The Best Bedside Lamps of 2022 to Light Up Any Bedroom

The Joss & Main Daylen Table Lamp Set is our top pick

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Various lamps for bedroom tables

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A bedside table lamp can enhance your nighttime routine and the flow of your bedroom decor. We researched dozens of options, considering their brightness, style, size, and sturdiness.

Our best overall pick is the Joss & Main Daylen Table Lamp Set, thanks to its clean-cut, adaptable glass design.

Here are the best bedside lamps.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Joss & Main Daylen 31" Table Lamp Set


Courtesy of Joss & Main

For a high-quality, versatile bedside lamp that you can use for years to come, the Joss & Main Daylen Table Lamp Set is a great option. The glass lamp has a timeless, elegant design, which will allow you to continue to use it even if you alter the decor in your bedroom. 

The Daylen Lamp is quite tall, measuring 31-inches from base to the top of the shade, and topped with a white, cotton drum shade. The bedside light comes with one LED bulb and is equipped with a power cord and rocker switch.

Our only suggestion is to use the bedroom lamp alongside a headboard—if you don’t have one, the tall height of the lamp may look unbalanced next to your bed.

Best Budget: HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps, Set of 2

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps, Set of 2

Courtesy of Amazon

Lamps can be quite expensive, and if you’re decorating on a budget, you might not have hundreds of dollars to spend per light. Luckily, these Haitral Bedside Table Lamps are affordable for a set of two, and their plain design will mesh well with just about any decor. 

The Haitral lamps are 20.5-inches tall and feature a black metal base, topped with a cone-shaped white fabric shade. You can control these lamps via the pull-chain switch, which features a matching black nut at the end. While these lamps are definitely on the smaller side, they’re a good budget option for a spare bedroom or temporary fixture.

Best Tech: HUGOAI Bedside Lamp

HUGOAI Bedside Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

Not all lamps are made equal, and HUGOAI's Smart Table Lamp is proof. The tech-forward design has tons of features that make lighting your space a personalized art form.

Perhaps one of the most prominent features is the lamp's ability to connect to your phone. Through an iOS and Android app, you can turn the light on and off remotely, as well as choose from 16 light million colors—you'll be waking up with a bright light and dimming it for bed with the touch of your finger. If you want to take it one step further, however, you can even connect it to your Amazon Alexa and Google Home and make it voice-activated as well.

The lamp is available in two colors—white and grey—and is corded, so be sure to set it up near an outlet.

Best Glam: Safavieh Lilly Two-Light Crystal Table Lamps, Set of 2

Table Lamp Set

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

For a lamp that'll add a little glamour to your space, consider the Safavieh Lilly Table Lamp Set. The art deco-inspired lamps—sold in a pair—are sure to make a statement and shine bright in more ways than one.

Each lamp features a clear, crystal base and is topped with a bell-shaped black shade made of a cotton and polyester blend. The luxe set includes two bulbs, a 60-inch cord, and an on/off switch for easy use.

If you only need one lamp in your bedroom, consider putting the other in an entryway or living room—regardless, it's sure to add a touch of Hollywood glam.

Best Modern: Rivet Dome-Shaped Table Lamp

Rivet Dome-Shaped Table Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

If you have a modern or contemporary bedroom, the Rivet Dome-Shaped Table Lamps will be an eye-catching accent on your bedside table. These lamps sport a unique dome-shaped shade that’s distinctly modern, thanks to their sleek lines and minimalistic appearance. 

These lamps are 21-inches tall and come in matte black. They sport a curved base for visual interest, and you can actually install two bulbs into the dome, each of which can be controlled via the dual pull chains. This lamp comes with two incandescent LED bulbs and is an unbeatable find for popular dome lamps from high-end furniture brands.

Best Traditional: Regency Hill Ben Traditional Table Lamps

Regency Hill Ben Traditional Table Lamps

Courtesy of Amazon

Those with more traditional tastes will likely enjoy the highly-rated Regency Hill Ben Traditional Table Lamps. These lights have a classic, timeless design, and they come in a set of two, making them perfect for use in the bedroom. The dark bronze finish will complement most design styles and home decor.

These lamps are 25-inches tall with 9-inch tall linen shades that have a subtle cone shape. They include an 8-foot power cord, and you can control them via an on/off switch on the socket. Additionally, these bedside lamps are compatible with light dimmers, allowing you to set the mood in your sleeping area. The lamps are quite versatile as well—if you wanted to make them look more contemporary, we’d recommend swapping out the linen shades for white ones.

Best Farmhouse: Pottery Barn Miller Ceramic Table Lamp

Miller Ceramic Table Lamp

 Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Farmhouse decor is a recent popular trend, and these Miller Ceramic Table Lamps are the ideal farmhouse-style accent for your bedroom. They come in three sizes, ranging from 25.5 to 33 inches, and the white and tan design is elegant and rustic at the same time.

