The 8 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses of 2021

Avoid screen-induced headaches and sleep problems

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Our Top Picks
"You’ll get two pairs of glasses that block nearly 99 percent of blue rays, along with a cleaning cloth, screwdriver and test kit."
"With a modern look, these glasses are lightweight but feel sturdy and have anti-reflective, glare-reducing, amber tinted lenses."
"Like other Warby Parker lenses, you can try this elegant, medium frame pair on at home before placing an order."
"If you need or like an oversized frame, this is a lightweight, high quality, option."
"These lenses filter out blue light, eliminate UV radiation and feel comfortable enough to wear for hours."
"Kids will like the fun and colorful frames, and parents will like that they filter out blue light and have an anti-scratch coating."
"These stylish readers have the added benefit of blocking blue light and have an anti reflective and anti scratch coating."
Best Prescription:
Felix Gray Jemison at Amazon
"These frames are strong, durable and nice enough to wear to the office, and can be ordered with a prescription or without."

Most of us spend all day reading on a screen, switching between computer, tablet, and phone. The convenience is high, but all these screens—and other electronic devices, such as televisions—emit what’s known as blue light. This artificial glow interferes with circadian rhythms, which dictate when we feel awake, and when we feel sleepy. Some people also posit that the glow from screens can lead to eye strain, blurred vision, and other similar symptoms. If you’re not prepared to eliminate all the electronic screens in your life, another option to keep your circadian rhythm in check is to try blue light glasses, which help to block that frequency of light.

Here, our favorite blue light blocking glasses.

Best Overall: FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Feiyold Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These Feiyold glasses block nearly all—99 percent—of blue rays, per the manufacturer. The glasses weigh in at under two ounces, making them lightweight enough to wear throughout the day. These budget-friendly frames are also quite durable and well constructed. 

With your order, you’ll receive two pairs of glasses. You can keep both for yourself, so you have one set at home and one at your work, or you can share a pair with a family member or friend. 

Along with the two pairs of glasses, you’ll also receive a cleaning cloth, a mini screwdriver (for small repairs), and a test kit that’ll demonstrate how the glasses successfully block blue light.

Best Budget: Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This budget-friendly unisex pair of glasses have anti-reflective, glare-reducing, amber-tinted lenses. The glasses are quite lightweight, while still feeling sturdy on your face. 

When you place your order, you can also specify the magnification you’d prefer. The frames have a modern, stylish appearance, and are appropriate for watching TV and playing video games as well as more professional settings. 

Keep in mind, however, that the glasses will have a faint yellow tint—this may take a bit of time to adjust to once you start wearing the glasses.

Best Splurge: Warby Parker Wright

Warby Parker Wright

Warby Parker went from being an online-only retailer to opening brick-and-mortar stores. The company revolutionized the glasses industry, by giving customers the opportunity to try on frames at home, and then place an order. 

Now, they offer glasses in blue light filtering. These fashionable, elegant Wright lenses have a medium width, which is ideal for the majority of face shapes, and are available in a few different colors. 

Optionally, you can order these glasses with a single-vision prescription, or as readers or progressives. Adding blue light filtering will result in blocking all UV light rays along with filtering blue light—this feature costs extra. 

Along with your glasses, you’ll get a glasses case and lens cloth for wiping smears off of your lenses. And, all Warby Parker glasses come with a one-year scratch guarantee (so if your lenses get scratched in those first 365 days, you’ll get a free replacement).

Best Wire Frame: Jezabell 58mm Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Jezabell 58 Blue Light Glasses

These Jezabell wire frames are a sophisticated, trendy option. Their oversized look makes them modern and stylish. The lens on these glasses filters out the blue light. 

These glasses are very lightweight (thanks to the wire, rather than plastic or acetate frames) while still being high quality and well made. While these glasses are intentionally oversized, they likely fit best for people with a larger face (and are not the best option if your face is on the smaller side).

Best Plastic: Versol Anti Blue-Ray Glasses Clear Lens Blue Light Glasses

Versol Anti Blue-Ray Glasses

These plastic frames come fitted with blue light lenses to filter out the blue light emitted from electronic screens. As well, they eliminate UV radiation. 

Their plastic construction of these unisex frames helps to keep them feeling lightweight. You’ll be able to wear them for hours at a time without feeling uncomfortable. Note: You may notice a slight yellow tint to the lenses, which helps to block the blue light.

Best for Kids: EyeBuyDirect Bound

EyeBuyDirect Bold

It’s not just grown-ups who spend a lot of time occupied by screens. These days, many kids have their own tablets, and anyone participating in remote schooling is bound to have many hours occupied watching videos and attending online classes. 

These unisex frames, which come in a green shade with some real pop to it, are charming and colorful. The lightweight glasses are made from plastic, and the lens has an anti-scratch coating. You can purchase these frames either with a prescription or without. With both options, you can add a blue light coating to the lens.

Best Readers: Peepers by PeeperSpecs Clark Square Reading Glasses

Peepers Clark Square Reading Glasses

Do you typically need to wear reading glasses while gazing at your phone or computer screen? Then you might want to opt for reading glasses fitted with the ability to block blue light—these ones filter 40 percent of high-energy blue light from electronic devices, per the manufacturer, as well as having an ultraviolet protecting coating on the lenses. 

These unisex frames have a sophisticated tortoise-shell design and a flattering rectangular shape. Spring hinges on the side of the polycarbonate frames make the glasses sit more comfortably on your face. 

Plus, the lenses have an anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating, which helps to reduce glare and also cut down on the possibility of scratches.

Best Prescription: Felix Gray Jemison

Jemison Glasses

This elegant unisex frame is named for Mae Jemison, the first Black astronaut to travel to space. The square frame is ideal for people who have bigger faces or people who like an oversized fit. 

Made from acetate (which is a particularly strong and durable variety of plastic), this pair of glasses will reduce glare along with filtering out blue light. The frames have a professional look, making them ideal for the office. The Felix Gray Jemison frames are available with a prescription (distance or reading), or without.

Final Verdict

The best overall blue light blocking glasses are the FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses (view at Amazon). Not only will you receive two pairs, but this affordable option is attractive and well made. However, if you’re looking for a more durable option that also offers prescription lenses, you can’t go wrong with the Warby Parker Wright (view at Warby Parker). They're a trusted brand that will replace lenses for up to a year if they get scratched.

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