The 11 Best Bohemian-Style Bedding Pieces of 2023

Have sweet dreams under the Urban Outfitters Margot Tufted Floral Comforter

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Best Boho Bedding

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There are many ways to incorporate bohemian styles into your bedroom, but choosing the right bedding is the best way to start creating the layered and textured aesthetic. We spent hours searching for the best bohemian-style bedding available today, assessing quality, comfort, and overall value.

Our Top Picks

Best Comforter

Urban Outfiters Margot Tufted Floral Comforter

Margot Tufted Comforter

 Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Bohemian bedrooms are full of eye-catching textures, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Margo Tufted Floral Comforter. This blanket comes in three standard sizes, and you can opt for a white, blue, or charcoal colorway, all of which feature tufted embroidery accents that form a beautiful floral pattern across the blanket. 

This comforter is made from 100 percent cotton with polyester batting fill, and it’s delightfully soft and smooth to curl up under after a long day. You can machine wash and dry the blanket, and there are matching shams available (sold separately) if you want a cohesive look. This textured comforter would look especially chic with a few brightly colored throw pillows, too!

Price at time of publish: $229 for Full/Queen size

Best Quilt

Artisan Quilts by Anthropologie Delissa Quilt

Delissa Quilt


Breathe fresh life into your bedroom with the vibrant Delissa Quilt. This reversible blanket comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, and it features two brilliant bohemian patterns that will light up any room. One side of the quilt features brightly colored medallions with magenta, blue, teal, and yellow floral accents, and the reverse side is covered in a simpler, yellow-striped pattern with blue flowers. 

Besides its beautiful design, the Delissa Quilt’s craftsmanship makes it truly special. These quilts are handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India, who screen- and block-print the cotton fabric to create vibrant designs. The blanket is made from a lightweight voile and finished with delicate, hand-stitched kantha (a type of embroidery), so it needs to be hand washed with care.

Price at time of publish: $198 for Queen size

Best Sheets

Urban Outfitters Mushroom And Flowers Sheet Set

floral sheet set

Urban Outfitters

Bohemian style is heavily influenced by the free-spirited designs and bold colors of 1970s Americana, and this sheet set will bring you right back to that era with its eye-catching mushroom and flower print. The Mushroom And Flowers Sheet Set from Urban Outfitters comes in Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King sizes, and the groovy multicolored design has a print that’s highly reminiscent of hippie culture. 

The Twin size comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and one pillowcase, while the larger sizes include two pillowcases. These sheets are made of an 80/20 blend of cotton and polyester, making for a light and soft texture suitable for year-round use.

Price at time of publish: $89 for Queen size

Best Sheets, Runner Up

Anthropologie Soleil Sheet Set

Soleil Sheets

 Courtesy of Anthropologie

For a brighter set of bohemian-style sheets, the Soleil Sheet Set will bring a light, happy aesthetic to any bedroom. This sheet set is available in four standard sizes, and the 200-thread-count organic cotton fabric is bright yellow with a repeating sun print. 

Each set of these sheets includes flat and fitted sheets, along with two pillowcases—except for the Twin size, which only has one pillowcase. However, you can purchase additional pillow coverings if needed. The sunshine-inspired print will bring warmth to your bedroom, and it would look especially charming with a white duvet cover. You can then get a throw pillow with a yellow accent to tie the whole look together.

Price at time of publish: $148 for Queen size

Best Accent Pillows

Urban Outfitters Rumi Shag Throw Pillow

Rumi Shag Throw Pillow

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Accent pillows are a staple in any bohemian-style bedroom, and the Rumi Shag Pillows are the perfect decoration for your bed or couch. Each pillow measures 18 x 18 inches, and there are five colors available—cream, rose, indigo, rust, and marigold. Buy one to serve as an anchor on your bed, or grab a few in different colors to create an eclectic yet cozy vibe.

