The 7 Best Paint Colors for a Boy’s Room, Guess No More

A guide to colors that will wow boys from toddlers to teens and in between

boy's room painted sapphire

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Whether you’re pulling together that first big-boy room or designing something with a teen in mind, finding the right paint color for your young man's room can be a challenge. Looking for a modern shade that will stand the test of time—not to mention the wear and tear of an energetic boy? We’ve got you covered.

Take the guesswork out of color selection with this roundup featuring a handful of our favorite no-fail shades for boys. These stylish colors come complete with our best advice on everything from undertones to accent pairings, making it easy to pull together the perfect palette. So go ahead—try a fresh take on a traditional blue, or a deep, dramatic neutral, like charcoal or navy. With boys' room colors like these, you can’t go wrong.


  • Color Family: Light and dark neutrals including greige, with a couple of crisp, clear colors
  • Complementary Colors: For neutrals go by the undertone for complementary colors
  • Pairs Well With: For most choices go with light to dark gray tones and whites
  • Mood: From beachy to industrial and from cozy, energetic, fresh, or dramatic
  • Where to Use: Walls, accent walls, floors, and furniture

 Here are nine of the most delightful paint colors for a young boy's bedroom.

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    Benjamin Moore Pool Blue

    Pool Blue paint swatch by Benjamin Moore

    The Spruce

    Aquatic dreams come to life with Benjamin Moore's Pool Blue (2052-50). Perfect for a beachy, surfer-themed space, this medium aqua would pair beautifully with energetic citrus tones creating a bright, breezy space that’s as energy-packed as your little dude.

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    Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

    Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7015

    The Spruce

    Repose Gray (SW7015) by Sherwin-Williams is the gray that does it all. This light gray shade boasts very subtle brown and purple undertones. Its brown tone isn't quite enough to be considered "greige," but it's just enough to soften the color, adding depth and warmth.

    Have a bright, open space with lots of windows? This warm and cozy nearly gray color is your best bet. Light exposure can blanch out cooler grays, exposing cold, gloomy tones, while warm undertones help to prevent washout. That said, this versatile color is light and bright enough to work even in smaller, darker spaces.

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    Benjamin Moore Backwoods

    Benjamin Moore Backwoods paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Much like navy, a rich, dark deep green is actually fairly neutral, especially when subdued with subtle gray tones. Backwoods (469) by Benjamin Moore is the perfect blend of bold hunter green mixed with blue-gray undertones, creating a rich and moody shade that won’t overpower your space. 

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    Behr Turmeric

    Behr Turmeric paint swatch

    The Spruce

    A golden shade of mustard yellow, Turmeric (M290-7) by Behr is as rich as its namesake. Paired with white or gray, this dramatic shade never fails to create a bright and modern boy's room.

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    Glidden Cool Metalwork Gray

    Glidden Cool Metalwork Gray 50BG 33/025

    The Spruce

    Love the vintage industrial look? Cool Metalwork Gray (50BG 33/025) by Glidden is your go-to gray. This medium ash gray boasts a definitive blue wash, giving it a cool, clean feel that screams industrial charm, especially when set against a lighter gray. Pair with medium to dark woods and metal accents to achieve that boyish industrial charm.


    With most grays, it helps to add in layered shades of creamy whites to soften the look.

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    Sherwin-Williams Tupelo Tree

    Sherwin-Williams Tupelo Tree paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Tupelo Tree SW (6417) by Sherwin-Williams is a mossy-hued green with a touch of yellow, giving it an authentic “army green” look that any little soldier would love. Pair with earthy browns to complete the camo-inspired effect.

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    Benjamin Moore Lime Sorbet

    Benjamin Moore Lime Sorbet paint swatch

    The Spruce

    Bright and inviting, Benjamin Moore’s Lime Sorbet (2032-70) has the perfect blend of blue and yellow tones, resulting in a somewhat minty green that’s not quite a pastel but an invigorating color for a boy who prefers a room that feels more like a breath of fresh air. Pair with a rich navy or a blue-gray accent hue for a look that’s all-boy, or add black accents for an edgier look.


    Rooms painted mint green (as well as many shades of blues) are known to help soothe the mood of an anxious child.

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