The 7 Best Bird Feeders of 2021

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hey sense the weight of an adult squirrel.
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The circular design lets multiple birds perch around and eat at the same time.
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From its clean and simple look to the ease of use, this is one no-fuss feeder.
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It can hold up to seven pounds of two different kinds of seeds.
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Will beautifully reflect the sun as it bounces off the mosaic pattern.
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Sorry squirrels, this bird feeder is made to keep you out.
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It’s a gorgeous way to attract and watch birds.
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Best Overall: Brome Squirrel Solution Wild Bird Feeder


Birds of a feather will flock together to come dine at this bird feeder. With six feeding ports, there’s room at this “table” for quite the crowd. Assembly is easy, and no tools are required. That means when it’s time to clean it or fill it, you don’t have to go looking for your toolbox.

Made by Brome, the company offers a lifetime limited warranty that promises to replace parts if they’re lost or even damaged by a squirrel. Speaking of pesky squirrels, this feed is designed to keep them from eating the bird seed, with seed ports that close automatically when they sense the weight of an adult squirrel. No seed for them. Another bonus for the birds, this feeder is equipped with a patented seed ventilation system that lets fresh air in and heat and humidity out to keep seed at its freshest.

Best Budget: Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird feeder


Copper is hot when it comes to home decor, and this copper bird feeder will give birds a stylish place to nibble up their meals. The compact feeder (it measures 9.25 x 8.32 x 8.32 inches) holds up to two pounds of bird seed of any variety and is easy to fill and clean.

The circular design lets multiple birds perch around and eat at the same time. It also has a unique dispensing feature that only allows the new seed to fall when there’s room on the feeder tray. That eliminates waste and makes sure a fresh supply of seed is constantly flowing. Birds will flock to this smart, stylish feeder.

Using it is simple too, with an easy-to-fill tray that is great for a variety of bird seeds from sunflower seeds to dried fruit and even whole corn. The screen easily pops out for cleaning, and all of the hardware is rustproof. This is a great, straightforward bird feeder no matter what type of bird you’re hoping to attract.

Best Tray: Nature's Way Bird Products Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

Nature's Way Bird Products Platform Tray Bird Feeder

Simplicity is the name of the game with this bird feeder. From its clean and simple look to the ease of use, this is one no-fuss feeder. It’s inexpensive, and the base is made of cedar, which means it’s naturally insect and rot-resistant. It’s also coated with an all-natural preservative that helps it resist water damage, mold, mildew, and fading, so it will look great for a long time.

Best Real-Life: REDBARN Audubon Red Barn Combo Seed Bird Feeder Model

For a down-home feel, this barn bird feeder fits the bill. It’s a combo feeder, so it can hold up to seven pounds of two different kinds of seeds to attract two different kinds of birds. The barn receptacle holds up to six pounds of seed, while the silo receptacle holds another pound. The tops lift off for easy filling, and the silo includes both thistle and standard seed ports.

You can mount it on a pole (pole not included) or hang it from a tree or awning with the hanging cord, which is included. Its bright red color will stand out in your yard and add a bit of country flare no matter where you live.

Best Decorative: Uncommon Goods Water Drop Bird Feeder


For a cool, artsy vibe, this "water drop" shaped bird feeder will add flare wherever you choose to hang it. Made of hand-blown blue, green, and purple glass, it will add a pop of color to your outdoor space and will reflect the sun as it bounces off the different colors. This feeder is especially great for small spaces, as it measures 12.5 x 6-inches. Set-up is simple, too. Fill the glass with birdseed and watch as feathered friends flock to this gorgeous feeder.

Best Squirrel Proof: Wild Bill's 12 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Sorry squirrels, this bird feeder is made to keep you out. When sneaky squirrels try to get at the seed meant for birds, they receive a tiny electric shock from the stingers that are located at the top and bottom of the feeder. It only takes a time or two before they get the message, and the birds get to eat in peace. No offense to the squirrels (and don’t worry, they’re not harmed in the process), but they can be greedy little guys, and if it’s birds you want to attract, then you don’t want the squirrels to gobble up the bird seed.

The battery-operated feeder (it takes one 9v battery, which isn’t included) can be hung from a tree or hook or mounted on a pole (pole not included). This one has 12 ports for feeding a crowd of birds and holds up to 20 pounds of food for a never-ending feasting.

Best Design: Zingz & Thingz Sweet Pavilion Decorative Tray Bird Feeder


For a whimsical look, this pavilion shaped bird feeder is a gorgeous way to attract and watch birds. Made from wood and plastic, just add birdseed to the pavilion floor and wait for the birds to come! This hanging bird feeder measures 10.5 x 8.5 x 8.5-inches and weighs less than two pounds so it's easy to hang. Hang it from a tree or hook to showcase this masterpiece and watch the birds with this as a beautiful backdrop.

What to Look for in a Bird Feeder

Type There are five main types of bird feeders: ground or platform, hopper, hummingbird, tube, and suet. Ground feeders have screened bottoms to prevent seeds from spilling and attract the largest variety of birds but should not be used if you (or your neighbors) have cats. Hopper feeders are sturdy, bird friendly, and hold a lot of seeds. Hummingbird feeders should be filled with sugar water and placed in the shade near a window. Tube feeders are the most common type and attract small birds. Suet feeders can be hung from poles and attract less common birds like woodpeckers, bluebirds, and goldfinches.

Material Plastic bird feeders should have metal reinforcements and metal perches to keep squirrels away. If you’re choosing a wooden bird feeder, make sure it’s made of weather-resistant cedar or is stained or painted.

Food The type of food you select will affect what kinds of birds frequent your feeder. Ground-feeding birds like medium cracked corn, but this type of feed tends to rot. Millet is popular for small-beaked, ground-feeding birds. Milo, wheat, and oats are inexpensive but tend to attract rodents. Insect-eating birds like woodpeckers and wrens like suet (a mix of beef fat and seed). If you want to attract a wide variety of birds, sunflower seeds are a great choice.

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