10 Awesome Boys Room Paint Color Ideas

Two boys in their bedroom.

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There are so many fun ways to decorate a boy's room, and the color is a big part of it. If you'd like to create a special space but have grown tired blue-walled baseball themes, then it's time to check out new color ideas. 

Themed rooms will always be a popular choice for kids, but it's easy to go overboard with a room that will be outdated in a year or two. There is a growing trend to incorporate a theme while still creating a room that will stay age-relevant long after the fascination with fire trucks or superheroes fades. The secret to creating a boy's room that can weather dinosaurs to soccer is choosing a versatile color scheme. From wall color to furniture, creating a color scheme that can work with a variety of styles or themes is key. Bedding, wall decor, and accessories can be changed easily as tastes change. 

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    Pool Blue | Benjamin Moore

    Pool Blue

    Benjamin Moore

    Aquatic dreams come to life with Benjamin Moore's Pool Blue. This is the perfect blue-green for a beachy space. With the hint of green, Pool Blue transcends ordinary blues like a great backdrop for a variety of decorating themes, without being too babyish. 

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    Lime Rickey | Sherwin-Williams

    Lime Rickey


    Jungle excursions and outdoor adventurers need the perfect green. Sherwin-Williams Lime Rickey is all about fun, and especially outdoor fun. Lime Rickey is an energetic green paint color that would be perfect in a palette of similar nature-inspired colors. You could easily add this color as an accent for painted furniture and other details in the room.

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    Citra Lime | Benjamin Moore

    Citra Lime

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Citra Lime is a fresh green paint color that is perfect for the young nature lover. This is a blue-green color that works well with natural wood tones and cool neutrals. On the other end of the spectrum, Citra Lime would be fun with deep teal or dark blue-green colors, for a beach-inspired bedroom.

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    Classic Red | Valspar

    Classic Red


    Red can be used in a variety of themes. Valspar Classic Red is a warm and vibrant paint color. A bold red like this would be best as an accent color in bedding and rugs or painted furniture. As a paint accent, Classic Red could complement white wainscoting, or as an accent wall with warm neutrals. 

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    Polished Silver | Valspar

    Polished Silver


    Creating an industrial look requires the perfect gray. Valspar Polished Silver has the cool look of concrete, but the softness of driftwood. Polished Silver paired with burnished copper or oil-rubbed bronze metal accents could become the stuff of robots and skyscrapers.

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    Smokey Blue | Behr

    Smokey Blue


    Behr Smokey Blue is a deep blue with enough gray to make it a relaxing choice for a boys bedroom. This color might be dark as an all-over wall color, but there are ways to use Smokey Blue to make it work. Creamy white trim, light window treatments and, great lighting would lighten the mood of Smokey Blue. With dark colors like this, sampling in the room is essential. 

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    Toasted Cashew | Behr

    Toasted Cashew


    Choosing a warm neutral paint color is a popular option for decorating a boy's room. A rich beige like Behr Toasted Cashew allows you the maximum flexibility in changing decor as tastes change. You can add and subtract accents and artwork easily with a simple neutral wall color like this.

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    Ray of Light | Benjamin Moore

    Ray of Light

     Benjamin Moore

    It can be hard to find the right yellow for a boy's room. The best yellow paint color would be bright and fun, but not so much that relaxing was impossible in the room. Benjamin Moore Ray of Light is a rare yellow that might be perfect for a boys room. Ray of Light is a warm and vibrant yellow but isn't glaring. A relaxed yellow like this could help the bedroom transition through several ages and stages, with ease.

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    Tupelo Tree | Sherwin-Williams

    Tupelo Tree


    If you're looking for a  camo-inspired paint color, then Sherwin-Williams Tupelo Tree is a great choice. Tupelo Tree is a bold green and is best as an accent color. For a camo-theme, try Tupelo Tree in a monochromatic color scheme, using lighter and darker colors for a sporty boys room.

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    Glazed Pecan | Behr

    Glazed Pecan


    Behr Glazed Pecan is earthy and grounded neutral brown, making it a good companion for stronger colors like purple and teal. You can balance the deep color of Glazed Pecan with lighter neutrals and warm white accents and trim.

Think Beyond Themes

Kids love themed rooms. From superheroes to cartoon kitties, starting a decorating project with a theme can be fun and easy because their favorite characters usually come with their own color scheme. If you would like to have a room that can endure the ever-changing tastes as kids grow, then starting with your own carefully chosen color scheme is your best approach. You will only need to rotate accessories and wall decor when suddenly a favorite superhero is "so last year."