No matter which one you choose, you'll end up with plenty of interesting textures, including tassels and shag accents. Each pillow is made of 100percent cotton and can be thrown in the washer, making care and cleaning a breeze.

Price at time of publish: $49

Best Bedding Set

Etta Avenue Adelynn Comforter Set

Etta Avenue Adelynn Comforter Set


Want to buy a whole bedding set at once instead of mixing and matching different products? You can get the bohemian-style look you’re after with the Adelynn Comforter Set from Wayfair. The ivory comforter set features a tone-on-tone chenille pattern with textured detail that makes for a visually interesting yet charming look. It’s a bit understated, so you may have to incorporate additional accessories to achieve the bedscape you’re looking for, such as accent pillows or throw blankets.

In addition to the comforter, this set comes with two pillow shams for the perfect blank canvas. It’s made with a 90/10 blend of polyester and linen for a breathable yet soft texture. The comforter is filled with eight ounces of polyester, making it a heavy-enough option for winter months. 

Price at time of publish: $120 for Full/Queen size

Best Bed Skirt

Serena & Lily Macramé Bedskirt

Macramé Bedskirt

Courtesy of Serena & Lily

Bed skirts play more of a supporting role in the bedroom by letting the comforter and accent pillows shine, but you can still give your bed a touch of bohemian-style flair with Serena & Lily's Macramé Bedskirt. This linen option comes in five standard sizes, and as its name suggests, it’s complete with fringed macramé for an extra dose of fun.

The skirt has a 14.5-inch drop, and it comes in three colors—flax, white, and navy. The flax option is the most obviously bohemian-inspired, while the white and navy colors are best if you want to add just a bit of stylized embellishment without going overboard.

Price at time of publish: $178 for Queen size

Best Duvet Cover

Mistana Alba 100% Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set

Mistana Alba 100% Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set


If you already have a duvet insert, you can quickly switch up its appearance with the Alba 100% Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair. Featuring a navy botanic print against a white background and tufted white chenille in a chevron design, this duvet cover offers a ton of personality and style. The juxtaposition of intricate prints and textured surface makes for a whimsical yet cohesive look that's sure to add some charm to your bedscape.

The 100 percent cotton duvet cover is constructed with a crisp and cool percale weave that's suitable for year-round use. In addition to the duvet cover, the set also comes with two standard shams to tie the whole look together.

Price at time of publish: $114 for Full/Queen size

Best Canopy

Eider & Ivory Bundella Polyester Ties Bed Canopy Curtains

Eider & Ivory Bundella Polyester Ties Bed Canopy Curtains


If you really want your bedroom to be a bohemian oasis, you have to finish it off with the Bundella Polyester Ties Bed Canopy Curtains from Wayfair. Bed canopies are a staple of boho design, and this stunning polyester covering will make you feel like you’re living in a fairytale. 

You’ll need to hang these up using your own poles or curtains, since none are included, but we think that the gorgeous look makes the installation process well worth the effort. They also can be machine washed and dried for easy maintenance. We especially like the idea of using string lights around the edges for a pop of whimsy!

Price at time of publish: $42 for Queen size

Best Pillowcases

Flber Store White Pom Pom Fringed Pillowcases Pillow Covers

Flber Store White Pom Pom Fringed Pillowcases Pillow Covers


One simple and relatively inexpensive way to incorporate bohemian-style decor into your bedscape is by adding fun and unique pillowcases. We love these White Pom Pom Fringed Pillowcases Pillow Covers from Amazon, which add an endearing touch to your pillows. The pillowcases are made with 100 percent cotton and are lined with small pom-poms all around the edges.

Price at time of publish: $20 for Full/Queen size

Best Throw Blanket

Wandering Folk Honey Wandering Throw

Wandering Folk Honey Wandering Throw

Free People

Throw blankets are a great way to incorporate some new textures and colors without overpowering the rest of your bedding. The Honey Wandering Throw from Free People showcases a gorgeous floral pattern that's sure to add a warm pop of color to your decor. Measuring in at 55 x 66 inches, the throw blanket features a lived-in surface and a fringed trim for added texture. We also love that the product is sustainably made, as it’s constructed from 100 percent recycled cotton.

