The 7 Best Bug Zappers to Buy in 2018

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While you know the best insect repellents out there — sometimes when you are in the comfort of your own home you don't want to spray yourself down with bug spray. And let's face it, sometimes those mosquitoes infest the house and using a toxic spray may not always be desirable. If you find your home infested with all types of flying bugs, than an bug zapper might be your best bet for eradication. 

The best bug zappers on the market today use a variety of attractants, including white UV...MORE lights, black UV lights and bait. Most complete the process by using an electric grid to eliminate bugs that are drawn into the unit. There are corded electric models, rechargeable models, small plug-in units and solar-powered units available. Some of the bug zappers are intended for indoor use only, while others are more heavy-duty to withstand the outdoor elements.

If you’re looking to keep flying bugs away, consider one of these 7 best bug zappers and get ready to enjoy an insect-free environment!

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     Winning the war against insects on their own turf requires an effective outdoor bug zapper. The best model available for outdoor use is the Flowtron BK-40D. This corded bug zapper will attract and eradicate mosquitos and other flying insects in an area up to an acre in size (or more, depending on model purchased). It works by drawing pests in with a UV light (and optional bait attractant), then zapping them by means of an electrified grid.

    The housing is made of a durable polycarbonate, so it...MORE won’t rust when exposed to the elements. You will likely need an extension cord to connect the unit to the power supply, since the included cord is short and generally not long enough to reach an outlet once the unit is hung up or installed.

    The Flowtron BK-40D is a great choice for homes on larger lots that want to enjoy an insect-free outdoor environment. It’s also a great choice for barns, utility sheds, or garages where mosquitos and other flying insects are a nuisance. 

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     For indoor mosquito and flying insect control, the Aspectek 20W Bug Zapper is a top pick — thanks to its versatile design and high-power electric grid.

    The Aspectek is able to be hung on the wall with the included chain, or sit upright on any flat surface. This unit is powered by electricity, and needs to be plugged in for operation. The Aspectek’s biggest claim to fame — and likely the reason behind its nearly 5,000 positive reviews — is its 2,800-volt electric grid. This is the most powerful...MORE grid available on the market for bug zappers. Safety is a top priority in the design, however, and the Aspectek has a tight metal grid that doesn’t allow for fingers to pass through to the electrified grid below.

    To keep your home or office free of pesky flying insects, set the Aspectek on a shelf or counter. Or, for more permanent installations or to keep it out of the way, hang it on the wall. The dual-sided design will allow insects to be caught from either side. The Aspectek is an affordably-priced electric bug zapper that will keep insects at bay when indoors.

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    For a battery-operated bug zapper that you can hold in your hand to protect yourself from flying insects, choose the Elucto Electric Fly Swatter. This racket-style bug zapper is powered by two AA batteries and delivers a zap of about 2500 volts.

    Many users report that it works well and kills even very small flying pests (such as gnats or fruit flies) with a single contact. The electricity is activated by pushing a small button on the handle as you take a swing at the bug to be eliminated. There...MORE is no continuous ‘on’ mode – though we find this to be a safety feature rather than a nuisance. It will prevent accidental shocks and also preserve battery life.

    Though the swatter has an almost toy-like appearance, thanks to its yellow color and racket shape, it should be noted that this is not suitable for use by children and can deliver a sting if contact is made with the electric grid of the swatter. When used properly, though, this fly swatter will knock flying insects to the ground dead with one stroke. 

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    If you love the idea of a bug zapper racket, but don’t like the hassle of changing batteries, then the Zap-It! Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket is a great option.

    The racket is powered by a rechargeable battery housed inside the base of the handle. To recharge the racket, simply plug in a USB cord connected to a power supply. When operating the racket, you’ll need to turn the unit on, then press a yellow button to activate the grid. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental shocks.

    One other...MORE safety feature that differentiates this racket from the battery-operated model is the three-layer design with protective mesh to prevent contact with the electric grid. However, some find that the additional protective layers can be a small hindrance in killing some insects. 

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    This Electronic Insect Zapper Night Lamp is a great choice if you want a plug-in device for in the home, office, RV or during travel. Its small size and effectiveness make it versatile and easy-to-use anywhere.

    To use the Zapper Night Lamp, simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet and the unit begins to attract bugs with its UV light. When in use, the night lamp gives off a blue glow that many users find to be aesthetically pleasing. For maximum effectiveness, the night lamp should be the...MORE brightest source of light in the room. If not, bugs may be drawn to other light sources and the eradication of pests will be slower.

    The Electronic Insect Zapper Night Lamp is priced at the low-end of bug zappers and offers effective indoor relief from mosquitos, gnats and house flies.  

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    You may need a cordless bug zapper for outdoor insect control where there is no available power source. If so, the Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper is a great solution.

    Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this lantern will run for several hours on a single charge. It can also be operated while plugged in (if you do happen to have a nearby electrical outlet available). The Stinger Insect Zapper uses a UV black light instead of a UV white light like many bug zappers on the...MORE market today. The UV black light doesn’t emit as much light as its white light counterpart, but black lights are shown to attract up to 40 percent more insects.

    Users find this light to be highly effective, and enjoy using it on patios, pool areas, decks and more. Additionally, the device has a lantern-like aesthetic that easily blends into a variety of décor styles. It features two white LED lights for ambient light when the bug zapper is not in use. 

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    If you want to turn any 110-volt light socket into a bug zapper light, there are a number of specially-designed lightbulbs that will do the trick. The Bug Zapper Light Bulb with LED light is a top choice for this purpose and makes a great defense against flying insects.

    The Bug Zapper Light Bulb has a 12-watt LED light for standard illumination, but also features a specially-designed LED light wave trap that draws flying insects in and then eliminates them by means of an electrified grid. The...MORE bulb can be operated in lighting-only mode, bug-zapping only mode or both functions can be activated.

    This is a great choice for insect control, since it uses light sockets already found in your home. It also is a budget-friendly method of reducing mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other household pests. 

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