9 Best Paint Colors for a Boy’s Room

boy's room painted sapphire

Lumina / Stocksy

Whether you’re pulling together that first big-boy room or designing something with a teen in mind, finding the right paint color for your son’s room can be a challenge. Looking for a modern shade that will stand the test of time—not to mention the wear and tear of an energetic boy? We’ve got you covered.

Take the guesswork out of color selection with this handy-dandy roundup featuring a handful of our favorite no-fail shades for boys. These stylish colors come complete with our best advice on everything from undertones to accent pairings, making it easy to pull together the perfect palette. So go ahead! Try a fresh take on a traditional blue, or a deep, dramatic neutral, like charcoal or navy. With colors like these, you can’t go wrong.

Here are nine of the most delightful paint colors for a boy's bedroom.