, with a delicious touch of green. This rich color would be perfect on an accent wall behind a white fireplace or as a new color for a painted chair. You could also bring the beach inspiration outside by using this color for your front door. 

    Note: This color name has changed from Lyndhurst Duchess Blue to Turquoise Porcelain. The color number remains the same: 5002-5C.

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    Magnolia Green—Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

    Magnolia Green by Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Home

    Magnolia Home

    A great beach-inspired palette should include a gorgeous green paint color. Magnolia Green by Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Home is one of the most beautiful colors out there. Joanna describes it as her "classic go-to green." 

    Magnolia Green is rich and natural—a lively paint color that pairs well with calming, muted blues and aquas. Try a rich green like this as an accent behind a stone fireplace or in a foyer to anchor your beach-inspired color scheme.

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    Beach Glass—Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

    Benjamin Moore

    Is Benjamin Moore’s Beach Glass gray? Is it blue? Or is it green? This soothing color is a beach-inspired chameleon. Beach Glass can work in a variety of color palettes and styles because of its versatility. Sampling this color in your own space is essential, as Beach Glass can change with the other colors in the room.

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    Hawthorne Yellow—Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow is a rich yellow that fits easily into a beach-inspired palette. This sunny color can complement your blue and green seaside tones by adding the warmth of the sun. Hawthorne Yellow would be especially pretty in a palette with aqua and greige.

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    Weekend—Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

    Weekend by Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Home

    Magnolia Home

    Weekend from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is a deep blue with a gray-green undertone. This is a warm alternative to using a charcoal gray or dark brown in your color scheme. Like the winter sky at the beach, Weekend has a dark and mysterious vibe, and its unusual undertone makes it a great partner with gray or green accents in your beach-inspired color scheme. 

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    Sand Pearl—Behr

    Behr Sand Pearl


    Behr's Sand Pearl is a unique saturated color that brings a hint of gold to a neutral tan. This rich neutral would make a beautiful wall color to offset a sea-inspired decorative palette. Sand Pearl gives you the flexibility to use green, blue, or aqua for accents. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Porpoise


    Sherwin-Williams’ Porpoise is a deep, warm gray. The color Porpoise answers the question "what would a dark greige look like?" This warm color would work as an anchoring accent for your beach-inspired room, as it’s ideal for upholstered furniture, textiles, and architectural details such as fireplace surrounds or mantels.

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    Skipping Stone—Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Skipping Stone
    ©Benjamin Moore

    Using a tan-gray in a beachy room can be stylish and natural—if you choose the tone carefully. Benjamin Moore’s subtle Skipping Stone brings the casual feel of driftwood to your color palette, and its warmth would work well with pale blue furniture, creamy white trim, and black accents.

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    Gossamer Sky—Valspar

    Valspar Gossamer Sky


    Valspar’s Gossamer Sky is a very livable pale blue with a hint of green, possessing a delicate aqua look. Gossamer Sky can be relaxed and easy as a wall color or can be fun and playful for upholstered furniture or bedding. For an eye-catching, unique color, Gossamer Sky is surprisingly neutral; it can handle vibrant colors with ease, so don’t be afraid to incorporate reds, oranges, and purples when decorating.

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