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Our Top Picks
"It’s sure to keep younger children entertained for hours."
"Collapsible buckets are adorable, and many love how easy it is to store these."
"Your toddlers can whip up silly pretend “dishes” as you hang out on the beach."
Best for Elementary School:
SINGARE Large Octopus Kite at Amazon
"The whole family will love running up and down the beach flying these."
"A cross between badminton, ping pong, tennis, and paddle ball."
Best for Teens:
TidalBall Set at Amazon
"A great beach game thanks to its portability and easy setup."
Best for the Whole Family:
Spikeball Standard 3-Ball Kit at Amazon
"Your family will quickly get addicted to this fun outdoor game."

Best Set: Kangaroo 2-piece Kids Beach Toys Set

If you want an affordably priced, diverse set of sand toys for your kids, you’ll love the Kangaroo Kids Beach Toys Set. This cool product comes with 23 items that are perfect for the beach, and it’s sure to keep younger children entertained for hours.

The set includes an impressive variety of sand toys that will make your time at the beach a blast. There are four different shovels, a watering can, a castle-shaped bucket, several castle molds, and a variety of other molds, including a fish, octopus, shell, and more. The plastic toys are all brightly colored so you don’t have to worry about losing them, and they come in a plastic carrying case.

Reviewers write that this beach toy set is an unbeatable value. Many say that their kids love playing with the sand toys, both at the beach and in the sandbox. A few note that the plastic isn’t super durable and can crack, but since the toys are so affordable, most agree they would still buy this product again.

Best Buckets: Top Race Foldable Pail Bucket

Beach buckets are a must-have for any fun day at the shore, but the problem is that they’re a pain to store and carry. Luckily, the Top Race Foldable Pail Buckets solve this problem thanks to their collapsible design.

This product comes with three colorful 2-liter silicone buckets that each measure 7 inches tall, 8 inches wide on top, and 5 inches wide on the bottom. However, they fold down flat into 1-inch tall circles, making them easy to store and transport.

The buckets have durable plastic handles and are dishwasher safe. The sturdy construction of these toys makes them ideal for playing at the beach and making sand castles. You can also use them around the house for cleaning or playing!

Reviewers say these collapsible buckets are adorable, and many love how easy it is to store these beach toys. Several users note that the buckets can even be packed in suitcases thanks to their compact design. That's perfect if you’re taking a family vacation to the beach!

Best for Toddlers: Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

Encourage your young ones to use their imaginations with the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set. These sand toys are designed to resemble baking supplies, so your toddlers can whip up silly pretend “dishes” as you hang out on the beach.

This set is recommended for children 3 to 5 years old, and it includes several ocean-themed toys. Your little ones will love playing with the shell-shaped measuring cups, octopus whisk, turtle sieve, crab mixing spoon, and mixing bowl. With these fun plastic toys, kids can cook up a variety of fun concoctions, letting their imaginations run wild.

These beach toys for toddlers get top marks from parents, who say the product keeps their kids entertained for hours. Many love that all the various toys can be stored inside the “mixing bowl” for easy transport. Several also note that the products are very well made, especially for the affordable price.

Best for Elementary School: SINGARE Large Octopus Kite

Once your kids get a little bit older, they might enjoy a more active beach toy, such as the Singare Large Octopus Kites. The whole family will love running up and down the beach flying these adorable aquatic kites—it’s the perfect activity for your next vacation.

You’ll get two octopus-shaped kites and you can choose from a few fun colors. Each kite comes with a carrying case, as well as 200 feet of line that allow you to launch the ocean critters high into the air. These beach toys are recommended for anyone over 3 years old—both kids and adults will love flying them!

Reviewers love the bright colors of these kites and say they’re easy to get up in the air as long as there’s a breeze. Users also note that these kites don’t have any poles to set up, so they can be used right out of the bag and stored easily.

Best for Tweens: Funsparks Jazzminton

Keep young teenagers entertained at the beach with Jazzminton, a fun, portable paddle game that doesn’t need a net! This unique game is a cross between badminton, ping pong, tennis, and paddle ball. It can be played by anyone over 6 years old and by all skill levels.

With this affordably priced game, you’ll receive two paddles with soft foam grips and four birdies—the two red birdies are for slow play and the two yellow ones go faster. The feathers are attached to the birdies with water-resistant glue, making them safe for use near the water.

To play, you simply bat the birdies back and forth, trying to keep them in the air for as long as possible. It sounds pretty simple, but you’ll be surprised at how challenging it can be.

According to reviewers, you’ll get plenty of exercise while playing Jazzminton. Several note that the game can be played by kids, but it can also get pretty competitive once players are more advanced. Overall, it’s a great activity for teens and families, and it’s portable enough to bring just about anywhere.

Best for Teens: TidalBall Set

TidalBall is an amazing beach game for teenagers and adults. It’s small enough to pack in your beach bag, easy to set up, and tons of fun to play on the sand. Your older kids will be entertained for hours as they get into the cornhole-inspired game.

TidalBall comes with six balls, a sand scoop, and a mesh bag—that’s all you need to play! The kit also includes several TidalBall koozies to keep your drinks cool on the beach.

To set up the game, simply dig a half-circle trench with a hole in the middle, then repeat this set up 30 paces away. Teams take turns tossing balls toward the opposite trench, trying to get them into one of the holes to score points. Don’t worry about the balls rolling into the ocean, either, because they’ll float so you can easily retrieve them.

Reviewers say TidalBall is a great beach game thanks to its portability and easy setup. It’s quick to learn, and pretty much anyone can play! However, it will definitely get more competitive and exciting if you’re playing with an older crowd.

Best for the Whole Family: Spikeball Standard 3-Ball Kit


Get the whole family involved in a fast-paced game of Spikeball on your next trip to the beach. You might have seen this cool game on the TV show "Shark Tank"—it’s quickly become a family favorite for thousands of happy reviewers.

With each game set, you’ll get three Spikeball balls, the Spikeball net, a drawstring bag for storage, and the rulebook. The entire net quickly breaks down into a compact, easy-to-transport set.

You play with two teams of two, and it’s similar to volleyball in that you get three touches before you have to spike the ball into the net. You can adjust the tightness of the net to make the game easier or more challenging.

According to glowing reviews of Spikeball, it’s easy to learn and accessible for all ages. Games can be as competitive or laid back as you want, and it's easy to set up and take down. It’s safe to say your family will quickly get addicted to this fun outdoor game, insisting on bringing it along to the beach on your next trip.

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