The 8 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators to Buy in 2018

Keep fresh foods at eye level with these appliances

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In a world full of French door refrigerators and top freezer configurations, there is an unsung hero of convenience and energy-savings: the bottom freezer refrigerator.

This type of refrigerator offers the convenience of having fresh foods that you reach for most often on top of a freezer that likely stays closed the majority of the day. When you do need to access the freezer, you’ll find that the drawers and pull out bins included with most models make it much easier to see what you have stashed away. In addition, bottom freezer refrigerators are often more energy-efficient than French door models. Plus, tall people like the fact that the foods in the fridge are at eye-level, meaning they don't need to bend down multiple times a day. 

Just like other refrigerators on the market, you can find models that stand out for their high-capacity, quiet operation, energy efficiency, or versatility. For the gourmet kitchen, look for a counter-depth or built-in bottom freezer refrigerator. If you want to keep things cool and convenient, check out these 8 best bottom freezer refrigerators.​

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    Best Overall: Kenmore Elite 79043 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    Kenmore Elite 79043 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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    For a well-designed and functional bottom freezer refrigerator, the Kenmore Elite 79043 is our top choice.

    This fridge has plenty of capacity, with a total of 24.1 cubic feet available to keep your perishables cool and easy to access. Features like a drawer system in the freezer and deli door in the fridge make it easy to keep everything organized and in plain sight. An icemaker will keep plenty of ice on hand for your favorite beverages, without having to refill and stack ice cube trays. Another popular feature for this bottom freezer refrigerator is the LED lighting that makes it easy to see everything inside at a glance. Just be forewarned that the bright lights can be a surprise to the eyes if you get up out of bed for a drink or midnight snack!

    Lots of people are very happy with the quiet operation of this refrigerator, which can be a common complaint for people purchasing a new appliance. In addition, this is one of the most energy-efficient bottom freezer refrigerators on the market. The expected annual energy cost is only $61. All in all, the Kenmore Elite 79043 offers a great combination of style and functionality at a lower-than-expected price point. 

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    Best Budget: Amana 18.7 cu. ft. Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    Amana 18.7 cu. ft. Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    For a bottom freezer fridge at a bottom dollar price, it’s hard to beat the value of the Amana 18.7 cu. ft. bottom freezer refrigerator.

    This budget-friendly model offers all the conveniences of a bottom freezer configuration without a price tag that will melt your bank account. Available in white or black finishes—or shiny stainless steel for a small upgrade charge—you can add this compact but efficient fridge to your kitchen for under $1,000.

    While there aren’t a lot of fancy features on this budget bottom freezer refrigerator, it covers all the bases. In the easy-to-access fridge, you’ll find gallon-size door bins to fit milk, juice, and more and humidity-controlled produce bins. The control panel is front and center, making it easy to adjust settings and maintain optimal fridge and freezer temperatures. In the freezer below, you’ll find wire shelving, a pull-out basket, and in-door shelving to keep everything neat and organized. With more than 90-percent of purchasers saying they’d recommend this model, you can’t go wrong with the Amana if you need a budget bottom freezer refrigerator.

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    Best Counter-Depth: Bosch 800 Series 10.0 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator

    Bosch 800 Series 10.0 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator

    Courtesy of Best Buy

    For a counter-depth bottom freezer refrigerator, the Bosch 800 Series is a pretty but pricey option.

    This slim refrigerator has an eye-catching glass-on-white finish (black or stainless-steel finishes are also available) and offers 10 cubic feet of total space. The counter-depth design means the fridge won’t stick out into your kitchen space and will give a high-end look to your space.

    The refrigerator offers easy access and the majority of the storage space, with 7.5 cubic feet available to store produce, meats and cheeses, and even bottles of wine on the included rack. The smaller freezer only has 2.5 cubic feet of space available, but it’s well-organized with 3 separate solid-bin drawers. Note that there is no shelving on the door, unlike some other bottom freezer models.

    You’ll pay a premium for this slim, counter-depth bottom freezer refrigerator but the payoff is a high-end look and the quiet, impressive operation of Bosch appliances.

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    Best Built-In: KitchenAid KBBR306ESS Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    KitchenAid KBBR306ESS Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If your kitchen configuration calls for a built-in bottom freezer refrigerator, then the KitchenAid KBBR306ESS is a sleek choice that will look great and perform well.

    Featuring a smooth stainless-steel exterior and slim, modern handles, this bottom freezer refrigerator will add to the look of any gourmet kitchen. Inside the KitchenAid KBBR306ESS, you’ll find a platinum-finish interior with shiny silver walls instead of the usual white plastic housing. The freezer is a pull-out drawer design that makes accessing everything inside easy—especially with the addition of a small second-tier drawer. A factory-installed icemaker will keep the ice bin full at all times.

