These 9 Blue Hues Are Perfect for Rooms, According to Experts

A versatile color, blue can be moody, neutral, or refreshing

Blue paint colors

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For many interior design pros, blue is their choice for walls. It's versatile and comes in a broad range of shades and hues that can work as a neutral or an energetic pop of color. It has a diverse range of undertones and pairs well with many colors. A dark rich blue or blue-black is a moody choice perfect for a library. Muted, soothing blues set the tone for a bedroom, nursery, or relaxing bathroom.

To get you inspired to refresh your walls, we asked some of our favorite decorating and design experts to share their go-to blue paint colors.

  • Color Family: Blue
  • Complementary Colors: Orange; depending on the undertones of the hue, some yellows and reds, too
  • Pairs Well With: Muted blues tend to act neutral and pair well with practically all other colors; deeper blues stand up to complementary colors, other blue tones, and bright white.
  • Mood: Deep, rich blues are dramatic; soft, muted blues are soothing and tranquil; brighter blues freshen and energize.
  • Where to Use: Acting as a neutral in many cases, you can use a variety of blue paint colors for exteriors and each room of the house.

Here are 10 of the best blue paint color ideas, according to home decor and design experts.

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    Best Chalk Blue: Glidden Chalky Blue

    chalky blue by Glidden Paints

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    Chalky Blue by Glidden is one of architect John Mochelle's favorite colors. "The velvety hue sits somewhere between blue and gray so it can work as a neutral or a splash of enlivening color," he says. With blue, it's very easy to change a room's mood by simply switching out the accent colors. John recommends a bold trim to secure the final vibe of a space. "To brighten a room, I suggest pairing with white trim, but if you are looking to make a dramatic impact, combine with rich black accents."

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    Best Dark Blue-Green: Sherwin-Williams Dark Night

    Sherwin-Williams Dark Night SW 6237

    The Spruce

    Leslie Bowman, founder and design director of The Design Bar, says, "Sherwin-Williams Dark Night is the perfect moody blue for a multitude of spaces from bedrooms to bathrooms. Its striking deep blue shade with green undertones creates a strong statement that evokes a sense of drama but still provides a soothing sentiment." She appreciates the color's flexibility when it comes to decorating and adding final touches. Both warm and cool tones work in tandem with this shade.

    Blue painter's tape is a must-have around windows, doors, molding, and baseboards if you're going to paint a room on your own. This wax-coated tape comes in different widths—a consideration when painting with rollers versus brushes.

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    Best Icy Blue: PPG Inverness Gray


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    Color expert Don Torrance says, "PPG's Inverness Gray is an icy shade of bluish turquoise that looks amazing in bathrooms when combined with crisp white features." This is also a great choice for creating a calm and soothing environment in a nursery or a bedroom. PPG describes it as a light, cool, seafaring gray with a watery-blue undertone that pairs well with warmer wood tones.

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    Best Gray Blue: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

    The Spruce

    “Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is one of those colors that looks great in any light," says Carolyn Rebuffel, the interior designer at Work Room C. "It is a happy color—but still neutral, so it is an excellent choice if you are not ready to go with a bright blue." Complementary neutral colors like beige or gray will serve as great accents for this shade. Living rooms and dining rooms will benefit from this sophisticated, saturated shade of navy blue that leans heavily to dark gray.

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    Best Blue Green: Magnolia Home Rainy Days

    Rainy Days Magnolia Homes Paint Color

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    "Blue is a color that can feel too intense or too pastel," says Rebecca West, the interior designer behind Seriously Happy Homes. "Rainy Days by Magnolia Homes gets around both problems. It is a timeless and elegant blue-green that is rich without being too dark or earthy." While you may think this is simply a fitting shade for farmhouse-style homes, it blends elegantly within a modern or contemporary color palette.

    Instead of paying for sample size paint that you test-paint on your wall, ask for a large-scale, cling-on paint swatch. These stick-ons help you visualize what the color would like on the wall; you can easily move them around the room (and to other rooms), and they come off in a pinch—unlike paint test spots.

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    Best Blue Black: Benjamin Moore Deep Space

    Benjamin Moore Deep Space

    The Spruce

    Susan Williams, an interior designer at Siren Betty Design, likes that this color is on the border of black but still has a hint of blue. The best space for a deep shade like this? She suggests using it for an accent or gallery wall. The color is so dark, artwork and photos will contrast beautifully against it.

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    Best Cobalt Blue: Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue

    Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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    "Napoleonic Blue is deep cobalt, which is calming, mysterious, and exciting—and spending an afternoon painting one or all the walls in this color is the cheapest, most immediate way to transform a room," says Annie Sloan, color expert and creator of this paint. Bonus rooms and craft rooms will instantly become more playful, invigorating spaces with this saturated color.

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    Best Teal Blue: Sherwin-Williams Adriatic Sea

    Sherwin-Williams SW 6790 Adriatic Sea

    The Spruce

    Interior designer Tara Polony likes how perky Sherwin-Williams' Adriatic Sea is. She recommends using this deep blue with bright white trim and warm wood flooring for a stunning color combination. This color is a nice option for bathrooms, too, as tile looks just as lovely as wood next to it.

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    Best Navy Blue: Sherwin-Williams Naval

    Sherwin-Williams Naval SW 6244

    The Spruce

    Named Sherwin-Williams' 2020 color of the year, it doesn't matter the decade; this classic navy looks like it can sink ships with its plunging blue depth in shade. Featuring purple undertones, the richness of this color works best in a library, formal dining room, or as a stunning accent wall. Match it with complementary gold tones or bright white to draw your eye around the room. This shade also stands out as an exterior color for your home.