These 10 Beige Hues Add Personality and Character to a Room

Shades of beige that complement most home spaces

Beige paint

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Beige paint colors could be the answer to your search for the perfect neutral wall tone. Depending on the lighting, the room's shape and size, and the accents, you walk a wobbly line between blasé and bold. Say goodbye to builder-grade beige—a boring throwback. We spoke with home design experts who gave us beige-based color suggestions and beige color combinations that easily spruce up any room. The beauty of beige is that it's also versatile and it can be cool or warm. Here are the basics of beige:

  • Color Family: Neutral; Pale sandy fawn, grayish tan, light-grayish yellowish-brown, or a pale to grayish-yellow
  • Complementary Colors: They work with virtually all colors because they're neutral
  • Pairs Well With: Pair warm beiges with off-whites or find a cool beige or grayish-beige to play well with a cool, icy white
  • Mood: Calming
  • Where to Use: Interiors; bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more

Here are 10 of the best beige paint colors for your home, handpicked by home design specialists.

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    Best Sandy Beige: Pittsburgh Paints Siesta Sands

    Pittsburgh Paints Siesta Sand

    The Spruce

    "Have you ever been to Bermuda and dipped your toes into peachy-pink sand? That is the color of Siesta Sands by Pittsburgh Paints," says New York City architect John Mochelle about his favorite beige color wall paint. He appreciates that it goes beyond a basic white but comes off sweeter than your typical tan. "It works nicely in kitchens, powder rooms, bedrooms, and especially in rooms with natural wood accents, white furniture, natural light, and living greenery," he says.

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    Best Pale Beige: Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin

    Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin

    The Spruce

    Interior designer Tara Polony likes that this popular beige paint color, Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball, is a warm-undertone pink that can change with the space's light. "In sunny rooms, it can appear as a warm chalky white during the day," she says. This popular off-white tone takes its name from the delicate color of silk used in traditional ballet slippers. It's missing cool blue undertones; instead, it comes off like pale gray chalk. 

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    Best Basic Beige: Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige

    Accessible Beige Sherwin Williams

    The Spruce

    Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams is not your builder-grade beige, according to Alicia Weaver of Alicia Weaver Design. "It is a timeless hue that leans toward taupe. We always find ourselves coming back to it when searching for an alternative to warm white."


    Low-quality ingredients in inexpensive builder-grade paint reduce its resistance to UV-light, making the colors prone to fading. Paints that are billed as premium-grade are likely to stand up to light, time, wear, and spot cleaning.

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    Best Peachy Beige: The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Macrame Beige

    The Spruce

    What color is beige? "Beige sounds like an easy color to define, but it is not," says architect John Mochelle. "Most people think it is a dull shade of very light tan. However, it is the colorful undertones that give various shades of beige personality. For example, The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige has a sweet hint of peach that adds character to walls. Pair with plush furnishings in creamy colors to create a bohemian-inspired retreat." It is a premium and long-lasting 100% acrylic, low-odor house paint.

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    Best Gray Beige: Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath

    Elephant Breath Farrow & Ball

    The Spruce

    Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball is an exciting shade of beige. Depending on the time of day, it can read as a warm gray with a pinch of magenta. It can become almost lilac in the cooler light of west-facing rooms. To bring out the color's subtle yellow undertone, combine with an earthy palette of browns and greens. 

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    Best Rosy Beige: Benjamin Moore Georgetown Pink Beige

    Georgetown Pink Beige Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    If you're not careful, dusty shades can go from dainty to dingy. Interior designer Tara Polony suggests using Benjamin Moore's Georgetown Pink Beige for a color that won't look "dowdy." She says, "It has a rosy blush that perks up walls. Combine with accents in pastel colors including yellow, green, and blue to create a relaxing space with a beachy vibe." This classic paint color is in the brand's Historical Collection; you can use it in traditional and contemporary spaces. 


    The easiest way to choose the best interior paint colors is to start with the colors you love. Create a color scheme around your favorite color and go from there.

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    Best Neutral Beige: Sherwin-Williams Barcelona Beige

    SW 7530 Barcelona Beige Sherwin-Williams

    The Spruce

    Kylie from Kylie M. Interiors says if you are looking for the most neutral shade of beige ever, consider Sherwin-Williams Barcelona Beige. No matter the time of day, the color does not come off overly warm, and because it does not have a speck of gray, it never reads as cool. It can pair with practically anything.

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    Best Natural Linen: Magnolia Home Soft Linen

    Magnolia Home Soft Linen

    The Spruce

    "I do love the color of natural linen, so of course I am drawn to Soft Linen by Magnolia Home," says architect John Mochelle. "It reminds me of white oatmeal with a subtle peachy kick—just the right mix of earthiness and warmth without coming off as ho-hum." He recommends pairing this light beige hue with nautical-inspired colors like red, white, and navy.

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    Best Orange Beige: Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige

    Shaker Beige Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    If you are looking for a shade of beige with a spot of orange, Kylie from Kylie M Interiors suggests Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore. Its undertone is indeed orange, but not red or yellow, she advises. She adds that it is a well-balanced color that adds warmth and brightness to spaces, especially when paired with white trim.

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    Best Cool Beige: Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

    Agreeable Gray/Beige Sherwin-Williams

    The Spruce

    "Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams is one of my top beige contenders," says color consultant and decor blogger Laura Rugh. "But do not let its name fool you—it is an authentic shade of beige with a subtle hint of gray." She adds that the wall color works beautifully with blue and green or blue and gray color schemes.