    This bottom freezer refrigerator is equipped for top performance with two cooling systems—one for fresh foods in the fridge and another for frozen foods. This fridge has drawn comparisons to higher-end built-in refrigerators and it features a FIT System Guarantee—meaning that KitchenAid guarantees it will fit your existing cabinetry.

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    Best for Versatility: Samsung 4-DoorFlex French Door Refrigerator

    Samsung 4-DoorFlex French Door Refrigerator

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    When you are looking for the most versatility and convenience in a bottom freezer refrigerator, the Samsung 4-DoorFlex is hard to beat.

    This refrigerator features French doors on top and a freezer on the bottom—with two separate compartments. You can even turn the bottom right freezer compartment into a refrigerated section if you need more storage for fresh foods. And if your frozen food storage needs increase, simply set the compartment back to freezer mode.

    The Samsung 4-DoorFlex is the perfect refrigerator for people who don’t need a lot of bottom freezer space since one side can be used for fresh foods instead. It also is great if your amount of frozen food storage fluctuates throughout the month. The only thing to know about this refrigerator is that the circulation mode can be a little noisy —many people say it sounds something like the bubbling of an aquarium. While this isn’t a deal breaker for everyone, it may require some getting used to. Most everyone agrees, though, that the flexibility of this refrigerator with bottom freezer is super practical and worth the cost of this model.

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    Best High Capacity: LG LDCS24223S Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    LG LDCS24223S Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    Courtesy of Best Buy

    Maximize your freezer space without sacrificing much in the way of fresh food storage with the 24 cubic foot LG LDCS24223S bottom freezer refrigerator.

    This generously-sized bottom freezer model offers up 16.4 cubic feet of refrigerated storage on top and 7.7 cubic feet of frozen storage down below. While some bottom freezer fridges skimp on freezer capacity, the LG offers one of the largest freezers available. The solid plastic drawer bins in the freezer also make it easy to keep everything organized and in plain sight.

    People comment on how useful the extra storage space is inside of this bottom freezer refrigerator—and how convenient it is to access fresh foods on top. The only thing that consistently is pointed out is that it would be convenient if the glass shelves were more adjustable. The fixed position may require a little juggling to make everything fit comfortably inside. But if you need plenty of frozen and fresh food storage, put this large capacity bottom freezer refrigerator from LG at the top of your list!

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    Best with Water Dispenser: Fisher Paykel RF170WDRUX5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    A water dispenser on the door of your refrigerator is a modern convenience that some of us just can’t give up. But if you also want the benefit of having a bottom freezer refrigerator, then your options will be somewhat limited. However, the Fisher Paykel RF170WDRUX5 is a high-end appliance that delivers the best of both worlds.

    This bottom freezer refrigerator with water dispenser makes it easy to get a chilled glass of water with just the press of a button. This is a big selling point for many people since the majority of bottom freezer refrigerators don’t feature a water dispenser at all. Note that this is only a water dispenser though—for ice, you’ll need to look inside the freezer where an automatic icemaker will deposit cold cubes.

    The stainless-steel exterior gives a high-end look to this appliance—and it carries a high-end price tag to match. Inside the fridge, you’ll find plenty of space, thanks to the 17.5 cubic feet of storage in this unit. It isn’t quite as cavernous as some other bottom freezer fridges, but it’s plenty large for the average household. This fridge also stands out for its ActiveSmart technology—which enables it to calculate optimal times for cooling, defrosting, and more without wasting energy. Though reviews are more limited on this model, the Fisher Paykel RF170WDRUX5 makes a solid choice if you are looking for a bottom freezer refrigerator with water dispenser.

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    Best French Door: Whirlpool WRF535SWHZ 25 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

    Whirlpool WRF535SWHZ 25 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    If you prefer a French door refrigerator with bottom freezer, then the Whirlpool WRF535SWHZ is a great choice that’s big on size and style.

    This French door refrigerator with bottom freezer offers 25 cubic feet of space inside and a fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel outside. Note that the sides of the fridge are a textured gray, which is typical for most stainless-steel fridges. Some of most popular features on this refrigerator are the interior water dispenser and in-freezer icemaker. A water dispenser can be a tough feature to find on a bottom freezer fridge, but the French door design of this Whirlpool model makes it possible.

    The 7.4 cubic feet of freezer space isn’t quite as large as some other bottom freezer fridges, but people still find it to be plenty big enough. The drawer in the freezer is a solid bin, instead of a wire basket, which won’t allow small items to slip through. If you have the space for a French door refrigerator with bottom freezer, this mid-priced and full-featured model from Whirlpool is an excellent choice.