The 8 Best Bench Grinders of 2019

Make sure you're not working with dull tools

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Bench grinders are a versatile workshop tool that can be mounted to a bench (or any flat surface) and used for sharpening, shaping, or polishing your tools. The bench grinder itself is the machine that powers the grind wheels. You can add different wheels for different tasks, such as wire brush wheels for polishing or grinding wheels for sharpening drill bits or smoothing screw threads.

Before you invest in a bench grinder there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First, consider is the size of the wheel, because this will determine the speed and work you are able to do. The 6-inch bench grinders move at a regular speed and are able to accomplish most household tasks. On the other hand, 8-inch bench grinders have a slower speed and are built for professionals who do heavy duty work. Other things to consider are the cooling system, safety guards, lighting attachments, and speed variability.

To help you pick the right tool for the job, here are the top-rated bench grinders on the market today.

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    Best Overall: Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Grinder

    Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Grinder

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    The reasonable price and superior construction make this tool our best overall pick. The Dewalt DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder is a great option for amatuer handymen as well as tradesmen who need a machine that can do some heavy lifting. Available in the classic Dewalt yellow—this ginder will look great on just about anyone’s tool bench.

    The Dewalt DW756 grinder is easy to use and easy to mount. This 15-inch long machine sports a 5/6 horsepower motor, which is quite a bit in this small body. It can run up to 3,450 RPM for high speed needs. The motor housing and base are made of industrial cast iron while the tool rests are aluminum. There’s 12 1/2 inches between the wheels for a less cluttered feel and the wheels have exhaust ports in the rear of their guards to prevent overheating. This grinder comes with eye shields, spark deflectors, and 36- and 60-grit grinding wheels. The whole thing weighs just over 28 pounds and includes a three-year warranty.

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    Best Budget: WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder

    Popular, simple and inexpensive, the WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder is a great value pick. The WEN grinder is an ideal high speed option for anyone looking for a quiet and compact bench grinder than can get the work done. It sports a 2.1 amp motor for a maximum speed of 3,450 rpm. It can fit grinding wheels that are 6-inches in diameters and ¾ an inch wide. It has extra large eye shield and major wheel guards for added safety and worry-free use.

    The WEN 4276 comes with both a 60-grit and 36-grit grinding wheel for general purpose and faster grinding, but can be outfitted with a variety of wheels. It also sports a flexible worklight for convenient and precision work at any time. The machine is easy to mount with a wide and sturdy base, and WEN sells an optional cast iron stand for non-bench usage. This grinder also has a subtle tool rest from sharpening and grinding and a sleek look overall. WEN also offers similar grinders in larger sizes and with slower or variable speeds.

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    Best Professional: Jet 578008 1 HP Industrial Grinder

    The Jet 578008 offers one full horsepower for your grinding needs. This grinder sports a heavy duty motor and is CSA and CUS certified. It is ideal for small business owners, contractors, construction use and tradesmen keeping their tools in sharp shape.

    This 44-pound electric bench grinder functions at 3,600 RPM for real speed. It is set up 115-volt, 11-amp, 60 hertz service but comes with a guide for rewiring for 5.5-amp 230-volt use. This machine is powerful enough for professional needs and durable enough for a professional setting, with full wheel dressings, a single dust chute and large, sealed bearings, adjustable safety shields. It also has a toggle switch safety key for added protection. This 8-inch grinder comes with one fine and one coarse wheel to start. 

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    Best Combination: Dayton Combination Belt and Bench Grinder

    If you want a little bit of everything, try the Dayton Combination Belt and Bench Grinder. This Dayton machine uses a ¼ horsepower, 2.5-amp motor to power both a 6-inch grinding wheel and an adjustable belt sander. Just attach this machine to your tool bench and get to work sharpening, shaping and sanding just about anything you can think of. It comes with an attached work light, tool rests eye shield and a thumb knob adjustment for belt tracking. It’s a great versatile option.

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    Best 6-inch Grinder: Baldor 6-Inch Grinder

    Baldor is a powerful, American-made bench grinder that is built almost completely of beautiful blue steel. It is unique for its quality and craftsmanship. It will last for as long as you need it. It will do what you need it to. It is simply a great bench grinder.

    This Baldor grinder has an impressive maximum speed of 3,600 RPM and a ⅓ horsepower motor. With a standard dual wheel design, this machine is different then the rest because it's not just the base that is steel, but the motor housing, the wheel guards and just about everything but the wheels and shields. The 115-volt motor runs quietly and it comes with a 3- and 60-grit set of wheels. There are a lot of 6-inch grinders out there, but this is one of the best constructed.  

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    Best 8-Inch Grinder: PowerTec Slow Speed 8-Inch Grinder

    If you’d like a larger wheel diameter, try out the PowerTec 8-inch grinder. This slow speed bench grinder allows you to work on cooler projects that you wouldn’t be able to with the more popular high speed, small wheel grinders on the market. This grinder sports a 1,750 RPM “no load speed” to keep your tools and your grinder cool and running smoothly. Additionally, this grinder comes with white aluminum oxide wheels for an even cooler running grinding experience. 

    The machine itself has a strong heavy gauge steel base to reduce bench vibration and a quiet running ½ horsepower motor. This machine features serious wheel guards, large eye shields and a safety toggle switch. Additionally, the grinder can fit 1-inch wide wheels for added versatility. 

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    Best Variable Speed: Porter-Cable 8-inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

    If you need a bench grinder than can operate at high speeds as well as slow and hit the RPMs in between, you should try the Porter-Cable 8-inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder. This 5-amp, ball bearing induction motor powers the bench grinder to any wheel speeds between 2,000 and 3,400 RPM. Simply turn the dial to your preferred speed and start grinding.

    This dual-wheel bench grinder fits wheels with 8-inch diameters and up to 1-inch thickness and comes with 36- and 6-grit wheels. The body of this bench grinder comes is made of die cast aluminum, including the base and the housing. It has most of the standard features, including eyeshield and spark guards as well as a 40-watt light attached to the base and a water tray. Porter-Cable has a great warranty on this bench grinder as well. 

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    Best Features: PowerTec BG600 Bench Grinder

    PowerTec BG600 Bench Grinder

    Courtesy of Amazon

    The PowerTec BG600 Bench Grinder has a variety of fun features not seen on other bench grinders. In its base, the grinder has a coolant tray for easy access to cool down whatever you’re working on. Additionally, one of the eye shields doubles as a magnifying glass for added precision as you work. And, most importantly, this grinder sports integrated lights on both grind wheels. 

    This bench grinder also does the important stuff. It has a roughly ⅓ horsepower motor and allows for 6-inch wheels. The grind wheels operate a high speed of 3,600 RPM. The base is made of heavy gauge steel and mounts easily. 

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