Beautiful Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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    Personalize Your Kitchen With Blue Cabinets

    navy blue kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of Meriwether Inc.

    Blue is a notice-me hue, bringing personality and life to a room. From cyan to cobalt, adding a splash of blue to kitchen cabinets gives distinction to cooking spaces typically full of neutral tones. To help you select the best shade for your home, we're serving up 25 of the best blue kitchen cabinet options.

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    Versatile Shaker Cabinets

    shaker-style blue kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of The Shaker Kitchen Company

    Shaker cabinets are a flexible style that works in both contemporary and traditional homes. The ones from this bright kitchen by The Shaker Kitchen Company come in coordinating shades of pale blue. The result is a cooking space that feels fresh, uplifting, and timeless.

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    Row House Remodel

    deep blue kitchen cabinets with a white farmhouse sink
    Courtesy of White Arrow

    The idea behind this historic row house remodel by White Arrow was to create a fresh and contemporary vibe without sacrificing the home's vintage charm. The deep blue cabinets and copper fixtures did the trick for the kitchen. Together, they have an ageless feel that pays homage to the home's original interior.

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    Designer Cabinet Panels

    blue designer kitchen cabinet panels
    Courtesy of Entrance Makleri

    If you crave color and texture in your kitchen, you'll love these panels designed to update mass-produced furniture. The blue cabinet panels used in this home sold by Entrance Makleri are by Super Fronts. The company sells stylish components that fit many popular cabinets and sideboards from Ikea.

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    Modern-Rustic Kitchen

    blue upper kitchen cabinets with rustic wood lower cabinets
    Courtesy of Blakes London

    This kitchen by Blakes London packs a delicious mash-up of materials. The handle-free base cabinets are covered with rustic wood panels, and the Shaker-style upper cupboards are painted a chic shade of blue and lined with glossy subway tile. The sleek backsplash and countertop are both Carrera marble. All the elements beautifully complement each other, resulting in a super stylish cooking space.

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    Cutout Cabinet Pulls

    navy cabinets with cutouts instead of handles
    Courtesy of Historiska Hem

    Navy blue cabinets add zing to this small apartment kitchen featured on Historiska Hem. The cute cutouts eliminate the need for pricey knobs and allow the cabinets to keep the spotlight. If you want to DIY this design, you'll need a power tool called a router.

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    Retro Painted Cabinets

    deep blue kitchen cabinets with large, round knobs
    Courtesy of Space Exploration Design

    Anyone can spruce up old wood cabinetry with a few coats of paint. The cupboards in this New York City loft renovated by Space Exploration Design were treated to a shade called Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball. Round wood cabinet knobs add retro flair for a fraction of the cost of metal hardware. And handcrafted ceramic tiles bring brightness and texture to the room.

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    Modern Blue Cabinets

    modern blue kitchen cabinets with open shelving
    Courtesy of C2 Architecture

    An electric shade of blue brings out the beauty of the timber countertop and redwood-wrapped vent hood in this contemporary kitchen designed by C2 Architecture. The reclaimed redwood came from locally sourced wooden water tanks, giving organic balance to an otherwise sleek and modern design.

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    Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

    navy and mint cabinets with leather pulls
    Courtesy of Entrance Makleri

    For a modern look that will stay fresh for years to come, don't be afraid to add a unique cabinet color to the mix in your kitchen. In this Swedish apartment sold by Entrance Makleri, navy cabinetry pairs beautifully with the minty blue cupboards on the left. And the leather cabinet pulls add a chic, relaxed vibe.

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    Fiestaware Kitchen

    dark blue cabinets with open shelving above
    Courtesy of Arciform

    Here's a vintage-inspired cooking space that features a colorful Fiestaware collection displayed on the open shelving above the deep blue cabinetry. Marble counters and white subway tile keep this older home's kitchen, which was remodeled by Arciform, from feeling too retro.

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    Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

    a farmhouse-style kitchen with dusty blue cabinets
    Courtesy of Becki Owens

    The owner of this house located in a small mountain town wanted a modern, bright kitchen that echoed its rural landscape. So the lower cabinets were painted a soft shade by Benjamin Moore called Van Courtland Blue to set the rustic tone. The color brings out the beauty of all the farmhouse-inspired features—especially the rustic beams—in the cooking space designed by Becki Owens.

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    Blue Kitchen Island

    blue kitchen island in a white kitchen
    Courtesy of Chango and Company

    When it comes to practical design, a white kitchen will surely stand the test of time. But if you're looking to break up the monotony, consider adding a blue kitchen island. The deep blue island in this Connecticut farmhouse remodeled by Chango and Company gives some interest and contrast to the predominantly white kitchen.