Price at time of publish: $130

What to Look for When Buying Bohemian-Style Bedding


Any time you’re buying bedding, the material is a key concern. After all, you want to wrap yourself up in something soft and cozy—not something itchy and irritating. So, check the label to see what materials an item is made from before buying it. Remember that cotton tends to be soft and breathable, linen tends to be textured and breathable, and polyester tends to be smooth and lightweight (though it may trap heat). Choose the option that suits your sleeping preferences, and don’t be afraid to return something that’s less comfy than expected.

Ease of Cleaning

Washing your bedding is a must. But some items are easier to clean than others. So as you shop, be sure to check the care instructions for every item you’re eyeing. Some items are machine washer- and dryer-friendly, while others need to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed. Your future self will thank you if you stick to the machine-washable stuff, but if you don’t mind a little extra work, feel free to spring for a higher-maintenance option.

Colors and Prints

Bohemian-style decor is known for its relaxed and playful use of bold colors and unique prints. To achieve this look, you can use a wide range of color palettes and hues. You can opt for rich jewel tones like deep blues, emerald greens, and vibrant purples, or you can incorporate earthier hues like rust, terracotta, and mustard yellow. Feel free to blend multiple palettes and combine bright and bold colors with more neutral and muted tones to maintain some balance.

Unique patterns are also a hallmark of bohemian-style bedding. Unlike other design styles that may lean toward minimalism or just one type of print, you can mix and match different types of patterns to achieve a visually-interesting, bohemian-style look. Popular patterns used in this style include floral, geometric, paisley, ikat, and tie-dye. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose patterns from different time periods and regions of the world!

Decorative Details

In addition to the colors and prints of bohemian-style bedding, you’ll want to consider other decorative details that add visual interest to the bedscape. Unique elements like patchwork, embroidery, pom-poms, fringe, and tassels all fit within the bohemian design style, and you can even utilize multiple elements in one bedscape.

  • What is bohemian-style bedding?

    Bohemian-style bedding can be characterized by bright and bold colors, natural fibers, whimsical design elements, and creative patterns. Compared to other decor styles, bohemian-style designs can be a bit more unconventional—so don’t be afraid to layer and pair different colors and textures that might not normally go together. Bohemian styles are unique, eclectic, and filled with personality, so there are many ways to achieve the look.

  • How do I style bohemian-style bedding?

    Layering is a big part of styling bohemian-style bedding. So look for ways to combine different colors, textures, and prints.

    “I think of mixing scales of prints,” says Kirsten Conner, interior designer at Kirsten Conner Interior Design. “I also think of bringing in funky, unexpected textures: macramé, strange tassled things, and beaded elements.”

    Then, position your bedding in interesting ways. “Utilize diagonal layering to add energy to the bed,” Conner says. Instead of neatly placing a blanket at the foot of your bed, try tossing it over your bed or draping it over your bed frame. “Boho is all about being irreverent,” she adds.

  • How do you layer bedding?

    Need help layering your bedding? Start by picking a focal point. Then, layer in colors, prints, and textures that complement it.

    “Pick a primary, and layer in secondaries that work with it,” recommends Mary Beth Christopher, interior designer at MBC Interior Design. And when combining different patterns, make sure to pair prints of different scales. (Pair a bigger print with a smaller one to keep the two from clashing.)

  • How often should you wash your bedding?

    Experts recommend washing your bedding pretty regularly, though different items need to be washed at different intervals. Generally speaking, you’ll want to wash your sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover every week, and you’ll want to wash your pillows every month. You can probably afford to wash your duvet a couple times a year. And you should wash your blankets once a season. (If you use a blanket every day or night, you’ll probably want to wash it every week or two.)

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