The Miller Ceramic Lamps are made from clay, and they have a white glaze on the top portion, leaving a strip of raw material at the bottom for textural interest. They come with a drum-style shade in an off-white color, and the on-off switch is located on the lamp’s socket. 

While pricey, these lamps are a worthwhile investment for those who love farmhouse decor, as they’re extremely high-quality and will last for years to come. Their unique rustic design will pair well with distressed bedside tables, and because the colors are neutral, you’ll be able to switch out your bedding without worrying about updating the fixtures.

Best Industrial: Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lantern Lamp

Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lantern Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

Wrought iron and natural wood accents are staples of industrial design, and the Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lantern Lamp would fit right into an industrial-style bedroom. These unique lamps come in white, chrome, and rose gold finishes, but we think the black option would suit an industrial aesthetic the best. 

The Bronson Lantern Lamp is on the smaller side at under 19-inches tall, and it features a clear glass shade that allows you to see the bulb inside. The lamp combines a metal base with a curved arm that supports the shade from the top. The brand recommends using a T45 Edison Bulb for a vintage appearance.

Best Minimalist: IKEA FADO Table Lamp with LED bulb


Courtesy of Ikea 

For a bedside lamp that will blend in with your minimalist decor, the FADO Table Lamp from IKEA is the way to go. While it looks less like a traditional lamp and more like a mystical orb, this light will still illuminate your room at night, and its understated design is perfectly minimalistic. 

The FADO table lamp is 9-inches tall with a 10-inch diameter, and it has a 6-foot power cord. It comes with an LED bulb that will give off a soft, cozy light in your bedroom. The globe-shaped lamp is stylish and decorative as well—you can even consider installing a color-changing smart bulb to amp up the fun.

Best Mid-Century: West Elm Curvilinear Mid-Century Table Lamp

Curvilinear Mid-Century Table Lamp

 Courtesy of West Elm

Mid-century or mid-century modern design has experienced a surge in popularity lately, and if this design style’s sleek lines and unique shapes appeal to you, you’ll love the Curvilinear Mid-Century Table Lamp. These lights will make beautiful statement pieces in your bedroom, and their unexpected shape is sure to draw comments from curious visitors. 

These table lamps are made up of a sculptural T-shaped base and shell-shaped metal shade, and they stand 20-inches tall. The base has a bold brass finish, while the shade is satin black, and the adjustable shade can be tilted vertically to direct the light for reading or other tasks. We love the idea of putting two of these lamps on either side of a mid-century bed, but it would also make a great desk lamp in your office.

What to Look for in a Bedside Table Lamp


Before you begin your search for a bedside table lamp, it's important to consider what style of lamp you prefer. To start, take stock of your bedroom décor and determine your aesthetic. If your room is fairly minimal, decide whether or not you'd like a pop of color. If you lean towards a glam look, consider styles that reference an Old Hollywood feel.


Once you've determined the style you're going for, you should also take note of what size you need—or rather, the size your bedroom can accommodate. If you have a smaller nightstand, you'll probably need to look for a compact design. If you have more space to work with, consider taller, more decorative styles—just be careful it doesn't totally overpower your space.


Lamps can range in price, so setting a budget beforehand is key. Luckily, there are tons of options out there to choose from, and you're sure to find one that fits your needs. If you're on a budget, consider purchasing a set of lamps—they tend to be a bit more cost-efficient, and you'll be able to outfit two nightstands.

  • How tall should a bedside lamp be?

    How tall your lamp should be depends on two factors: how tall your nightstand is and how high your bed is. If your nightstand is the same height as your mattress, select a lamp that is the same height as your nightstand, plus an extra 2 or 3 inches. A general height range to look for is between 24 to 27 inches, though you’ll want to make sure your lamp is also suitable for you to be able to reach it while sitting up. Selecting two bedside lamps in this height range will create balance in your bedroom. 

  • How do you choose a bedside lamp?

    Choose a bedside lamp that complements your bedroom decor. Find something that’s functional yet cohesive with the rest of the room’s aesthetic. Then, consider the balance. If your lamp is tall and narrow, opt for a lampshade that matches. If it’s shorter and wider, feel free to experiment with a slightly larger shade. Then, consider how much room you have around the lamp. It should sit in the center of your nightstand with equal space on all sides. Finally, make sure your bedside lamps always match on each side for a harmonious living situation. 

  • How many lumens should a bedside lamp be?

    A bedside lamp of around 400 lumens is sufficient for providing light without being too glaring. If you read in bed, you could opt for one slightly higher. This nets out to a six-watt LED bulb.

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