Best Boy Toys Ages 8 and Up!

A boy flying a drone toy
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What are the best boy toys for ages 8 and up? This age group can be a challenge to find toys for, because they will often ask for sports equipment or gift cards to purchase music, apps or games for their iPad, Xbox, Nintendo SwitchWiiU, or Nintendo 3DS. 

Searching for the perfect gift that is unexpected and different that provides a lot of play and memories? While many boys have interests that revolve around pop culture, sports, technology, inventions and any newly released movies, especially...MORE if they are related to anything Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes or DC Comics, deep down in the heart of young boys, there is still a desire to play and have fun. 

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    A boy with a Nerf N-Strike Modulus Blaster

    In colder months kids might enjoy indoor blaster play with foam darts and discs, while in warmer months parents can send the kids outside with water blasting super soakers. Are you looking for something different? There are even blasters that launch rubber bands or marshmallows. Kids can also construct their blasters with K'Nex K-Force.

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    Kids playing the Pie Face Showdown Game

    For boys that like anything that is goofy, silly or gross, they will certainly love tormenting each other with whipped cream playing silly party games like Pie Face. They may even like to play Wet Head, where they wear a construction cap and turn little cylinders until eventually, someone will be dripping with water.​

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    LEGO NEXO Knights Fortrex

    LEGO sets are very popular for young boys ages 8 and up. LEGO themes that are fan-favorites with older tweens include LEGO Batman, NEXO Knights, Minecraft, and Star Wars.

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    A Sky Viper streaming drone
    Sky Rocket

    Drones are fancy, flying remote controlled toys that can also capture video footage! There are many different sizes of drones that come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Kids like to use their drones to videotape themselves completing fun tricks. 

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    A set of Nintendo Amiibos and a WiiU

    Many tweens like to play video games. Aside from the actual games, there are video game toys that can be collected and used to enhance their gameplay. Skylanders toys can be played on any gaming system, while amiibo characters are just for use with Nintendo WiiU, Switch, and 3DS gaming systems.