The 4 Best Boxed Falafel Mixes

Falafel mixes. Anastassios Mentis / Getty Images

I have been guilty of using boxed falafel mix. It's easy, it's fast and it's good. After trying out different brands over the years, I have discovered the best. These falafel mixes are tried and true and produce falafel that you could pass as your own!

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    Of all the falafel mixes I have tried, this is my favorite. The falafel has a really good flavor and is crunchy. You can't beat it at $1.99 a box!

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    Fantastic Foods makes really good mixes, and the falafel is no exception. I like this one because it has kind of a nutty flavor that goes really well with tahini in a pita sandwich.

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    Although it is my understanding that all falafel is vegetarian, the box says it's for vegetarians. Marketing ploy or perhaps something happens during the manufacturing that would make other falafel mixes not all veggie, I don't know. However, I really like the flavor of this one. It is very similar to the McFalafel they serve at McDonalds's in Egypt.

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    I love this mix, however, you get a little less in the package than most brands, which means less falafel. Nonetheless, it is a quality product that tastes really good in a cinch!