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    Kitchen Appliance Panels

    navy blue kitchen cabinets with matching appliance panels
    Courtesy of Meriwether Inc.

    For a more consistent look, consider disguising your kitchen appliances with custom cabinet panels. In this elegant cooking space designed by Meriwether Inc., several panels are covering the appliances—including the fridge—to maintain the uniformity of the beautiful blue cabinets.

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    Flat-Front Cabinets

    Pale blue cabinets with gold handles
    Courtesy of Naked Kitchens

    Gorgeous gold details give these custom blue cabinets by Naked Kitchens a chic and eclectic vibe. The flat-front cabinetry blends seamlessly with the rest of the room, and the simplicity of the design prevents the color from becoming overwhelming.

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    Fun Custom Kitchen

    contemporary blue kitchen
    Courtesy of Twelve Chairs Boston

    This highly personalized eat-in kitchen by Twelve Chairs Boston is bursting with color. The turquoise kitchen cabinets are both fun and sophisticated. And they perfectly coordinate with the cute banquet bench in the breakfast nook. Plus, beautiful stems and branches add a blast of greenery.

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    Stylish Butler's Pantry

    dark blue cabinets and black subway tile
    Courtesy of Coats Homes

    What's black and blue and impossibly chic all over? This gorgeous butler's pantry by Coats Homes. Black subway tile stylishly coordinates with the dark blue kitchen cabinets. And the light countertop prevents the room from becoming too dark.

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    Charcoal Blue Base Cabinets

    charcoal blue kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of Mustard Architects

    This custom kitchen by Mustard Architects was designed to show off the homeowner's eclectic dishware collection. The base cabinets were painted a dark charcoal blue to draw the eyes up toward the natural wood display cupboards. The deep blue helps to calm some of the visual business.

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    Laminate Cabinets

    icy blue laminate kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

    Wall-to-ceiling storage can still be fashionable, as seen in this apartment kitchen from Fantastic Frank. The laminate cabinet panels are simple and easy to clean, and their icy blue color gives them just enough of a design pop.

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    Turquoise Kitchen

    turquoise cabinets and walls
    Courtesy of Chad McPhail Design

    The right shade of blue can instantly perk up a tired kitchen. Both the walls and cabinets in this turquoise kitchen, designed by Chad McPhail Design, are bursting with vibrant color. Even though the color is bold, the simplicity of the kitchen design—including the open wood shelving—stops it from becoming overpowering.

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    Monochromatic Kitchen

    kitchen with a monochromatic scheme
    Courtesy of Københavns Møbelsnedkeri

    When done right, a monochromatic palette can make any room impossibly chic. Except for the butcher-block countertop and wood flooring, all the features in this kitchen by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri are an elegant shade of blue.

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    Coordinating Cabinets

    two-tone kitchen cabinets with subway tile
    Courtesy of Blakes London

    Any home chef would love to cook in this classic kitchen by Blakes London. The room features cabinets in two different shades with a counter-to-ceiling subway tile wall. The clean lines help all the features flow together for one cohesive look.

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    Navy Blue Cabinets

    navy blue kitchen cabinets with a patterned tile floor
    Courtesy of Matters of Space

    The only thing we love more than the bold navy blue cabinets in this gorgeous kitchen by Matters of Space is the encaustic tile floor. These tiles have their colorful patterns baked in, so you never have to worry about them fading.

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    Small Cottage Kitchen

    dusty blue kitchen cabinets with subway tile
    Courtesy of Livet Hemma

    A smart configuration of stylish blue cabinetry makes the most of the small square footage in this cottage kitchen featured on Livet Hemma. The tall wall cupboards and white subway tile help to draw the eyes up, making the space feel larger. And the dusty blue color gives a personalized touch to the kitchen.

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    Midnight Blue Cabinets

    midnight blue kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of Devol Kitchens

    This design by Devol Kitchens welcomes you to the dark side with midnight blue cabinets. The metallic accents and appliances add a little sparkle to the elegant cooking space. And the white countertops, sink, and trim help to give the room definition.

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    Neutral Gray-Blue Cabinetry

    grayish-blue kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of Studio McGee

    If you're concerned you'll get sick of blue kitchen cabinets, go for a tone that's on the neutral side. The gray-blue cupboards in this farmhouse-inspired kitchen by Studio McGee have a timeless feel. And the rustic walnut shelving brings texture and warmth.

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    Tiffany Blue Kitchen

    Tiffany blue kitchen cabinets
    Courtesy of Glamour Nest

    Tiffany blue is the star of this charming kitchen in a 1920s bungalow updated by Glamour Nest. Nope, that isn't new cabinetry. Instead, the designer revived the home's decades-old cabinets with new hardware and a couple coats of paint. The stove in this cooking space is also one of the abode's original features.